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    rob chapman is making guitar pedals now

    does the foot button placement on any of those strike anyone else as off? Looks too close to everything else
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    Anyone know of any good tube sales this holiday season?

    Check all the usual dealers tubesandmore dougstubes valvequeen eurotubes tubedepot thetubestore
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    So I Hate To Be That Guy (T1M Beef)

    Well those companys treat customers better obviously. Look there is nothing wrong with being religious, but when you are basically using that as a means to sell something and then having some really bad CS or business practices in general, I have a huge problem with that. You know the whole "Do...
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    Other Pedals Like/Better than a TS9 for ~$100

    I use a GFS Greenie which I have heard is made by Biyang with a few tweaks. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it especially at $50 new. But if you want a really great OD get a Timmy, they run $130 new
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    Velcro problem question?

    drill a few holes and use zip ties
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    So I Hate To Be That Guy (T1M Beef)

    So basically say you love jesus on your web page and all else is fine. pretty stupid of people....
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    So I Hate To Be That Guy (T1M Beef)

    Yeah like your buddy mason, he hates forums and I know that for a fact, but I wonder why?:bonk Probably because they are super shady people
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    If a Ts808 or Ts 9 is good enough for......

    I have a TS9/808 clone and I prefer the PC Audio Timmy. It doesn't color the tone as much as the TS does. different stroke for different folks.
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    Using a POD (pocket POD or 2.0) with overdrive pedals

    I have a POD XT and it sounds good, has lots of decent FX on it. I paid $65 on Ebay last year. I can say I'm not really too impressed with the way some pedals work with it. OD pedals seem to be the worst (that I have used)
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    Why do people get pissed off about the Klon but not Pete Cornish?

    I think the price tag is a bit ridiculous, but don't by one if you have an issue with it. I have never tried the Centaur, but I have used a KTR and I prefer the Timmy a lot more. The EHX Soul Food is a good option for those that want a Klon but not the price ($65 new). I have seen side...
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    Is it cost effective to build your own board?

    I built my board for <$30 and it is better than anything that is <$200 you would buy. It is angled nice and has a raised top row for easier access
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    Silver Klon At Guitar Center

    Go buy a $62 EHX soul food an be shocked at why people will pay $1000+ for a OD/boost. And I'll bet $1000 you can not tell the difference. I paid $350 for a KTR and to me the soul food sounds the exact same. Buy into the hype and make it last FYI you can get a Timmy for $129 and IMO is a...
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    Is Vertex the new 4 letter word in guitar electronics?

    Why are so many people surprised that this company has hosed so many people. If you really have bought one, how do you feel as a consumer?
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    With all the talk of Vertex & BBE...

    This guy has found it to be true http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=32871895&postcount=7793 and there is another guy on here that has found it to be true. #1 07-30-2014, 02:55 PM strangec Silver Supporting Member Feedback Score: 5 reviews, 100% Join Date: Sep 2003...
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    The Vertex Axis = BBE Ben Wah - Bermuda Triangle Axis Wah Continued

    A guy on another forum has de-gooped the Vertex NOS wah and so far without testing the parts it is looking really bad for the Vertex. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=32871895&postcount=7793 I don't own a Vertex or the BBE, but if this is found (which it really does look...
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    Poll: Would You Ever Buy A Vertex Pedal? Ethics-N-Effects

    No, after seeing what has played out in the other threads, no. But then again I wouldn't pay what Vertex or any other (boutique) companys want for their pedals. I play professionally and have for 15 years and I just cant justify pedals that cost those prices. I have a Morley BH2 wah, and IMO...
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    What if it turns out this is the same as the BBE, but he had the PCB laid out different :hide2
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    VERTEX Stereo Volume Pedal Question

    try it, it won't hurt anything to see.
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    And that is about all I have to say about that
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    BYOC Klone

    Just get a EHX Soul Food $62 and it is basically identical to a Klon.
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    Tell you what, I have a few million held in American banks. But to get that money out I need to pay the taxes on it. I would rather give that money to you if you will pay those fees and taxes for me so that gov't does not get it. If you send me $20,000 so I can pay the taxes/fees, I will...
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    Bermuda Triangle of Vertex Wah Threads...

    so you'd pay for a Ferrari and love it even if you ended up finding this a Fiero under the hood? This is what you paid for But what you really got was this and you'd still be OK with that
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    Neil Young in a pedal?

    The amp he uses is called magnatone, and from what i understand they are now making them again. The Fuzz recomended would get you close, but neil used/uses a gibson LP with a bigsby
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    Best Med to High Gain Pedal

    Klon KTR /thread
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