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  1. skiltrip

    Wampler Dual Pantheon OD Deluxe

    Silly wording I suppose, but they just mean the regular Pantheon, which is a "boutique" take on the Bluesbreaker circuit. And it is technically a more modern design take. I wouldn't get too caught up in the marketing language. This pedal sounds really, really good.
  2. skiltrip

    Wampler Dual Pantheon OD Deluxe

    It's really pretty simple. The Pantheon can be selected to be soft clipping, hard clipping, or both together. On another switch, it has low, medium, and high gain. Each side has these two switches. Technically it's a lot of combos, but you get to learn the differences pretty quickly.
  3. skiltrip

    Versatile overdrive pedals?

    Plumes is very quiet. But if you're after a versatile drive that does nearly everything and sounds good doing it... Wampler Pantheon is my pick. Mild breakup to high gain, it's in there. Use a simple boost before it for even more gain (like a Spark booster or something, doesn't need to be fancy).
  4. skiltrip

    Wampler Dual Pantheon OD Deluxe

    In stock at Sweetwater. (EDIT: Or not... either they sold out of them quick, or it was a mistake and they never really had them in stock). I love my Pantheon and this looks really cool. I do not like the gain and voicing switches on the sides. I change these a lot. It's also very useful to...
  5. skiltrip

    Wampler Dual Pantheon OD Deluxe

    The high gain tones from this are going to be absolutely killer now that I’ve thinking about it.
  6. skiltrip

    Wampler Dual Pantheon OD Deluxe

    Wow. Love the Pantheon. If it had a three band EQ this would be more useful. As transparent as it is, it definitely has a voice. And I fear it would just double up. Interesting either way though!
  7. skiltrip

    Good (great) sounding small 1x12?

    This is definitely the sensible and obvious route to take. I think you are correct in that I just don't like the sound of smaller cabs. The stuff you describe is exactly what I hear with that Bugera cab. It's honky sounding, and lacks both high and lows. Lots of mids, and not even the mids I...
  8. skiltrip

    Good (great) sounding small 1x12?

    Is there a good, or even great sounding smaller size 1x12? I have a Bugera 112 and it just sounds small and smothered. I removed part of the back to open up the sound a little, and it is slightly improved, but still generally sucks. Just every negative aspect a cab could have seems to come...
  9. skiltrip

    Boss MD-200 - can you assign different effects to be pre or post by default?

    That was the impression I got but wanted to double check. Thanks for confirming that!
  10. skiltrip

    Boss MD-200 - can you assign different effects to be pre or post by default?

    On the Boss MD-200, can you set it up, so the Chorus for example is on IN and OUT A and Tremolo is on IN and OUT B? I know you can assign effects to pre or post on the Wampler Terraform. Wondering if you can do the same sort of thing with the MD-200. I like my phaser and chorus pre-dirt, but...
  11. skiltrip

    Most hit or miss brand for you?

    Some you love, others left you puzzled as to why people like it… which brand has been like this for you? For me it’s Wampler. First was the Sovereign, loved it. Euphoria, couldn’t stand it. Felt congested and closed off. Pantheon, amazing and crazy versatile. Voices perfectly.EQ controls very...
  12. skiltrip

    Favorite pedal brands? And least favorite?

    Faves: Boss, Earthquaker, Wampler Least fave: Catalinbread
  13. skiltrip

    Keeley Compressor Mini vs Plus or SP Comp ?

    The SP Comp is just amazing. It's so intelligently designed with the three position toggle and blend knob. It's absolutely perfect. I have zero desire to look at anything else.
  14. skiltrip

    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Jr. #3!!!

    I miss my Jr. It's just such a good manageable size. I could never seem to keep my pedal count low enough though so I moved on to a Classic 1. My Jr. is just sitting there under my desk waiting for me to come to my senses someday.
  15. skiltrip

    Pedals to boost BE-OD into Metal rhythm madness

    Yeah, forgot to mention that other benefit of hitting it with a TS, SD-1, Plumes, or mid-boosted EQ. Helps get that mid presence up. I tried the BE-OD Deluxe, and call me crazy, but even with the Mid knob buried, I still heard a little more mids than in the regular BE-OD. The voice is just a...
  16. skiltrip

    Boss BD-2 -What is it similar to?

    I had a BD-2 forever and then sold it a few years back just to make a few bucks to put toward other dumb pedals that I probably also sold to do the same. Shoulda kept it. Keep meaning to buy another one, but I have no pressing need for it. BD-2w worth messing with, or just stick with the...
  17. skiltrip

    Pedals to boost BE-OD into Metal rhythm madness

    I can say that up until now, when I want a slight gain increase, and sustain increase I've just been hitting the BE-OD with a Spark Mini booster. Because of the BE-OD's tightness it doesn't overload with bass easily. Experimenting, the Plumes sounds pretty good into the BE-OD as well. I turn...
  18. skiltrip

    Stackin Jhs Morning Glory with the Plumes

    I've had a Pantheon for a while (not a MG, but another BB circuit) and it sounds pretty great Plumes > Pantheon. The Pantheon already has a wide range of gain, but the Plumes in front of it, can take the gain even further, or just give me some different voices.
  19. skiltrip

    Be careful buying from Prymaxe

    Pretty much. Lol
  20. skiltrip

    Replace the Flint...can you do it?

    After ditching the Flint a long while back and trying all sorts of stuff, and without wanting to get into pedals with too many bells and whistles, I now have a Keely modded TR-2 and an RV-6. It shouldn't be this perfect, but it is.
  21. skiltrip

    Pedals to boost BE-OD into Metal rhythm madness

    BE-OD users…. What pedal are you using to boost it into high gain metal madness? I just a Plumes and that seems to be doing a really killer job. Just wondering about some other options.
  22. skiltrip

    Max gain and range… BE-OD vs Wampler Dracarys

    Does the Wampler Dracarys have more brutal gain On tap than the BE-OD? If so, how much more are we talking about. I find the BE-OD an ideal high gain rock n roll distortion but to get it really cookin I definitely need to hit it with a boost. Wondering if the Dracarys does more of this extreme...
  23. skiltrip

    Specifically what is a "Boomer Bend?

    Are there Gen X bends... ? Or have we just been perpetuating the Boomer Bends this whole time?
  24. skiltrip

    Calling all Ram's Head People

    I'm currently using an Ibanez 850 mini, and it scratches the Ram's Head itch for me, but lately I've been wanting the real thing. anyone compared the 850 mini to the EHX Ram's Head reissue?
  25. skiltrip

    What are the coolest looking pedals in your opinion?

    Nothing cooler looking in my opinion than a big long rainbow chain of Boss pedals.
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