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  1. John Carson

    Sold Philly Craigslist--Allen Accomplice $900

    1x12 configuration. Extremely clean condition. This is a kit assembled amp NOT made by Allen. Very professional build quality. I had my tech go over it recently and he said the builder knew his stuff. I have included a head shot in the CL ad. Currently set up to run TAD 6L6's for about 35 watts...
  2. John Carson

    Sold $OLD. 2016 ES 335 Satin Cherry on Philly Craigslist

    Hi Selling my recently acquired ES 335 satin. The guitar is brand new mint, never been out of the house, never gigged etc. I just cant seem to bond with the big body. It's a great sounding (very woody) guitar with a nice neck that has a little bit of girth to it for a slim 60's. These are $2999...
  3. John Carson

    Classic 57 and 57 plus output questions

    I know there are a few threads about these pickups but they don't help me with my question which is: what is the typical ohms reading for a classic 57 neck and a classic 57 plus bridge? Ive seen people report their neck to be close to 8.0 and bridges close to 9.0 I have a 2009 LP Traditional...
  4. John Carson

    Older Fender AVRI Strat pickups- Anyone like them?

    I have a 1992 AVRI Stratocaster in Daphne Blue that has non RW pickups that sound really vintage with fairly low output. I am wondering if other owners of older model AVRI's like these pickups or have upgraded them. The neck on this guitar has a slimmer profile which I don't mind. But am...
  5. John Carson

    Looking for decent re-tube set for Marshall Haze 40

    I am going to re tube my Marshall Haze 40. No real reason other than the tubes are original and I don't have a back up set of EL 34's and I could always use extra pre amp tubes. The Tube Store and Eurotubes have prepackaged sets. I like moderate, woolly gain and warm cleans. I am not a tube...
  6. John Carson

    Need suggestion for speaker upgrade for Marshall Haze 40

    I recently acquired a newer version of this on a Sam Ash blowout sale of 275 It's sounds really good as is but I would like to experiment with a speaker upgrade. I have read previous posts but since these are still in production there may be some new suggestions. Something that will work with...
  7. John Carson

    Novice looking for suggestions to get started with Home Recording:

    I am a total novice when it comes to recording. I have always been a live player and have depended on others to record my music. At 56 would like to spend more time creating and less playing playing classic rock in smoky bars. Looking for suggestions on: Computer requirements Easy to use...
  8. John Carson

    Compton Bridge replacement for Gretsch 5120

    Im new to Gretsch guitars and want to replace the stock bridge with a Compton. Anyone know the bridge specs f/the 5120? I think string spacing is 2.125", guessing 2.9" center to center between poles. Not sure of radius. Any help is appreciated. thanks!
  9. John Carson

    AC15 HW1 vs. AC15HWTV whats the differences?

    There seems to be preferences for the newer model but the older model is more available used. Can anyone detail why one would be preferred over the other?
  10. John Carson

    Speaker issue need help

    I'm not sure this is the right place to post: I bought an older Celestion Rola G12H65 speaker that I have hardly used. The connectors are pretty shot (broken off mostly) but theres enough left to soldier the connectors to. Im using my Whitney MV66 head and the 1st few times I used it it...
  11. John Carson

    Fender Deluxe Modified--Anyone own one?

    Checked one out the other day and liked it alot. Any opinions especially vs. the DRRI Thanks
  12. John Carson

    Bugera 1990--Pretty Impressive!

    I picked up a Bugera 1990 120 watt head today at my local GC for $381 (had a 15% off coupon) I initially went with my friend (and fellow TGP member) Chukster on Friday to check out all the buzz with the V22 model. It sounded like a rats behind with obvious pre amp tube issues so I passed...
  13. John Carson

    Just got a Marshall Haze 40 watt combo--Not Bad!

