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    1-3/4" nuts? Kind of a deal breaker.

    i think the eastwood el rey series have a 1 3/4" nut. also some of the older parker flys have a wide nut.
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    6105 frets and capos are not friends?

    it might also be factor of what guage strings, the heavier ones being less likely to go sharp, and how much tension you are using with the capo. seems like you just want enough to hold the strings down.
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    What makes a guitar feed back well?

    i get the most consistent and music feedback from my 335 copy, so besides volume and gain, i would say a semi-hollow is a big help. i also find that certain guitars like/dislike to feedback on certain notes.
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    NEW Parker Fly model...like it?

    i like it. i wonder what the weight is? .
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    Dare I sell a 335?

    they, of course, are not for everyone. but i would recommend getting a setup asap and then playing a little longer until you are sure it's not for you.
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    Stolen PRS Archtop IV Toronto Area

    Initially, I would say Canada Post pays as it was delivered to them. But since USPS insured it, perhaps they pay you and then Canada Post settles with them? (in other words, hmmm). I suppose I would check the legalease on the USPS website. Good luck.
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    What are the great cheap guitars now on the market spill your guts

    I do believe that Godin is a Canadian company.
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    Travel guitar for flying?

    When I look at that brubaker I think, but there isn't even a spot to rest your right hand, much less a little of your right arm (like, for example, a traveller guitar).
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    Travel guitar for flying?

    Since you will be travelling back and forth, you could consider purchasing a guitar in Montreal and leaving it in a locker (perhaps at the airport or maybe even the hotel will store it for you), and then picking it up when you return.
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    What's the big deal with Masterbuilt Strats that they cost $5K to $6K ??

    Seems to me that your Masterbuilt was anything but free, and that you paid for it with hours and hours of work. No?
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    Should I or Shouldnt I

    Perhaps a new guitar will spark your enthusiasm, but... there are other ways to expand your playing as well....
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