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  1. J

    "Sleepwalk" - Swart AST - Airline Tuxedo

    Love that song,beautiful playing and tone.
  2. J

    Rocknroll Amps Reverb Deluxe 40w combo

    Nice Merle Travis style. Saturday night shuffle?
  3. J

    Funny slow blues with real '62 Fender strat

    Love your playing and tone Tomo.
  4. J

    "Because" :Fun with Garageband '11 and Complete Beatles Scores.

    Man, really nice job. Love that song.
  5. J

    Cause We've Ended As Lovers, solo take

    Man I love that tone, and the playing is very emotional.
  6. J

    Slow blues with D'Pergo strat

    Beautiful tone and playing.
  7. J

    Surf, on an Esquire!

    Love to hear some good surf, especially on an Esquire.
  8. J

    nash tele allen brown sugar crosscut saw blues

    Nice tone and playing James, I really enjoyed it.
  9. J

    Sleepwalk - Gretsch

    Beautiful tone and really nice playing.
  10. J

    Ron Ellis Telecaster Broadcaster pup vs 50/60 pup (RedPlate amp, Johnny Moeller jam)

    Great sound Jacob always enjoy your stuff. The pickups sound great.
  11. J

    Ron Ellis 50/60 tele pickups clip!

    Great tone, playing and feel Jacob. The Red Plate sounds great too.
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