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  1. mdog114

    I finished my guitar with Unicorn Spit

    Nice job!
  2. mdog114

    Does a really "comfortable" playing Telecaster need to be a relic/aged one?

    Another aspect of the process is actually knowing what you want. The first 10 years I played I didn’t know what I wanted in guitars, amps, string gauges, pedals, etc. I needed to play all kinds of the above to develop a “taste” for what I liked and what suited my style of playing/performing...
  3. mdog114

    Royer R-10

    I love ribbon mics, always use one on my cabs when recording.
  4. mdog114

    NIMMO BROTHERS "Ain't No Love..."

    Good stuff
  5. mdog114

    Went to see a couple of bands at a small-ish venue last night... Couldn't hear the guitars!

    Sounds like they were really squashing the guitars
  6. mdog114

    Any fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra?

    Trilok was amazing!
  7. mdog114

    What did you all think of Frank Zappa?

    Those Halloween shows at the Forum and Palladium were epic! Been enjoying the music of FZ for over 50 years!
  8. mdog114

    Any fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra?

    Birds of Fire and Inner Mountain Flame are mainstays of my high school years.
  9. mdog114

    Don't mess with FANNY!

  10. mdog114

    cheapest rig you've gigged with

    I've done plenty of bar gigs with just a Blues Jr., a guitar and a couple of basic battery powered pedals. Although I have an entire studio with a 40+ year collection of all kinds of gear, you really don't need to roll into the corner pub with your Marshall stack and $1000 worth of pedals. I...
  11. mdog114

    Do you do your own setups, or have someone else do it?

    Everything except re-fret. I might try it this winter on an old fender neck I have just to see how difficult it is.
  12. mdog114

    Lindy Fralin Strat Pickups - Opinions today...

    I put a set of Real 54’s in one of my Strats and it’s become one of my favorite guitars. The pickups transformed what was a nice guitar, into a “Classic”!
  13. mdog114

    RIP David Frishberg

    I love Blossom Dearie’s version. RIP
  14. mdog114

    Strat VS Tele… which one…

  15. mdog114

    What are we paying for?

    Things made to have quality are very different from things made to hit a price point.
  16. mdog114

    Strat Lovers: What’s Your Opinion of the Wildwood 10s?

    I’m also primarily a Tele guy but I’ve been playing one of my Strats a lot over the last year. I’ve got a big selection of both and I’ve logged enough time with them to have a pretty good handle on what makes them tick. If you’re a Tele guy you know what the traditional models do and sound...
  17. mdog114

    What was the first album you purchased? Include the year you bought it.

    First record I remember getting was the 45 for Hey Jude/Revolution. It had the green apple center label where the one side was the skin and the other was the apple cut in half. My uncle gave it to me when I stayed at my grandmothers house while my mom was having my younger sister. I think the...
  18. mdog114

    R.I.P. John Goodsall (Brand X)

    RIP Great player Really like Brand X! I saw them I think in the fall before COVID hit. Percy Jones is also an animal on bass.
  19. mdog114

    Non-Gibson semi hollow bodies

    I have an real old Ibanez AS80 that I kept over a 335 I had. It was simply a better guitar than the Gibson.
  20. mdog114

    Why are hardtail strats so rare?

    One of my main players is a hardtail Strat. It’s a phenomenal guitar!
  21. mdog114

    Which major brand guitar comes with the best case?

    My Hofner Jazzica came with a pretty nice case. It has a hydrometer and a humidifier built right into the case, it’s form fitting and it seems like it’s plywood with a Tweed-like covering that has held up very nicely over the 15+ years I’ve owned it.
  22. mdog114

    Since The Other Is Gone...post Cool Rock N Roll Pics!

    I used to go to Jules on St. Marks all the time, great jazz there!
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