    I have 2 Plexi clones, a Whitney MV-66 and a Winfield 18/30 watt November head (for sale in the emporium). I tried running the Haze through a 16 ohm V30 and the stock Celestion stands up fairly well unless you are really driving it--then it gets a little "farty". But for $550 (1 month old)...
  14. John Carson

    Celestion G12H30 (Hellatone Version)

    Can this speaker handle a 30w head (4 El84's)? I have a Winfield 18/30 that I tend to hang on the low output settings--but if I need it am I safe? Any input would be appreciated
  15. John Carson

    Weber Blue or V30 for a Blues Jr?

    I have a Weber Blue and it sounds nice--I have thought about changing to a V30 for more volume. Any suggestions as to stay put vs. trying the V30? Its a USA made BJ witj JJ tubes and otherwise stock. Thanks
  16. John Carson

    Ibanez AD9 Reissue--Need help

    I have a few years old AD9 that I have not used much because I could never really get a sound I liked out if it. Today I compared it to a friends Boss Analog delay and the Boss was big improvement over mine. Basically I can not seem to get a slow delay out of it. You know, that wet sounding...
  17. John Carson

    GFS Pickups for a Strat--Any opinions?

    I have a 2002 MIM Maple board strat with the best playing maple neck I have owned in a long time. Actually the guitar is a nice as some of the USA Standards in my opinion. The pickups are not bad just noisy. I dont want to sink $200 in to a guitar I paid $215 for but its not the best gig guitar...
  18. John Carson

    Jeff Beck Noiseless Pickups--anybody try them?

    I am a remarkably nice MIM Strat that I m still deciding on either shielding with copper or upgrading the pickups. I like the ceramics for their punch and thought that the next logical move would be the JB set. Any one have either a JB Strat or have tried the pickups as replacements? Thanks
  19. John Carson

    Emi Redcoat Tonkerlites--What do you think of them?

    I just picked up a 2x12 cab loaded with a new set of 16 ohm Tonkerlites. Really light--The speakers sound nice. I wanted a set of V30's as I am getting a JTM45 but I figured Id give these a shot. I have read some threads but Im wondering if anyone has used them with a viintage Marshall...
  20. John Carson

    Deluxe 5E3--I'm thinking I want one!

    I know this subject has been discussed ad nauseum here but: To the point==I think I want one and don't care if its a clone. Just want to know of all the ones out there with the various speaker configs and prices who do you suggest? For the money Im thinking Richter, Sligo or Cox (All Ebay...
  21. John Carson

    My MySpace Music Site

    Appeciate any type of feedback from you guys **good or bad Im cool with it** I finally got around to creating a MySpace site and posted 5 songs Ive recorded so far. I I'm basically a Blues guitarist with a smattering of pop and country/folk influences. This is my 1st serious effort to get...
  22. John Carson

    MIM Strat Pickups Noisy!--Need Help!

    I have a Blackie style MIM Strat from 2004 that plays great. The ceramic pickups dont sound bad either but its one noisy guitar. Are ceramic pickups inherently noisier or is it just cheaper electronics? Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. John Carson

    Crate V18 Owners--Anyone try a Greenback?

    Not to bring up a tired old thread but as anyone used a Greenback in the 1x12 V18? Im not thrilled by mine but maybe its my ears lol
  24. John Carson

    Gibson ES 333--A good budget alternative to an ES 335?

    I have never been able to bond with an ES 335 for long but I have been thinking of trying again. For about 1/2-2/3 price of a used one I can pick up a decent ES 333 on the bay. I like the slimmer neck and the fact you can change the pickups. I though about the 339 but would prefer the full...
  25. John Carson

    JJ 6V6s in my HRDx-WOW!

    I just tried a set of JJ 6V6's in my HRDx and it sounds really cool. No bias adjustment just popped them in. I had a local tech mod the tone stack to blackface specs and adjust the overdrive channels and boy the thing sounds nice with the 6L6's just loud! With the 6V6's it gets a real tweed...

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