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  1. joe*w

    Warpaint - similar bands?

    I’ve been into warpaint recently. I love their sound. Does anyone have recommendations for other bands that have a similar sound? More in regards to their guitars. Can be male or female vocals.
  2. joe*w

    Pedals all sound the same

    What’s your favorite pedal that does something new/different? (Doesn’t have to be chorus or tremolo) I’ve been researching CHORUS and TREMOLO pedals. There are a few brands doing some crazy/cool stuff, but so many all do the same thing and sound the same to me. Might just be my untrained ears...
  3. joe*w

    Tone: classical vs crossover nylon

    I have an old Yamaha classical guitar that I have had for almost 30 years now. The tone is decent, but the neck has always been hard to play. I have been thinking about getting a crossover nylon string. I like the ones with cutaways and electronics. Does anyone have opinions on the acoustic...
  4. joe*w

    TC Electronic Nova Delay is the best...

    ...for LIVE use Manual mode is awesome (but has options for presets) BPM display Tap Tempo Small (ish) footprint So easy to adjust on the fly Can easily tell what your settings are when in manual mode I wish they would come out with a similar pedal design, but with toneprint. Currently have...
  5. joe*w

    Noisy Aux Send

    Board: personus studiolive 16.4.2 I am having trouble with a noisy monitor. I took a mic channel cable from our snake and soldered a trs input jack on the stage end. I used an xlr to 1/4” adapter to plug the other end into an aux send on the board. I’m using a trs cable (not an instrument...
  6. joe*w

    Pedal with Amp Sim/DI/IEM

    Hey guys (not sure if this is the best place for this, but...), I’m looking for a pedal sized unit that offers amp simulation, DI output, and the ability to be used as an in-ear-monitor (IEM). Not simply a headphone out, but aux in that goes only to headphones allowing only the guitar signal to...
  7. joe*w

    Bigsby Bridge for Am Deluxe Telecaster

    I want to add a Duesenberg Tremola (Bigsby style trem) to my American Deluxe Telecaster. http://www.tdpri.com/attachments/bridge-jpg.300106/ Any recommendations for a modified bridge replacement? I would love to get a Mastery bridge, but they don't sell any with the same screw hole...
  8. joe*w

    Reverb with no attack at 100%

    Looking for a reverb pedal that has no attack when set at 100%. Like an auto-swell, but not...see below. I'm trying to get a pad-like sound while moving through arpeggios. Almost like an auto-swell that completely blocks out the pick attack that can sometimes happen with most auto-swell...
  9. joe*w

    Boss RV-500??

    Any hopes for NAMM 2017? Boss made a great alternative to the Strymon Timeline when they came out with the DD-500. I would love to see something from Boss that tries to match the Big Sky. Thoughts?
  10. joe*w

    Fried my pedalboard

    Anything I can do?? I used a onespot to string together a few tc electronic pedals. The last pedal was a polytune. I accidentally plugged into the "out" of the polytune. When I turned the tuner on...my flashback and alter ego shut off and the left output of my hall of fame quit working. I...
  11. joe*w

    Rode NTG-1 for acoustic guitar

    Any good? I recorded an acoustic guitar and saxophone. I used: sm57 for sax: great results! Blue spark for guitar: way too much bleed over from the sax Thinking about the Rode NTG-1 to help isolate the acoustic guitar. Thoughts? Better options? Thanks
  12. joe*w

    Issues with Sony a5100 for music videos

    Not sure if TGP is the best place to ask this question, but I'm sure lots of people on here make YouTube videos. Issues I'm having with the Sony a5100: - no external mic jack - can't charge while shooting - overheats quickly with continuous shooting Any alternatives with similar features to...
  13. joe*w

    Cab with both a 10" and a 12" speaker

    My plan is to buy a fender pro junior and a fender mustang ii or iii and convert them to heads. [edit] I want to use the stock speakers from these two amps [edit] Then I want to take the two speakers and make a single cabinet with them. I am no expert at all. So, what are your opinions on how...
  14. joe*w

    Live Recording Interface Question

    VERY amateur question. How many things can I record simultaneously with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8? It has 4 preamps. Am I limited to using only 4 of the 18 inputs at one time? I would be recording with: - 2 mics - Yamaha Digital Piano (direct in) - 2 guitars via 2 Palmer pga-04 (load box...
  15. joe*w

    setting the truss rod

    Hey experts. I took my '95 strat into a local guitar tech for it's first set up since I purchased it. I am the original owner. He said there was basically no tension on the truss rod-which I believe because it looked like a banana and the action was super high. When I picked it up he said that...
  16. joe*w

    15-20 watt tube head

    I have a Fender blues junior that I love. I'm looking for something similar, but in a head. Bare bones, Fender tones, in a head...no bells and whistles...a simple volume and tone knob will work, ie. pro jr in a head. Please do not suggest the Super Champ. I have tried it and do not feel that...
  17. joe*w

    Palmer pga-04 connection question

    Since I'm using the pga-04 for recording I thought I'd post this here. Can I connect my pedalboard between the pga-04 and my interface? My pedalboard splits the signal for stereo delay and stereo modulation effects, but the pga-04 has only one channel. I want to have the stereo effects for some...
  18. joe*w

    Can guitar cause fuse to blow in amp?

    I plugged a PRS SE custom 24 through a pedalboard stereo into a Blues Jr and a Vox AC15C1. There was a much louder buzz than usual. The buzz was significantly reduced when I laid my hand on the strings. I just played anyway and the F1 HT fuse blew in the AC15 after about fifteen minutes (still...
  19. joe*w

    amp blew...Please HELP

    I was running passive pickups through a compressor, HOF reverb, and nova delay stereo into a Vox AC15C1 and Fender Blues Jr. Volumes were very low (family was still sleeping this morning). The amp had been on for about 15 minutes. The AC15 made a quiet snap noise and then was gone. No sound...
  20. joe*w

    Ernie Ball 25k or 250k

    I noticed a few threads for this already, but I felt even more confused after reading them. Thought I'd ask again for my specific needs/setup. I'm running: AM Strat > Boss OD-3 > (VP) > Nova Delay > TC Hall of Fame > Blues Jr. I want to put the volume pedal after the drive (buffered). Amp...
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