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  1. blaster

    Jaguar Pickguard preference?

    I recently purchased a Squier Jazzmaster and was deciding what Pickguard looks better? Tortoise shell for the classic look or white/mint for that Marr look.
  2. blaster

    Can I wire my middle pickup without a volume control?

    I have a friends guitar that is wired with P90 - single coil - P90. The single coil is either on or off with a toggle. My friend wants to have the middle pickup be full on with no volume control. The issue I see is when the middle pickup is wired directly to the output jack, the other...
  3. blaster

    2019 Les Paul Special or SG Special P90s

    I was thinking about adding a P90 guitar and narrowed down to Gibson’s 2019 Les Paul Special in TV yellow or SG Special in Pelham blue. Anyone have or have experience with either of these guitars?
  4. blaster

    Would you trade SG for Gretsch Power Jet?

    I have a friend with a 5 year old Gretsch Power Jet with Bigsby that he wants to trade for my 2013 SG Standard in cherry plus give me $150 to boot. What day you think? I have other bucker guitars: Les Paul, 335 and McCarty.
  5. blaster

    ZAZ Overdrive - NPD

    A few weeks ago DCW pedals was running a contest for one of their pedals on TGP. Luckily, I won a ZAZ Overdrive. Actually, this is my second ZAZ Drive as I gifted my first one to another musician, so I was more than happy to received another one since I missed it. The ZAZ Drive arrived to me...
  6. blaster

    Mesa Studio 22+ for Blues jr.

    I have a tweed Blues Jr. that is an early version (MIA) that I can trade at a local store for a Mesa Studio 22+. Anyone have experience with the Mesa and would that be a good trade?
  7. blaster

    Would you trade? Gibson Les Paul Std for PRS McCarty 58

    I have a chambered 2007 Les Paul Std with light flame top that is real light weight. I did some upgrades to my LP like pickups, Creamtone plastic etc. My friend would like to trade his 2012 PRS McCarty 58 with paisley case for my LP plus $250 on my part. I m thinking since I have a vintage LP...
  8. blaster

    Eventide H9 - Pros and Cons

    I am waiting for a H9 - standard model and wanted to know the pros and cons. I am mainly an at home musician anymore, but I like using effects for a variety of sounds. I have a MXR analog chorus and an El Capistan for my delays. Of course I have my dirt boxes and a compressor. I was...
  9. blaster

    PRS resale values?

    I have a friend in town who has been trying to sell his PRS Custom at one of my town's local stores, and also Craigslist. He hasn't had any luck for the last 2 months even though he has it priced well. Are PRS guitars a little hard to sell compared to a Gibson & Fender? Anyone have that same...
  10. blaster

    Would you do this trade?

    I have one of the first violin burst tele selects that I thought about trading towards a Les Paul std 09. The Les Paul is super light at 7.8 pounds and doesn't sound like my old Les Paul that was solid...but sounds good. Is this a decent trade? They also want from me $200
  11. blaster

    Teles - 52 AVRI or Tele Select

    I have a chance to get one or the other. The 52AVRI is a vintage take on the classic telecaster, whereas the Select Tele is a modern take and pretty fancy. I am kind of torn. What do like better and why?
  12. blaster

    NGD- Martin CEO-7

    After trading in my 2006 Taylor 714ce which was a good guitar, I got my Martin CEO-7 which is a fantastic guitar. The CEO is a louder guitar than the Taylor and more "woody". The smaller size of the CEO-7 fits perfectly as a couch guitar or for strumming on the deck outside. This guitar...
  13. blaster

    Taylor fall ltd 714ce for a Martin CEO 7 - good trade?

    I have a 06 fall led 714ce which is a nice guitar. This weekend I tried out a CEO7 and was surprised how much louder and bigger sounding than my 714. Also it's smaller in size. Would trading my Taylor be a good trade?
  14. blaster

    NGD- $1,000 PRS McCarty - 20th anniversary

    Just picked up the McCarty from Guitar Center for $1,000. Overall, its in great condition with the exception of a few scratches and some player wear. The frets look mint, and the neck is straight. It sounds good too.
  15. blaster

    Is PRS a good deal

    I found a used 20th anniversary PRS McCarty for sale for a $1000 in great shape. It's a flame top with birds. Is this a good deal or skip it.
  16. blaster

    BF Princeton or Top Hat Club deluxe

    I have a friend who wants my top hat and will trade out his 66 Prineton No reverb. Is this a good trade for me? I play just at home
  17. blaster

    Can someone explain differences in these Les Paul's?

    I am looking at a 98 LP Standard and a 13 LP Traditional Pro 2 for roughly the same price. I can't find any specs on either and wondered if one has an advantage over the other?
  18. blaster

    Les Paul Std or Les Paul Traditional Pro 2 - Need opinions

    I found a couple Les Pauls that I am interested. One is a late 90's Les Paul Standard One is a 2013 Les Paul Traditional Pro II (50's neck) The Standard and the Traditional Pro II are the same price. I cannot find many specs of the Trad Pro, since its probably a Guitar Center...
  19. blaster

    Polling time! PRS McCarty or Les Paul Traditional Pro

    I am looking on-line at 2 different shops with these guitars: 1.) PRS McCarty - looks like 10-top but no birds, wide fat neck - older 2000 or so. Nice flame and 58 pickups installed 2.) Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro - newer model - 50s neck - pretty much stock light flame top. I already...
  20. blaster

    Marshall DSL15 and 40 question

    I just tried the DSL 15c and DSL40c at a local music store and thought they sounded great. Question I have is there much differences between these 2 amps? I just play at my home and even thought the 40c is bigger and more wattage it seemed to be nice sounding at lower volumes. Question I...
  21. blaster

    Would you do this trade? Gretsch for Gibson

    I have a Grestsch Power Jet that is near new and thought about making a trade to a friend of mine for a late 70's (I think) Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. The Deluxe is well played and has some wear, but nothing bad. It could use a fret job at some point too. Any ideas? I never had a deluxe before.
  22. blaster

    93 MIJ Fender 54 Stratocaster...are these any good (PIC added)

    I went to a local store and they have a pretty nice MIJ 54 start in two tone sunburst with a good sized neck. It has some wear but not bad. The neck is wonderful and the strat sounds pretty nice. They will let me have it for $500 with a hardshell Fender molded case (shaped case). Is this a...
  23. blaster

    NGD - Jazzmaster

    I traded a Vox AC4-HW that I wasn't bonding with for they Classic Player that was brand new at a local store. I put a gold pick guard that I had on it. Its a great player.
  24. blaster

    early 70's les paul special vs. new les paul studio

    I have an opportunity to get a early 70's les paul special EXC (sunburst) all original for $600 or a new 2013 les paul studio (gold top) for $1100. What would you choose?
  25. blaster

    Gretsch 6120 vs. Power Jet

    If you had to choose one Gretsch, which would you choose?

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