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  1. peterdjp

    Basic Questions on Ceiling Speakers and Amps

    I agree with adding ap sub for in ceiling. We built a house recently and did a pair of subs suspended under the floor with discrete grills hidden in a step. For outdoor check out coastal source. Some good options that come with in ground sub. Great sound! https://www.coastalsource.com/outdoor-audio
  2. peterdjp

    Les Paul owners... whats your go to amp?

    Two Rock Ts1
  3. 20210914_152419.jpg


  4. 20210914_152634.jpg


  5. peterdjp

    Carr Slant 6v speaker choice

    Yes. I have a 2x12 w the WGS 65's. Sounds great.
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  13. Melancon Tele

    Melancon Tele

  14. peterdjp

    The sssssssss Strat.

  15. peterdjp

    PRS 594... Has anyone ever installed a middle single coil?

    Might be easier to add a middle humbucker that way the pu ring would cover rout hole. All three split gives stratish tones.
  16. Barlow back

    Barlow back

  17. PRS Fiore

    PRS Fiore

  18. peterdjp

    Hey Deadheads

    Just got one if these awesome JG singles from Dan at DGN guitars. If you have an HSH or HSS and need a single for Jerry tone these are the bomb! Dan builds amazing guitars as well. DGN Custom Guitars - JGS Single Coil Pickup 2021 - Jerry Garcia Tone...
  19. Barlow


  20. Barlow


    DGN JG single
  21. peterdjp

    Namm 2020: Vht Does Dumble

    It's not buffered. Just in/out points but I preferred without the outboard loop. Worked fine for me w delay and reverb pedals straight in.
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