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  1. jelloman

    Any recommendations for the best/most useful channel strip plugins?

    I just did a mix with the Fuse Audio Labs VCS-1, and was actually quite impressed with it...it's a pretty good general purpose channel strip, not at the Schep's Omni level but if you want to avoid Waves this one is a pretty nice alternative...
  2. jelloman

    2x12 combos aren't really the perennial favourite, are they?

    I used to have a JCM900 4502 50 watt 2x12...then I got old and my back said it was time to move on... ...plus, I don't play arenas...
  3. jelloman

    King’s X fans, check this out!

    Green with jealousy am I...
  4. jelloman

    Share a Partscaster Build

    Well, there's this one... 20170702_104725 by jelloman 1965, on Flickr ...and this one... 20170702_104313 by jelloman 1965, on Flickr ...and this beast... 2017-11-26_03-05-49 by jelloman 1965, on Flickr ...and this Warmoth 7/8, which literally just hit the Work bench today...
  5. jelloman

    AMPS.. IN THE ZONE #2 Blackface Super Reverb

    Great video, Pete...:beer I tried asking you in your live stream on Sunday if you could maybe do an instructional video breaking down your solo in the Mind Abuse video, and maybe release the backing track from it...you either missed it, or skipped over it on purpose...Hearing your version of...
  6. jelloman

    Need Wah help please.....(recommendation)

    I just saw one in an HP42 video...he hit every feature you can imagine; adjustable sweep, adjustable treadle tension, switchable buffer and true bypass, and a really heavy aluminum base...looks bulletproof...
  7. jelloman

    Need Wah help please.....(recommendation)

    Have the Friedman wahs been released yet?
  8. jelloman

    Finally Had a Deal Go Bad????

    Yes...he probably has multiple scams running under multiple accounts all over the country...140.00 may not seem like a significant amount for a scammer to bother with but if he pulls off 1 or 2 a day EVERY DAY how much does that add up to in a week? A month? A year? I get and admire that you...
  9. jelloman

    SG Gas...two very different options

    I prefer to live without limits...
  10. jelloman

    Joe Bonamassa - Why any hate here?

    Oh, no doubt....the British invasion did little to influence the American audience to embrace The Blues, they were taken as their own separate thing...SRV made his audience embrace the genre...
  11. jelloman

    Joe Bonamassa - Why any hate here?

    The white domination off The blues started a lot earlier than The 80s...the British blues explosion in the 60 brought us The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin...in the 80s Stevie Ray Vaughan gave the American their very own white blues god... I myself have always been...
  12. jelloman

    I inadvertently joined a wedding band

    I barely remember elementary school...
  13. jelloman

    I inadvertently joined a wedding band

    Chicken dance! :band
  14. jelloman

    Joe Bonamassa - Why any hate here?

    I don't hate him at all... I went through a stretch of time, with the Dust Bowl and Driving Towards the Daylight records where I really immersed myself in his catalog but after awhile it started becoming a little stale...he is a monster player technically but there doesn't seem to be a lot of...
  15. jelloman

    Amps.....what kind do you use?

    Traynor YCV40WR...
  16. jelloman

    DAW for Windows?

    If you're looking for simple that doesn't cost a lot of money... https://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/ As far as interfaced go, I just use a Lexicon Alpha, but you may want something with a little more capability...maybe Focusrite? https://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-FOC-SCAR2I2V2-LIST
  17. jelloman

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    Yeah, as a venue it left much to be desired...the layout was all wrong, with the crowd standing on the racing surface, the grandstand behind the catch fence, and the walls cutting right through the middle...the security guys stayed on the high ground and basically left the standing room area to...
  18. jelloman

    Is your #1 all stock?

    Nope...I think the only guitar I have that ISN'T modded is my Gretsch...
  19. jelloman

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    June, 1981...Twisted Sister's "Return to America" show at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie...The Sick F*ks opened and lasted about 2 minutes before the fried dough and beer cups started flying...abandoned the stage after the 4th song when an M80 took the guitar amp out...George...
  20. jelloman

    The Great Boring Pick Thread

    I have Clayton Custom tortex in gauges .60, .73, .88, and 1.0...I tend to lean on the .73s and .88s the most and use the .60s and 1.0s more on acoustic... I also go for Fender mediums when I want a different feel...
  21. jelloman

    What acoustic guitars do you electric guitar players play?

    I have 2... My Washburn EA2000 has been with me for almost 20 years... 20170702_110700 by jelloman 1965, on Flickr ...it's a thin body that plays like an electric...the original Equis preamp still works and sounds great...I use it primarily as a stage guitar, but it is workable as an...
  22. jelloman

    POLL- Most you've ever spent on a guitar or amp-

    1800.00 for a Taylor 314ce LTD...
  23. jelloman

    Forget the biggest, who was the best band ever?

    I AM a huge fan, and I will be the first to say that, while they are my all time favorite band they only had 2 stretches of greatness, from '74 to '76 with Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic, and Rocks...then '87 to '89 with Permanent Vacation and Pump...other than those 2 periods they were good...
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