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  1. NotWesYet

    Sugarloaf... Anyone else remember this band.

    I hadn't heard this in many years but it was a favorite for many when I was a kid. Amazing playing with a nice jazz vibe. I did not know they wrote and recorded the second song.
  2. NotWesYet

    Jazz Guitar Videos

    After enjoying the post your jazz guitar thread, I thought it might be interesting to post Jazz Guitar Videos. Maybe some undiscovered gems... I'll start with Jimmy Smith's "The Sermon" with Kenny Burrell.
  3. NotWesYet

    Further adventures in repairing Fender Pro Reverb

    I understand about capacitors holding a charge. I have watched a number of videos indicating the various ways specifically using a "Snuffer Stick." And how to verify using a proper multimeter. What I have not read nor clearly stated is that each capacitor, including the electrolytic ones need...
  4. NotWesYet

    Biasing '71 Pro Reverb-Simple Question

    Hi All, I am about to replace the rectifier and 6l6's in my Pro Reverb and rebias. I have purchased the VHT Bias meter and the death cap had been removed sometime ago. So I think I can do this without a trip to the ER. The question is do I need to let the amp warm up? Or will the bias change...
  5. NotWesYet

    Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society: Music and the Brain/Pat Metheny

    I just started watching this and found Pat to be insightful and well spoken, and thought it might be of interest of many.
  6. NotWesYet

    Cool video with David Sanborn & Charlie Hunter Jamming

    Thought everyone might like this...
  7. NotWesYet

    NBD: Fender Jazz Jaco Fretted

    I recently bought an NS Design Upright Electric from Guitar Center but despite my best efforts I just did not have the strength to play it. It takes bigger hands, so thanks to the GC 45 return policy, I took it back. I stumbled upon a Fender Jazz Bass Jaco but fretted. It was listed as having...
  8. NotWesYet

    Interesting Documentary: Jazz & Photography "Eugene Smith"

    I stumbled upon this documentary on Amazon Prime and thought it might be of interest. Eugene Smith wired the entire building for sound, runs mics and wires through rooms, floors, windows and doors. Using multiple reel-to-reel recorders he captured the rehearsal/living space of one of the most...
  9. NotWesYet

    What it cost to hire certain jazz/R&B artists to perform...

    I was trying to see what it would cost to hire certain notable and famous jazz musicians for a recording session (bucket list curiosity) when I came across this site which list estimates to hire them to perform. I thought it might make a lively and interesting discussion...
  10. NotWesYet

    Mid Century Walnut Cases for Modern Equipment?

    Has anyone encountered a source for walnut cases for audio gear like receivers, amplifiers, tuners, but for modern equipment? I am thinking about a Yamaha Integrated amp (701) in Silver and thought it might be nice to have a walnut case so it would match the base of the AR XA turntable I am...
  11. NotWesYet

    Any experience with "Listening Bars?" Any in the US?

    I stumbled upon a video about "Listening Bars" in Japan. It was a logical extension of the Japanese interest in vintage audio gear, tubes, vinyl with a level of enthusiasm only matched by my fellow TGP's about all things, well about gear. Does any one have any experience with any of these...
  12. NotWesYet

    Finally, the appropriate guitar for Jazz. :-)

    Wait for it...;) I thought everyone would like this clip of Benson.
  13. NotWesYet

    Smokin' version of "Who Do You Love?" Elise LeGrow

    I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and thought others would like it as well.
  14. NotWesYet

    Can anyone identify this Gretsch Archtop?

