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  1. G Man

    The kids can still bring it

    There were a few years there was I was afraid for live music or the lack of it based on actual people playing real instruments in real time. Well, it seems as though there is a younger generation stepping up to the plate and keeping it real. Last night I was lucky enough to catch Lawrence, a...
  2. G Man

    New Jeff Beck, free, enjoy it while you can

  3. G Man

    NGD: Gadow Custom Hollow P90 custom

    I received this last week, not bad, right around 7 months from initial order, was promised within 9, so I'm more than happy with that. One piece flamed maple top, korina body and neck, ebony board, right around 7 lb.s, 1 3/4" nut, 25.5" scale, VVT. Really comfortable in hand, the neck feels...
  4. G Man

    New Eagles of Death Metal on NPR 1st listen

    Probably only be up for a week or so. Giving it a first listen now, and while somewhat predictable in its sound, still fun stuff. http://www.npr.org/series/98679384/first-listen
  5. G Man

    Gadow Custom Hollow P90 custom ordered

    So, some of you may remember a while back I had posted a WTB for a Gadow Custom Hollow P90. After a bit I realized that probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon, if at all. So, I contacted Ryan who said he would be willing to build me one, even though the model is semi-retired. I also...
  6. G Man

    NGD: US Hamer Eclipse, w/hot rodding.

    I finally found a closet classic. This is a 1995 Hamer Eclipse and it is as clean as the day it left the factory. Not even a pick swirl on her. Picked this up last week, and while waiting for its arrival bought a few parts to hot rod it with. Faber compensated wrap bridge, TonePros locking...
  7. G Man

    Consider the Source

    I just got turned on to these guys from the latest issue of PG of all places, maybe I should renew my subscription. Anyway, some pretty sick playing, fusion based with lots of world influences. Checked their web site to find they are coming to my town in a couple of months, psych. 4y9JqXRZBWo
  8. G Man

    New Martin Day, Custom 00S

    Just got this one the other day. Its from a batch of custom orders that the Podium in MN had made. 12 fret, slotted head stock, full gloss with a really nice stain that they use on the GE series, ebony fretboard and bridge, double bound with tort. binding, and a few nice touches, like the old...
  9. G Man

    NGD: Gadow Custom Hollow

    To be honest I've had a few NGDs that I haven't bothered posting about, but this one deserves it. I have half-heartedly kept my eye out for one of these used for a while now, and when this one popped up on Reverb I jumped. The seller didn't necessarily know what he had, as he thought it was a...
  10. G Man

    Show me your LesTele guitars

    A while ago there was a thread full of beautiful guitars and someone had posted a couple of les paul meets telecaster guitars they had built and they have been haunting me ever since. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the thread again, and I also generally like the idea of a set neck...
  11. G Man

    New Hamer Day

    Picked this one up a couple of weeks ago from echos on the HFC. 2008 Hamer USA Newport Pro. An absolutely beautiful guitar, killer tight grained sitka spruce top with a hint of bearclaw and some very nice silking, stunning one piece hog back, nice and light, and as fancy as any Hamer I have...
  12. G Man

    NGD: 1st partscaster build

    Being that I like to work with my hands, and I like guitars, I thought I would try my hand at a strat build/assemble. Sourced the parts from here and there, went with an alder body finished in satin burnt copper nitro, warmoth neck, reilander pickups and callaham hardware. Ran into a few...
  13. G Man

    How loud is you SFPR when the guitar volume is turned down?

    I recently picked up a 1970 SFPR that has had a full cap job. The amp itself sounds great when playing it, but as soon as I roll off the volume on the guitar to 0, I notice the noise. Not overbearing by any means, but in a silent room it is definitely noticeable and it got me to wondering if...
  14. G Man

    NGD: Front Porch Lutherie 335 style

    Came across this one in the emporium a few weeks back and knew I had to have it. You just don't see luthier built 335s that often, and for what I paid, I still feel a little guilty. Tim Tucker of Front Porch Lutherie built this one and added a few of his own tricks to it. Rather than a 3 ply...
  15. G Man

    NGD, '82 Les Paul Standard

    Well, I finally got my first actual Gibson Les Paul today. And what a way to start out, a sweet 82 Norlin, one piece body, no chambering, 3 piece maple neck, serious players grade, but this thing rocks and feels perfectly broken in, as a well played 30 year old guitar should. I picked this up...
  16. G Man

    Hamer Re-fin, Sonic Blue Blitz

    Just wanted to give an official re-introduction to my recent Blitz purchase. I picked this up for a great price on the bay a few months ago as I love sustain blocks and really wanted to try out an explorer body, as I'd heard how comfortable they can be. This is how she looked when I first got...
  17. G Man

    Help with weird grounding issue

    For some reason, when my hand touches the pickup adjustment screw heads on the bridge HB on one of my guitars, I get grounding noise. Obviously only happens when bridge pickup is engaged. Any suggestions?
  18. G Man

    Yet another Ohms/Impedance question

    When running a combo amp that has a 16 Ohm speaker onboard, if I were to run an 8 Ohm speaker in an ext. cab as well, where should I set my Ohm selector? TIA
  19. G Man

    What pickups for an all mahogany explorer type guitar?

    I just picked up a Hamer Blitz, https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/977025, and while I like the pickups well enough that are in there, (SD 59N/CCB,) I am contemplating a refinish and may want to get a set of double cream pickups to drop in there. The guitar itself has great...
  20. G Man

    NGD, early 80s Hamer USA Blitz, explorer style

    Got this one in today. The serial number is little weird, as it reads 2 8125, but 8125 should be 83? Anyway, it definitely has the original paint job and all original parts but for a SD 59 in the neck and a Custom Custom in the bridge. I have never even played an explorer style guitar before...
  21. G Man

    Can anyone recommend me a good re-fin guy in the New England area?

    I know of a couple of folks down south who do killer work, but in the interest of avoiding shipping, I thought I would explore the possibility of someone local enough that I could drive to them. Looking for a nitro finish if that matters at all. Thanks all, Greg
  22. G Man

    NAD! 5E3 based tweed Soul Tramp

    I picked this up about a week ago after getting a chance to play it at another forums get together. The builder had no intentions of selling when I asked about it, and I had not intentions of buying. Lo and behold, a few days after the meet I get an email with an offer to buy said amp. A few...
  23. G Man

    OD question for the GB Black Pearl Posse?

    Howdy all, I am presently running a bad monkey through my Black Pearl. It works for what it does, but I can see where there must be a better option out there. What have others found? I like the idea of some of the two button ODs w/boost, sort of like the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 style. Let...
  24. G Man

    Hamer finish question?

    Are the USA Hamers nitro or poly? Thanks, Greg
  25. G Man

    Tone Tubby, Scumnico 30W or Celestion Gold for Genz Benz Black Pearl 30?

    I recently bought a GB BP30 head and am currently running it through a 1x12 with a Cannabis Rex in it. I want to try an alnico speaker, as this amp ships with Eminence Red Fangs. I've read that the RFs tend to run a bit on the harsh side compared to some of the alternatives. So, I am looking...
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