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  1. iggs

    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has experienced an issue like this before and can offer some insight on what could be the problem. The amp was bought new 5yrs ago and has been working perfectly until about a year or so ago when it developed an intermittent power issue. It will randomly...
  2. iggs

    Radial JDI as amp line out?

    Just got a Radial JDI Passive DI to use with my acoustic rig and reading through the manual realized it can be used as a speaker out, guitar amp DI; basically acting as a post-power amp line out. Has anyone used it this way to record? Any issues? I'm assuming it will have to be processed...
  3. iggs

    Mesa Mark V - EL34 Bias & Variac

    This is from the manual: "NOTE: When using the BIAS SELECT switch on the Rear Panel to accommodate the use of EL34 Power Tubes, ALWAYS switch to VARIAC POWER (switch down) on the main Front Panel POWER switch and operate the amplifier in this power mode until swapping back to 6L6 Power Tubes...
  4. iggs

    SQOTD: Mastery Bridge Tuning

    Stupid questions of the day ... I never played a "J" style guitar, just wondering if the Mastery Tremolo bridge allows for drop tuning 6th string without having to retune the whole guitar or does it work like a regular floating trem? Thx!
  5. iggs

    Suhr SL67 vs. SL68

    Hey all, Fingers crossed, one of these two are in my near future. I will never need the full 100W power of the big one but still wondering if there are audible differences between the two that would warrant getting the SL68 over the SL67 even if I don't *need* all the power. Plan is to crank...
  6. iggs

    TC Sub'N'Up vs. Digitech Drop for faux bass

    Hey all! In case someone has tried both of these ... which of the two would work better for tuning down a whole octave and making guitar "sound" as close to bass as possible? Thanks!
  7. iggs

    Mesa Mark V Ch.1 Feedback Issue

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue before ... CH. 1 Tweed, Normal Mode, Gain all the way up, with or without any input signal being applied. When sweeping the mid knob the amp self-oscillates through a certain range. Overall volume is set low, FX loop on/off makes...
  8. iggs

    Old Country Villains

    Hey all, We recently released our self-produced, 7 song EP. Here's where you can find us: Bandcamp: Facebook: Instagram: You can also find us on...
  9. iggs

    Old Country Villains - New EP

    Hey y'all! We just finished and released a couple of songs: Hope you like!
  10. iggs

    Contact Cleaner Question

    Hey techie friends ... my BOSS pedal developed a scratchy input jack, pretty sure it's just dirt or oxidization cuz I already cleaned it a bit and it helped but not enough. I sprayed a 1/4 jack with contact cleaner and inserted it in/out a few times, that helped a bit. Then I sprayed a Q-tip...
  11. iggs

    VOX AC30C2 - Opinions and experiences needed!

    Hey all, So I'm still on a combo hunt, been looking at pretty much everything there is out there from small booteek to big name manufacturers and thinking right now the VOX AC30C2 may fit the bill perfectly. Done tons of search on the board and elsewhere, seems like folks dig it more then...
  12. iggs

    Played a Gibson LP Traditional ... surprised how bad

    Strolled into Steve's here in Toronto on the weekend looking to check out Mesa Mark V, been on a 1x12 combo hunt lately and since I have my Grosh '59 spec set neck at home, figured I'll grab something "similar" with 2 HB's, mahogany/maple, set neck ... etc. So the sales guy hands me the $2700...
  13. iggs

    Rockett Archer - Quick Review

    Never owned nor played The Klon or any of the Klones and was never really interested in the whole hype either. Archer grabbed my attention because it was small in size with top jacks, had buffered bypass and I was looking for an OD like that to use on my PT Nano hoping I could squeeze in another...
  14. iggs

    Marshall JVM210H - Not Bad

    We jam at the studio that comes with fully stocked rooms so I'll plug into anything that's there ... usually some Marshall, Mesa, Orange, Engl. I plugged into a JVM210H before and never really liked it or could set it the way I wanted, usually prefer any of the other ones they have...
  15. iggs


    Hey all! Here's the link to my bands FB page: You can also find us on Soundcloud: All is free to listen, enjoy, download and share! Hope you all like it and let me know what you think! Cheers!
  16. iggs

    Vacuum Transistors

    Great read:
  17. iggs

    NGD: Grosh 59 Spec

    Since I don't have a proper camera and crappy iPhone pics will not do it justice, proper pics can be seen here: Just picked it up yesterday and it is incredible. Fit and finish are flawless. Neck is...
  18. iggs

    Thoughts on Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII 2x12 Combo

    Looking into getting a 2x12 and this one is on top of the list. Music type is Alt/Rock ... check it out here: Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  19. iggs

    Mesa Boogie Gig Bag Question

    Hey guys ... does anyone have that bag: Just wondering if the inside compartment dividers can be removed (i.e. if they are attached with velcro or zipper) Thanks!
  20. iggs

    Which Mesa 2x12 for Friedman BE-100?

    Looking into getting a 2x12 for my BE when I have stage space issues ... would love to get the Bogner one but it's $250 more and already have a Bogner 4x12 that I use most of the time. Question: would the Mesa Recto (closed back) or Royal Atlantic (half open back) work "better"? (better being...
  21. iggs

    Savage Amps build quality and customer service?

    Hey all, Looking into Savage amps, Glas 30 specifically. Has anyone ordered from them recently or has one of their amps? I'm not worried about ordering amps unseen or unheard directly from builders as I've done it in the past but it has been from builders that are talked about more on the...
  22. iggs

    Re-amping in Logic using plug-in cab sims

    Hey all, Trying to avoid having to purchase Two Notes C.A.B. and save some cash ... just wondering if anyone has attempted the following and what were the results: - has anyone re-amped a guitar track in logic using a line out from an attenuator, back into Logic and then used Guitar Rig or...
  23. iggs

    Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine

    Got mine in the mail the other day and plugged it in right away ... Just plain awesome, truly is a little box of sunshine! Thick, rich and swirly, not too bright or too dark ... just perfect. One knob is all I need, no apparent volume drop or boost. The description on the Skreddy website is...
  24. iggs

    RFIM - new tracks from my band

    For your listening pleasure or not ... :-) And for all you Facebook challenged:
  25. iggs

    Disaster Area Designs - Great Customer Service

    Just a huge shout out to Matthew from DAD! They made me a custom switch for my BE-100, I had a question about reversing the way dual LED works ... emailed him on Saturday eve, got a reply within minutes! Exchanged a few emails over the weekend on Sunday and he replied right away with instruction...

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