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  1. S3bird

    Who was/is the best guitar player in Lynyrd Skynyrd?

    I really liked all the guitar players. I realize Gains was probably the most talented but I will still pick King as I enjoy that era of material better. Frankly they were all great and there isn't a wrong answer/opinion
  2. S3bird

    Which of these huge hits from the 90s is your favorite?

    Interstate Love Song was special the first time I heard it. Just so well written and performed. Even people like my parents who weren't 1990's alternative rock fans liked the song :)
  3. S3bird

    Anyone here a fan of rhythm and blues/soul music?

    Before my time but my parents always played oldies (50s-60s) growing up and still listen on XM 60s. So much good R&B (and music in general) from that era
  4. S3bird

    High & Dry released on this day in 1981.

    I was 13 when Hysteria came out and was a huge fan. Got into their back catalog and it just got better. H&D is my favorite of theirs closely followed by Pyromania. Unfortunately they lost me after what had brought me in, Hysteria. Glad they're still around though
  5. S3bird

    Any TGPers hear the Beatles live?

    My mom saw them in Chicago, said she couldn't even hear them from all the screaming
  6. S3bird

    Jimmy Page or Pete Townshend?

    I really enjoy both but for different moods/reasons. However since you have to pick one I'll go with Page...at least today
  7. S3bird

    Bands You Saw Live, Before You Got Into Them?

    I went to a Weezer concert and they had Jimmy Eat world as the first act. However the middle band was called Tenacious D. Had no idea what to expect as two average guys with acoustic guitars came and both my wife and I left as fans.
  8. S3bird

    ONE single song or tune that to this day still makes your eyes well up ?

    This song hit me like the perfect storm. It was still a new song at the time. I had loaded up my Fiero to head to the university. Had a few guitars in the passenger seat and a big Rubbermaid container strapped to the rear deck along with my mountain bike. Anyway I was finally moving out and...
  9. S3bird

    Local Guitar Players Who Inspired and Influenced You.

    Easy, my Uncle Tony (RIP). When my aunt married him he played in a popular local band where we was the primary singer and guitar player. He made guitar playing way more accessible. When I first started taking lessons I was learning twinkle twinkle little star but one afternoon Tony showed me...
  10. S3bird

    Unique Voices

    Jack White Billy Corgan Took me while to dig their voices
  11. S3bird

    List ten (and ONLY ten) albums that have greatly influenced your playing

    Led Zepplin-II Nirvana-Nevermind STP-Core Weezer-Blue Album CCR-Best Of Lynyrd Skynyrd-One More From the Road AC DC-Back in Black White Stripes-White Blood Cells SRV-Couldn't Stand the Weather Def Leppard-High & Dry
  12. S3bird

    Your favorite Van Halen song?

    Ice Cream Man
  13. S3bird

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Really sad to hear that. I was on the road this afternoon and heard nothing. Was at the shop for an hour and casually checked my phone before headed back out and saw the news. Was wondering if it was a hoax but when I got back into my car I heard the end of Eruption on the radio and said...
  14. S3bird

    Favourite Eric Clapton (his own songs)

    Bad Love Bellbottom Blues Forever Man Wonderful Tonight
  15. S3bird

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    For my age group I should be a Pearl Jam fan but I simply liked the other choices from Seattle. I don't hate them and enjoy a few songs but overall they just don't do it for me.
  16. S3bird

    Album Recordings that aren’t so good, but Live Performances are Great

    I'm a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrds "One More From the Road" versions of their songs from their first album.
  17. S3bird

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    I got to see him play at the local county fair when I was in high school. I was a big fan of 70's southern rock at the time so it was great timing. I thought it was cool he let each of the band members have the spotlight throughout the show. RIP
  18. S3bird

    DEF Leppard.. any fans?

    They were the first band I got into via the huge Hysteria album. I back tracked to their previous albums and it's a toss up between High & Fry vs Pyromania. However as I've gotten older Hysteria is a great album. They got away from my as I was into the grunge/alternate music by the time...
  19. S3bird

    Recommend me some southern rock.

    "One More From the Road" by Lynyrd Skynyrd was my introduction to southern rock My sister bought the double vinyl album at a garage sale out of the blue
  20. S3bird

    Lobo - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

    I remember discovering the 45 one day while looking through my parents (mostly Mom's) music collection in the 80's lol
  21. S3bird

    Anyone else as a kid play imaginary guitar on a broom?

    I used the brass plated fireplace shovel as my ax of choice. I eventually installed a floyd on it (rubber band with a pencil lol) because it was the 80's :D
  22. S3bird

    Were you a teen in the 80's? MTv memories go in this thread.

    I'm class of 93 so the early days of MTV didn't quite register. First song/video I really remember wanting to see was Money for Nothing. Showed my son the video and he wasn't impressed but liked the song. Had to explain what a break through the 3D animation was at the time. Also loved the ZZ...
  23. S3bird

    Were you a teen in the 80's? MTv memories go in this thread.

    Def Leppard was the gateway band for me, particularly Pour Some Sugar on Me. I turned 13 the summer of 88 and have a fondness for hair metal that has come back to haunt me lol. Anyway that summer is when I really started to pay attention to bands and started reading everything I could. Got my...
  24. S3bird

    Favorite Guitar Player Who Never Makes a Best Guitarist List

    Dean DeLeo is one of my favorites.
  25. S3bird

    John Frusciante rejoins Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Glad to hear JF is back
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