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  1. Fingers

    What Tele be this?

    Clear logo graphic is visible on headstock, but not one I recognize offhand. Anyone know? http://jerrymovie.com
  2. Fingers

    Keeley FuzzHead/Timmy comparison?

    Anyone here have the experience of comparing these two?
  3. Fingers

    Through the past weirdly, via web

    Yesterday I was looking for something on YouTube when by strange chance I came upon a "video" using a tune I wrote & recorded 45 years ago, when I was 15, paired with some dancing-chick computer animation -- the first one, oddly, even looks like my wife, who was 4 when I did the song! There's...
  4. Fingers

    Recording on the family computer?

    I know it isn't the ideal arrangement; what I'm wondering is whether it's a recipe for disaster. Specifically, let's say a new iMac G5, as much memory as possible, running Logic Express (I'd be doing everything myself, so I'd need a plenty of tracks). By itself, should be fine, but when you...
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