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    Suggetions for drive time practice

    I work with the metronome as well, generally tapping out rhythms on the steering wheel. Learn a few lines from the Louis Bellson book as a starting point. Also, practice naming chord tones/note names for different chords, around the cycle or just random chord types. Doing some visualization...
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    Relative Diminished - Pat Martino content

    Thanks Gennation for the info!! I think I'm getting sidetracked by the new terminology (relative diminished?) when I should have just mapped out the scale tones. (please forgive my lack of enharmonic correctness) G dorian over A - G A Bb C D E F b7 R b9 b3 4 5 #5 -...
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    Relative Diminished - Pat Martino content

    Here is the link to the You Tube video I referenced - www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dur8uocnBY If you do a Google search for relative diminished pat martino it's the 2nd thread that pops up. I had downloaded an article off the binary newsgroups sometime ago that was called "Relative Minorising"...
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    Relative Diminished - Pat Martino content

    I saw a you tube vid on Mr. Martino over the weekend which covered playing various minor scales over a A7#5 chord. The comments below mentioned a relative diminished approach. GREAT sounding stuff. Can someone explain? Thanks in advance!
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    Tomo- How do YOU use Bellson's "Modern Reading Text"?

    Yes. I tend to tap out or sing the rhythms. Not so much (or any) application to the guitar. In kind of answering my own question...I guess I could apply to any number of things but I think you had stated that you had students work through it? What sorts of exercises?
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    Tomo- How do YOU use Bellson's "Modern Reading Text"?

    You've written about using the book before. Would you please give some example exercises? Thanks much for all the help!! Gary
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    And the award for "Best Melodic Guitar Solo In a Pop/Rock Song" goes to...

    +1 to the XTC "Church of Women" reference, "My Brown Guitar" from the same cd is killer as well, great tones from a Pod? +1 to Brad Gillis on "Sister Christian" +10000 to Brian May How about "Detroit Rock City" How about Thin Lizzy "Boys Are Back In Town" or "Cowboy Song" How...
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    Appoggiaturas & Filigrees

    +1 on FM, I got the downloadable version from Galper's website. It has links to midi file examples of the ideas. FM isn't a method or lick book at all, more of a paradigm shift. There's another great book offered by the same publishers (Sher Music) called Metaphors For The Musician. It's...
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    What were some of your 'paradigm shifts'

    I've played almost 30 years and as stupid as it may sound, a "eureka!" moment for me was the realization that there are really only 7 notes plus sharps and flats. I got wrapped up in notes, notes, notes..."gosh, what is Coltrane playing there"...every note is in the 1st twelve frets of the...
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    What is your favorite guitar instruction BOOK

    Good call WCMILLER on the Forward Motion book. If you want the secrets to why guys like Stern and Scofield sound the way they do using the same 12ish notes, this will get you started. In fact Sher Music has 3 great books that are in my top 10 of music books- The Jazz Theory Book - If the...
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    What was your first Robben Ford moment and how did it affect you?

    The Yellowjackets 1st and 2nd albums were the first and still the defining Robben moments for me. I was fortunate enough to catch a Robben/Shawn Lane double bill much later (Shawn was touring the Powers of Ten record).
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