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    Watts Tube Audio Gone? Where to find a specific chassis...

    So it appears that Watts Tube Audio may no longer be around. Does anyone here know where to potentially source his project chassis? Specifically the 12.5x6.5x2.5 with the outward lip? I have tried all the usual suspects and, short of having a run of 25 made, I can’t seem to find any. I just...
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    Sold Pettyjohn Chime, Ohmless Hatchet Buffer Splitter

    Pettyjohn Chime - $160 Ohmless Hatchet Buffer Splitter - SOLD No trades. Sale Only. Pp’d and shipped to the lower 48. 0F4DDFBC-CD00-497E-B182-48C4E2DA8181 by guiltless posted Jul 2, 2018 at 11:30 AM068B2EB7-4279-4C16-B149-044B2F042543 by guiltless posted Jul 2, 2018 at 11:30...
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    Bloomery Passive after a SHO

    Hey all, So with my setup I run my guitar into a SHO and use one of the outs to a tuner and the other to the rest of my chain. The first thing after the SHO is my Bloomery Passive and being after the SHO, the sweep is very front heavy. The first 25% gives me 75% of the sweep. Has anyone else...
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    Sold GigRig Isolator

    I got it brand new and just installed it with a Strymon Zuma. Works perfectly, I just need an additional spot. Comes with all 4 cables. They have been trimmed but are still pretty long. $50 pp’d and shipped
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    Sold Price Drop: Morgan MV45 2x12 Combo w/English Greenbacks and custom grillecloth

    Alright... so this amp is pretty much reference for great Rock and Roll tone. From a gain standpoint, everything from singing Marshally cleans to grind that approaches SLO levels. Currently it is biased up with TAD 6V6’s to get the great tone at about 22-25 Watts. Throw in EL34’s and rebias...
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    Sold Like New Line 6 Helix w/Pelican Case, Stereo DI, Cables, and Celestion IR's - Price Drop

    Hey everyone! I'm selling my Line 6 Helix with a bunch of accessories. The unit itself is in Like new condition. No scuffs or scratches, just no plastic on the screens. The original box and paperwork will come with it. Also included are the original power cable, USB cable, and USB drive. Here...
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    Sold Madtone Electronics - G30

    G30 - $2000 Controls Vol, Treble, Mid, Bass, Cut, Bright Switch Half Power on the Back Panel Power EL84 – 30 Watts Half Power Switch – 30W/15W Preamp Phase Inverter – 12AX7 – JJ Preamp – 12AX7 – JJ Transformers – Mercury Magnetics Power, Output, Choke Speaker Out 8ohm (x2) Head Dimensions: 7.5”...
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    Sold Lovepedal Tchula - Price Drop

    Prices are pp'd and shipped to the lower 48 and come with original boxes and paperwork. Both pedals are in excellent condition with no scratches and with Velcro on the bottom. Flint V2 - SOLD Tchula - $120 IMG_6932 by guiltless posted Aug 19, 2017 at 8:09 AMIMG_6933 by guiltless posted Aug 19...
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    Sold Pedaltrain, Pedal Power, Ernie Ball

    Ernie Ball 25k VPJr - SOLD Pedaltrain Novo 24 w/soft case. I would love to sell this with the power supplies as a package. If not, the mounting brackets go with the power supplies. SOLD If Separate: Pedaltrain Novo24 with SC - SOLD Pedal Power 2+ w/cables - SOLD Pedal Power ISO5 w/cables -...
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    Sold Barber Gain Changer - Limited Run Raw Sparkle

    Comes with the original box. Price is $125 Paypal'd and shipped to the contiguous 48. Only trade would be for a JHS Morning Glory V4 IMG_6489 by guiltless posted Jun 10, 2017 at 11:00 AM
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    Sold Eventide H9 Standard w/OX9 and Tesla switch. Will transfer acct with 5 additional algorithms. - $400

    Not sure why my last post was deleted. Just like the title says, it's in excellent condition and I will throw in a 1.5 foot Disaster Area MIDI cable as well! I will transfer my account to you so you can use the 5 additional algorithms I purchased. Purchased Algorithms: Black hole, Dual Verb...
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    Sold Boss TR-2 w/Monte Allums Plus Mod - $100