    Can anyone identify the model of the Gretsche archtop in these two videos? I assume it is vintage but I can't find the exact model through a Google image search. Thanks!
  15. NotWesYet

    Gilad Hekselman-Interesting Young Jazz Guitarist

    I stumbled upon this video and I am quite impressed with his sound and playing. Thought others might like it, too. Gilad Hekselman has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004. After...
  16. NotWesYet

    Sold PRICE DROP SPL Track One MkII with Lundahl Transformer $599 PayPal'd/Shipped CONUS

    SPL Track One MkII with Lundahl Transformer $599 PayPal'd/Shipped CONUS Normally they sell new for $1199 plus $199 for the optional transformer. In excellent condition, used in smoke-free home studio. Channel Strip with Mic/Instrument Preamp, De-Esser, Compressor/Limiter, 3-band EQ, and Output...
  17. NotWesYet

    Possibly Interesting Movie: Jazz Drama "Flock of Four"

    I have not seen it yet, but this looks like it may be interesting. I can certainly relate to the storyline. Has anyone seen it?
  18. NotWesYet

    Sold FENDER SQUIER Classic Vibe 50's Precision Bass, $279 Shipped/PayPal'd CONUS

    FENDER SQUIER Classic Vibe 50's Precision Bass, Olympic White WD Rosewood/Tinted Maple Neck, Duncan Pickup, CTS Pots, Orange Drop Cap. Fender Squire Precision Bass/51' Single Coil Style sometime referred to as a Telecaster Bass. The neck is an WD Rosewood over Tinted Maple and the frets are...
  19. NotWesYet

    Sold Warmoth Chambered Swamp Ash Jazzcaster Body and Bound Telecaster Neck $395 PayPal'd/Shipped Conus

    Warmoth Chambered Jazzcaster Body with Custom Bound Telecaster Neck This is a project guitar. Body is in good condition but there are numerous light surface scratches (that may buff out), and there a couple of nicks (pictured). The body is a Warmoth Swamp Ash and is chambered. It is routed for...
  20. NotWesYet

    Sold iPad Pro 9.7-inch (32GB, Wi-Fi, Silver) 2016/Apple Pencil/Free Tech Support $350 PayPal'd Shipped

    For Sale: iPad Pro 9.7-inch 32GB, Wi-Fi, Silver 2016, Leather Case, Apple Pencil all in original boxes and with free 90 day tech support. I am a former Apple Senior Technical Advisor and this has been my personal iPad and used only indoors and sparingly. The Pencil is unused other than to be...
  21. NotWesYet

    Sold Boss CS-2 MIJ $75, Boss BD-2 $50 Paypal'd/Shipped/Insured-CONUS

    I have a Boss CS-2 Compressor Sustainer in very good condition, no velcro MIJ $75 Paypal'd/Shipped/Insured-CONUS And a Boss Blues Driver BD-2 good condition, no velcro, $50 Paypal'd/Shipped/Insured-CONUS Ebay username: notewesyet
  22. NotWesYet

    Sold Lollar P90 FS

    Lollar P90, Short Dog ear neck, with spacers, will work with Casino, excellent condition.$65 Pay Pal'd and shipped, CONUS. ebay user name: notwesyet
  23. NotWesYet

    Amp hiss changes with proximity(?)

    Hi All, I have noticed I can decrease the hiss in the amp when placing my hand within 8" of the volume control on the Reverb channel. It is a specific distance that reduces the hiss. Closer than 8" and it returns to the normal noise floor. Further away than 8" and it returns to the normal...
  24. NotWesYet

    Sold Price Lowered! Conversion Telecaster Neck, 24-3/4" Scale, Depth from Neck to 12th Fret 1" $199

    Price lowered! For sale is a Telecaster neck custom built for me a number of years ago by a fellow forumite. It is a short scale (24-3/4"), hard rock maple with rosewood board, medium jumbo frets, staggered tuners and finished with a vintage tint and using Tru Oil. It is a bit of a baseball...
  25. NotWesYet

    FED EX Insurance limit on stringed instruments now only $1K

    I shipped a guitar today and was told by the Fed EX employee that stringed instruments can no longer be insured for more than $1,000. He was the manager and quite knowledgeable, friendly and professional, so I do think he was just passing along info. He said we would have to use an alternative...

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