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  1. Synex7254

    1996 blues jr getting worked on

    Ditto except I had to replace the reverb tank.
  2. Synex7254

    NUAD : New "used" Amp Day

    Just took delivery of a used Marshall 1973x that I got off of Reverb. All I can say is wow! I've only had it on 3 and it's loud! But the tone is incredible. Really hope the wife has some errands to run tomorrow! ;)
  3. Synex7254

    Wretched sounding demo of Marshall Origin amps

    The only Origin amp that was played at NAMM was the 20 watt combo. None of the others we plugged in or used for any of the demos. I had thought this was strange then and now wonder if any of the other models that had there were even function or just cosmetic shells. So this being the first...
  4. Synex7254

    NAD - Blues Jr., so far so good!

    Congrats. Just dusted off my old MIA Blues Jr. and finally got around to replacing the reverb tank and was playing it this morning....really is a great amp.
  5. Synex7254

    Marshall Origin

    That's what they said with the CODE 100 too and they got delayed and delayed and didn't ship for 2 years! Hope it isn't he case here and they learned their lesson the last time.
  6. Synex7254

    Marshall Origin

    And how come in EVERY video I've seen thus far...he's only playing the 20 watt combo? Is it the only production model that actually works? These seems great and I'm very interested in the 50 watt combo but will we see the same delays/manufacturing issues with these hitting the stores that...
  7. Synex7254

    Ltd. Tweed Bassbreaker

    Wow...if Fender had made the entire Bassbreaker line available in Tweed....I'd have one already! https://www.themusiczoo.com/collections/amplifiers/products/fender-ltd-bassbreaker-15-combo-amplifier-lacquered-tweed
  8. Synex7254

    Any Marshall NAMM News?

    They are re-launching the CODE 100 amps that were announced i last years NAMM show but never were delivered. Supposedly the CODE 100H is Smaller, lighter, and with a redesigned 4 x 12" cab. From what I've seen they won't ship until May ( in the US at least). They really dropped the ball on...
  9. Synex7254

    PRS Sonzera 20 Watt Combo any thoughts on it?

    Basically replacing the SE amps with these.
  10. Synex7254

    New Marshall modeling amps!

    Hmmm....not sure about how this will go over. https://marshallamps.com/live-for-music/news/introducing-code/
  11. Synex7254

    Line 6 Vetta II combo

    I have one as well and love the concert of it but was never able to "bond" with it as much as I wanted to. It really needs to be tweaked using a computer to get the realistic sounds it can produce and in the end it is a bit too cumbersome...physical weight aside! That being said it can produce...
  12. Synex7254

    Clapton.. from Marshalls to Soldanos and now Fender

    Clapton used this same setup in 2015 with the exception of using a new two tone sunburst EC Signature Custom Shop Fender Strat...a Birthday present to Eric from Fender! I saw him @ MSG for his 70th Birthday concerts and he did not use the Twinolux. In fact I've only seen him use it on a...
  13. Synex7254

    Fender's new line of Bassman amps........................

  14. Synex7254

    Overdrive or Distortion in Orange Crush Pro. CR60 CR120

    I too have found this same issue with my CR120H and agree that the Dirty Channel is very very good so much so that I'm considering not using an OD pedal. In the meantime I have had some success with tweaking the OD pedal settings a bit. Trial and error for each one. Non-OD/Distortion pedals...
  15. Synex7254

    NAD - Orange content!

    Bought myself a little present and UPS delivered it today!! Read a lot of good things about this amp and so far am very impressed with the Dirty channel and built in digital Reverb. I'm still tweaking the Clean channel. Anyway here's the required picture...
  16. Synex7254

    Tweed 59 bassman head?

    Other way around! Marshall JTM45 was based on a Fender Bassmann circuit.
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