    Boss TR-2 Tremolo w/Monte Allums Plus Mod - $100 IMG_6449 by guiltless posted Feb 19, 2017 at 11:31 AM
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    Sold Brand New Seymour Duncan Antiquity Mini Humbucker Set

    Hey all, These pickups are brand-new. Never installed. I'm going a different direction and don't need these anymore. Price is $225 PayPal'd and shipped to the lower 48 states. IMG_6439 by guiltless posted Feb 16, 2017 at 11:56 AM
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    Sold New Musikraft Tele Neck - Roasted Birdseye Maple, SS Frets, Shaller Mini Locking Tuners Included

    Hey all! I am only selling this neck because there is a delay in my guitar body being completed. The neck is absolutely amazing and is in mint condition... I am just taking this delay opportunity to see if I can sell this neck only to order the exact same one, just with an even fatter profile...
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    Sold Black Anodized Aluminum Telecaster Pickguard

    Black Anodized Aluminum w/black screws $60 ppd and shipped
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    Sold Micro POG Dual Preset Mod

    Selling my Dual Preset Micro POG. Works and sounds great. The center LED changes from Red to Blue depending on the preset. The controls are a little interactive in each column so it takes a sec to get the levels where you want them, but the full sweep is there. $170 pp'd and shipped to the...
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    Sold 2016 Gibson SG Standard T P90 - 1 Piece Body (Final Price Drop)

    I recently took this beauty in trade for a Strat. I have always been a Tele guy but I wanted to try something new. This guitar at sounds and feels amazing and I would absolutely keep it, but I only have room for one axe at a time right now and I want back in to a Tele. It is 100% stock and...
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    Sold Fender 60's Road Worn Strat. New Fender Neck. Fully Upgraded. (Price Drop) Pulling Listing 8/1.

    Putting this out there. I am a tele guy and really only want to sell this go get back in to one. Here's the rundown: 60's Roadworn New Neck w/bone nut - The original neck had a defect that was not found until early this year. Fender replaced it under warranty. It has been played less than 20...
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    Sold Empress Tremolo 2 $200

    Hey all, Both of these are great pedals in excellent condition and I have the original boxes for both. The Tremolo 2 will ship with the stock knob on the depth control but is pictured with a larger one. I am only selling because I don't need tap tempo for the trem and I am moving to an...
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    Sold Silverface Bassman with Madtone Mods (Price Drop) Video Added!

    Hey all, I recently modified a pair of Silverface Bassman 50s for myself and a customer of mine. We had the goal of building a punchy, clean pedal platform that had that great Fender tone on one side, and a very usable JTM-ish other side. I love mine but it's time to sell to fund a few...
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    Need some help with a Motorboating Bassman

    Hey guys. I am going nuts here trying to find this issue and am hoping you can help. I rebuilt an old Silverface Bassman 50. Completely rewired. I have done this a couple of times but this is the only amp with this motorboating issue. The Bass Channel is normal AB763 style with a...
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    Sold Two Notes Torpedo Live w/Furman AR-1215 and SKB Case (Price Drop)

    Selling this awesome setup because it is just more firepower than I need. The Torpedo Live does an amazing job at giving you a great FOH and IEM sound while allowing you to keep the tone and feel of your tube amp and have no stage volume! Check out these demo videos of all music styles from...
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    Sold Boss DD-500 Aux Switch

    Selling this Aux switcher that I use for my DD-500. The TRS on the bottom controls the 2 CTL switches that can be programmed. The top switch controls 2 NC tap tempo outs. I have an external tap mod on my DD-500 but the outs can be used to control any NC tap pedal.
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    Sold JHS Sweet Tea, Empress ParaEq

    Selling some amazing pedals. I just need the room on my board. JHS Sweet Tea - $250 shipped. Original box and box candy included. Excellent condition. Velcro on the bottom. The only trade I would consider would be for a Micro POG (not nano) AND a FM era Fulldrive. Empress ParaEq - SOLD
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