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  1. silot

    Fender Cabronita ltd Aztec gold: any issues ?

    I’ll get it tomorrow, local ad, trusted seller. Anyone has it and can give a quick review ? Anything I should be worried about ? Like a super skinny neck for example:stir
  2. silot

    Headrush gigboard vs L6 Helix HX

    Hello dear TGPers Lots of info on these boards, endless discussions and myriad opinions so now my mind is really confused. I need to buy one tomorrow to use with my MacBook / Logic setup for quick recording solutions and the occasional practise. I have no other options, only these two are...
  3. silot

    Which decade influenced your guitar purchases ?

    For me it was unfortunately the 90s, and the ”unfortunately“ goes to the epic confusion of Jacksons / Mustangs / 335s and Telecasters all simultaneously floating in my mind. Friends and colleagues ask about my “favorite“ guitar and on Monday it is a Strat, Wednesday brings a Parker and Sunday I...
  4. silot

    Netherlands guitar luthiers: impressive

    Most people already know (or should) mr Haar and his excellent custom guitars. I just discovered Lung guitars and if Covid-19 had not killed my guitar budget I would most certainly order a T-style from them.
  5. silot

    Covid-19 era NGD (long distance relationship)

    Life has been tricky since March, especially for those of us who work abroad facing funny / annoying / depressing situations when trying to move from one country to another. Anyway, somehow I managed to acquire these 3 beauties in the last 3 months and sent them home (the first two) but I am not...
  6. silot

    In search for new p/ups for PRS S2 std 24

    I adore this guitar, in fact I let go of my beautiful Core CU24 because I am so satisfied with this S2 for higher-gain tones. Before 1 year I installed a DiMarzio Hum from hell in the neck position and a 36 anniversary in bridge which turned out to be an interesting combination but now I...
  7. silot

    Shred: Ibanez js1000 vs Kotzen Strat

    Long time no see, I know but many ugly things can happen in 6-7 years. Anyway, I think I want a shred one these days and I have these two for sale locally. ibz around $800 and RK at $1350 and I am thinking of getting one just for fun but I don’t want to lose money when I’ll let it go. All...
  8. silot

    PRS Tremonti SE

    I've been wanting one since 2008 when I had the chance to play 3 or 4. Lightweight, fat neck, useful pickups ! What's your opinion ? Do you have one ? Is it stock or modded ?
  9. silot

    Seymour Duncan Single coil: Narrower than usual ?

    Last night I had to drive some extra miles on my way home in order to get a used Duncan Alnico II single for my Strat. So I got it, drove home, did all the boring household stuff and then brought out the Strat and the soldering iron. Remove pickguard, unsolder old p/up and unbox the "new" one...
  10. silot

    MIJ "Clapton Strat" ? (ST54-95LS)

    Does anyone have any detailed info / experience with one of these ? Should I give up on my US dlx Strat and go after this (I have a soft spot for "V" necked strats) ?
  11. silot

    The S2 line is a perfect opportunity for PRS to bring back the EG !!

    Only this time with a stable neck pocket and more colors !
  12. silot

    List the top 5 priorities when buying Strat / Tele

    1) Lightweight.I have a bad left shoulder. 2) Not a sunburst. I hate sunburst. 3) Chunky neck but not an overly chunky neck... 4) Low-output p/ups. Because they sound better. 5) Maple neck/maple board.
  13. silot

    An Am DLX Strat that has a "Beck" stamp and needs some mods..

    Which means I'll try some vintage spec'd pickups and some weird settings on the 5-way super switch like all 3 together and neck+bridge. The funny detail is the "BECK" stamp inside the neck p/up cavity. Haven't seen another...
  14. silot

    American Std Strat with large headstock ?

    Is this legit ? was there ever one ? It's up for sale and I kinda like its looks but I suspect that it's a US std body paired with an Am special neck...
  15. silot

    Do you follow trends ?

    Did you get a Baja when everyone was talking about it ? Or a Classic Vibe ? Did you order a Zendrive or an Eternity when your buddies ordered them too ? How about the Mustang amp or these hot new p/ups ?
  16. silot

    Sparkling, chimey, twangy clean tone from a 2-hum guitar ?

    Is it possible ? Some years back I fooled a couple producers using a PRS CU24 and a Mira that the guitar tracks they received were made with a tele. They were totally satisfied but I was not. Can I have a humbucker guitar and twang at the same time ?
  17. silot

    NGD !!!! (Shhhh, it's a ...Parker !)

    It's been 3 years since I bought anything and almost 2 years since I sold all my guitar related gear. I haven't touched a guitar for a while now... And then a friend decides to move to Canada and gives me his much-used Nitefly for the cost of a second hand Classic Vibe. I couldn't pass on it ...
  18. silot

    PRS users: CU22 vs CU24 vs DGT. What's the verdict ?

    I may get a new PRS in 2015. So I'd like to kindly ask which one you prefer ? Have you used all 3 ? Did you stick with any of them ? and why ?
  19. silot

    Fender: certain finishes relate to nicer instruments ??

    While working with the local fender distributor, both myself and the store manager had some quite ..."eccentric" observations on the US models: 8 out of 10 sunburst guitars were lighter and more resonant. Almost all the special edition guitars we got in solid colors were heavier. We never had...
  20. silot

    Ltd edition US std strat in Aztec gold - whoa !!

    Now I just need to find 1299 euros ...!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. silot

    Gigging with a pop band / recommend a fuzz please !

    Muff and Muff clones do not cut through as there are a lot of keyboards and guitars already. The Hartman 108 was nice but mix-weak too. The Zvex FF was almost there but would not stack well with a Bearfoot DRD and the Honey bee. I've read tons of posts on Fuzz around the forum but what about a...
  22. silot

    So, he removed the truss rod, and can't put it back !

    Years ago, I sold this wonderful 1996 avri Tele to a friend who later decided to try his skills as a guitar tech. He refretted the Tele with 6105's and then decided to replace the truss rod. So he removed the original truss rod, but the problem is that now he cannot put it back. Is the guitar...
  23. silot

    A cork sniffer needs an $800 guitar. What should it be ??

    Here are the facts: -I'm spoiled. I've been using all kinds of expensive instruments the past 10 years (CS Fenders, CS Gibsons, MIJ Gretches, Suhrs, Melancons). None of them is around anymore as my business is destroyed and I had to sell everything. -2 to 3 months per year I have to travel...
  24. silot

    How do you use your splitted/tapped hums ?

    How do you deal with the volume drop ? Isn't it annoying when gigging ?
  25. silot

    Oddball / Mismatched / Unproper rig ? Show me !!

    I've always found myself being a little embarrassed when I had to explain my rig because 90% of my friends / colleagues / clients looked confused ! The reason ? Mismatch !! At least that's what one of my closest friends used to call it. You see, I had no problem pairing a high end - super...

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