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  1. majick59

    Singing sustain boost type pedal, no squish. Is it out there?

    If you like your TS-9 but hate the mid-hump, then you may want to consider a Nobels ODR-1 or a clone. The Wampler Belle is a great one. Also, Earthquaker Devices Plumes is also a good overdrive to try if you like TS-9s without a mid hump. You could try a Klone, or an OCD, or... honestly, there...
  2. majick59

    Underrated Guitar Brands.

  3. majick59

    The best engineered records, according to you

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Boston’s first album. To throw a in a slightly less popular suggestion: Live - Throwing Copper.
  4. majick59

    Tube amp for modern & classic metal & rock at bedroom volume

    I realize that you are looking for a tube amp, but the only reasonable solution that I have been able to find to your problem was to go the modeling route. I was in your situation a few years ago, and I was always kind of disappointed with every tube amp I tried.
  5. majick59

    Unpotted pickups.. more dynamic??

    I have some Burstbuckers from when they were originally released. Back then, I was playing higher gain stuff but still worked my volume knob quite a bit. (Les Paul, 1987x, various overdrives). I couldn't deal with the microphonic nature of the pickups, especially during shows. A tech recommended...
  6. majick59

    What Is Your Favorite High Gain MIAB/Distortion Into A Clean Amp For Live Use?

    Bumping this thread to see if there are any other opinions. Playing through a DRRI, covering a range songs of 60s-present day. Using an OCD right now, which is working fine, but looking for something new. Thanks.
  7. majick59

    Can you read music?

    Depends on the instrument for me. Violin, clarinet(agony stick)/sax, piano... no problems. For guitar, I'm terrible. Not sure what the disconnect is.
  8. majick59

    Best purchase for 2019?

    This is kind of a contrarian post, but rediscovering old purchases has been enlightening. Like why do I need 7000 versions of a muff, TS, or Klon... they all ended up just sounding like me. For better or worse.
  9. majick59

    Siamese Dream Tone? yeah right...

    I hate that I'm bumping a 10 year old thread, but the prophesy behind this and the opamp big muff is just too funny to me. Carry on.
  10. majick59

    Switching from a LP to a Strat on stage

    I use a Mythical Overdrive set as a clean boost when I switch. Works for me. MXR micro amp, Rc booster (as someone else suggested) all work. Any cleanish boost will work for your purposes.
  11. majick59

    So I want to quit my day job and be a full-time pro musician....

    And get used to hearing No. A lot. :) Best of luck as well. It's a big jump to make, but keep at it, and get ready to roll with the many, many punches. EDIT: Boy, I really should have read the posts before replying... :roll
  12. majick59

    losing ass on vintage guitar - experience?

    This. Also, add that to the fact that there is SO much good gear out there, and many ways to get the tone/playability that these instruments deliver. Maybe like 90% of the way there with higher end gear. Still can expensive stuff, but nowhere near the prices for vintage.
  13. majick59

    Jimmy Page Sundragon amps

    Supposedly a production version is coming. Curious to hear how these sound. I liked the reissue Supros quite a bit, but the tone control was a little finicky for me.
  14. majick59

    Favorite virtuoso!

    Hard for me to pick just one but a definite "other" has to be Al Di Meola for me.
  15. majick59

    Fool in the Rain is the WORST Led Zeppelin Song

    Not even In the Evening? I also like I'm Gonna Crawl, especially the solo. I think Presence is very underrated. Achilles Last Stand is worth the price of admission alone for me. To OP's point, I enjoy Fool in the Rain quite a bit, mostly because it is so different from most other LZ songs...
  16. majick59

    Your top 5 PUNK albums?

    I was wondering how long it would take until I read a post saying an artist/album is not punk. I got to post #9.
  17. majick59

    Your stupidest guitar moment.

    Anytime I drink too much before a show.
  18. majick59

    What is the Saddest Song?

    Lick my Love Pump, or any M-ach piece really, will have an audience in tears. My saddest song choice:
  19. majick59

    Phill Brown: 'Sessions With Led Zeppelin Were Claustrophobic And Scary'

    While I agree that the '77 soundboards are VERY unforgiving, I would say that the performances as a whole were just not good. Some good moments in the shows, but overall, the myth outgrew the legend by that point. I'd say many LZ shows after '73 European tour were not great, and I've listened to...
  20. majick59

    Consolers of the Lonely -- Jack White

    Go see him live. It will make a believer out of you.
  21. majick59

    What was the best 'surprise' concert you've been to:

    This is funny. I saw Umphree's Mcgee in 2007 (at a free show in Lincoln Park Zoo of all places) without knowing much other than my buddy saying that I'd like them. He was right. Sadly it was a daytime show, so I did not get to experience the light show.
  22. majick59

    Whammy V Mode Changing Issues

    Thanks for the tips. I'm long out of warranty, so I guess it's time to get out the screwdriver.
  23. majick59

    OK, Let's Be Honest...Worst Concerts You Attended

    Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in Chicago, I think 2010. I was not a huge Mars Volta fan, but I always thought Omar was an interesting/creative musician so I wanted to check it out. His solo set was just 10 minute jams of effect-laden, incomprehensible noise, and I generally like that stuff. Crappy venue...
  24. majick59

    Tips for an outdoor gig?

    Gig went well! Thanks for all the advice! My biggest issue was hearing myself all over the stage. I ended having to confine myself to a smaller area so I could hear everything properly. Oh, and I couldn't read my tuner at all, so I'm glad I brought my Snark.
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