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  1. In Absentia

    One drummer’s opinion on open-back amps

    I HATE THEM! I set everyone’s level with a professional dB meter and thought, “man, this is going to be so easy.” WRONG! The guy with the Super Reverb is blending perfectly out front, but I’m getting blasted by the back. And the guy that usually plays drops out constantly or plays noise over...
  2. In Absentia

    Sold 2019 Fryette Deliverance 120 Masterbuilt $1k

    $1000 Pics request @ Jason.Webb.guitar@gmail.com 1 small indentation in the tolex, otherwise, very clean. This is a Hail Mary for paying some bills, so if I get the cash, the amp stays. **BUYER PAYS ACTUAL SHIPPING**
  3. In Absentia

    Sold PRICES LOWERED!Wampler Ego, EQuator, Walrus Fathom

    Gotta make cash quick. No trades. Pics request: PM me with your email. All prices include shipping and PP, EXCEPT for the board and bag Wampler EQuator Parametric EQ $115 Wampler Ego Compressor $115 Walrus Fathom Reverb $SOLD ST-300 Turbo Tuner $SOLD Analogman Stereo BiChorus with Depth...
  4. In Absentia

    Sold KSR Eros $130 Today only!

    Got it new and by the time I got it, it didn’t fit the project anymore. Standard black sparkle. Perfect condition. $150 PM for more information Trades are fine. Specifically, boutique wahs, and other overdrives.
  5. In Absentia

    Sound City Fane Speakers

    Are these the same as the Fanes in the Fryette cabs or are they different. I have a bead on one, and since it has been difficult to get Fryette cabs, I might get one of these if they are close enough. @support, what say you? Also, why no Fryette cabs through zZounds?
  6. In Absentia

    Dunnett Titanium Snare

    I’ve got the 6.5”x14” and I’m over the moon. Just so full and snappy. Lots of shell “note” that I find can be tamed down with moon gels to your comfort. The throw off is the smoothest I have ever felt. And while it is definitely loud, it is so sensitive that I can play it softer than a lot of...
  7. In Absentia

    Sold Xotic Preamp (latest model)

    Sounds great, but it’s not what I’m looking for. Condition is like new, with only dual lock added to the bottom. $120 obo I can definitely get you pics. Email me at: Condition is near mint (added the dual lock). Trades: Timmy, RMC Wah, Area 51 Wah, Wampler Pantheon
  8. In Absentia

    4x12 for a Komet K60

    I am hoping to have a Komet K60 built this year, and decided my cab situation needs a look. I’d like to have a 4x12 with 16 ohm speakers. I am considering Scumback M75s and the GB, 65, Creambacks (including the Alnico), and the Ruby. Also thinking about the new Hempback, but those are vapor...
  9. In Absentia

    Do I want to sell my beloved D120 for a D120 II?

    I can’t imagine the voicings are that drastically different, as mine was made a few months before these were released. It is a Masterbuilt with the loop, but no more/less switch for a footswitch. Furthermore, the new model has assignable solo boosts which would be a godsend. Thoughts?
  10. In Absentia

    Just changed out my preamp tubes, but significantly less gain

    Is this normal? I changed out the Ruby 12AT7 with a Jan Phillips 12AT7, and the rest of the 12AX7s with EH 12AX7s. Except I replaced the Tung Sol in the phase driver with a like Tung Sol. The gain is significantly less. As long as all is well with the amp, I’m good. I can work with the gain...
  11. In Absentia

    4 Way Coordination

    Any tips for navigating this classic?
  12. In Absentia

    Low volume on my amp; tubes?

    Turned my Fryette Deliverance on and had a bit of hiss. Tried to turn the volume way up, and got very little volume. I’m thinking it’s a popped tube. Any opinions?
  13. In Absentia

    Best drum albums, songs, drummers

    I’m putting together some driving music that I can listen to to sharpen my drum listening skills. I’ve got some pretty good stuff in the modern rock and prog genres. But I need more. I’m a monstrous jazz fan but I’m just not there yet (still love to hear some recommendations). I grew up with...
  14. In Absentia


    Man, I have been waiting for this. I have been a member here for a long time but got into drumming a few years back. I have a sweet DW Performance 3 pc she’ll pack with the 24” kick in ebony stain. DW 9000 hardware all around, and topped with Zildjian K Custom Hybrids. I have a Dunnett Titanium...
  15. In Absentia

    What are the differences in the circuit between JMPs and Plexis?

    I refer to the late 70s master models vs the 1987 and 1959 circuits. Could you convert a Plexi to JMP spec?
  16. In Absentia

    Can anyone compare the smaller Komet amps and the Fryette Aether

    I’d like to get a really nice, boutique amp that is a bit rare. I love what I hear from the Komet (K29, Aero 33) stuff. And Though I’m a huge Fryette fan, I’ve not heard any decent clips of it. By all accounts it is supposed to be incredible. Folks are gonna ask what kind of tones I’m looking...
  17. In Absentia

    I hated the Mesa C90

    Until I tried it with my Fryette D120. Wow! It gives me the saturation I missed with my Fryette. I had given up on this speaker, as it is incredibly dark. I really have to turn the treble up, but it just snarls. It’s almost Dual Recto-like, but no fizz. It is not dry sounding at all with the...
  18. In Absentia

    How loud is too loud?

    A 20’x20’ room. Rock music. Filled with people. What dbl is best for an enjoyable show without hurting ears? I know length of time is important too. I’m thinking2-3 hours. Thoughts?
  19. In Absentia

    Fryette D120 loop issue

    The Fryette loop has a switch for putting the loop in the circuit or taking it out. However, whenever it is taken out, I get no volume or signal. It’s a pretty new amp (April 19), but am I right in thinking that the solution may be to use contact cleaner and insert/reinsert a 1/4” cable a few times?
  20. In Absentia

    Suhr RL IR issue

    So I was using it with my Fryette Deliverance 120 and I am not getting any signal I to the Suhr. Also, the Fryette blew a fuse, but it still gets power. I tried it with a DRRI, and that blew the fuse on the Fender. I thought it may be a speaker cable but I don’t have one to check against...
  21. In Absentia

    Well-Built Pedals

    Who makes the most well-built pedals? I think the Mission Engineering ReWah, and the Area 51 stuff are top notch. Obviously, Analogman is a great builder. When and Cuff have impressed me with their quality. What are some of your favorites?
  22. In Absentia

    What’s the current favorite speakers for the Fryette Deliverance?

    I’d love to hear the new circuit with the old speakers (P-50Es), but can’t find any clips with it. I know the Fane F70s sounds great, but I can’t find the 4x12 in the Deliverance configuration. Ideally, I’d have both. Whar about the Avatar Fanes? What cab should I load them in should I go that...
  23. In Absentia

    How small can modern tube preamps be?

    I really like the idea of the Fryette GPDI, and want to have some similar preamps like a Plexi or a Mesa style front end. A tiny EVH 5150 preamp with a Power Station. What about tube preamps in pedal form? How close can we get?
  24. In Absentia

    Komet customization options?

    Anyone know where I can find options and prices on Komet’s amps?
  25. In Absentia

    Sold Ksr Gemini $2200 *price Drop Until Oct. 5

    Metal panel with LED Logo 3 channels-Clean, Crunch, Lead Takes all big bottle tubes Includes the large Gemini Footswitch ($350 from KSR) No performance issues Small nick in the field panel; price reflects the nick. Field panel still lights up perfectly Pics available to interested parties...
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