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  1. moehuh

    Refret from original vintage frets - what's your experience?

    I recently acquired a wonderful '63 Jazzmaster. It's a refin by RS Guitarworks from many years ago: The neck is all original, in good condition, really comfortable to play (medium-big...
  2. moehuh

    Tone pot: use a bigger value than you need

    Here is something I've explored recently: Installing a tone pot with a higher value than "normal" gives you a lot of flexibility without affecting the tone. Most tone circuits are just a variable resistance in series with a capacitor to ground. Less resistance rolls of more high frequencies...
  3. moehuh

    Poll: Total Worth of Your Gear

    Some guidelines: Include all the stuff you own as a musician (PA systems, recording gear, software, cables, amps, pedals, guitars, basses, synths, accessories, …) Generally, go with the money you spent when you got something (only adjust if value significantly changed, e.g. vintage Strat you...

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