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    pedal order question

    this is the only way it will fit onto my pedal board:guitar,wah,tuner,bad monkey overdrive,astrotone fuzz,amp.any drawbacks you can see?thanks
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    Why is it I finally cured my G.A.S with good amp tone,now I dont feel like playing?

    Been chasing my tail for good tone for years,going through pedals,amps,guitars.Now that I am satisfied with my tone I dont feel like practicing as much.Whats up with that?
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    Best 1x12 speaker for blackface tremolux(for cleans and overdrive)

    What 1x12 speaker(4 OHMS,33 watt tube amp) do you recomend that can handle drive pedals and still have great great blackface cleans?THX
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    Zendrive at 12 volts?

    I have one spot left on my voodoo power supply and its 12 volts,can I run a zendrive their?I know the website says its a 9 volt pedal.I was just wondering if their is a little lee way their(3 volts)and if in the long run the pedal will fry out.Thanks
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    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe perfect pair power tubes matching numbers

    Hello,Justin Holton recomends ordering a perfect pair of power tubes between 20-25.Question is my tubes(JJ's)both say 19.Should I exchange them?Thanks.S64
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    Pedalboard;If you rarely use a pedal on your board(wah wah)is it time to go?

    I like the wah wah but I rarely use it,should it go?
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    Putting a amp tranny into the back and bottom of a 1x12 open back speaker cabinet

    Has anybody done this or is it not a good idea?I have a 1x12 open back cab with lots of room,can I order a amp head CHASSIS(without the head shell) and put it into the back and bottom of the cab?
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    Am I mad???Spending more on parts and labor than a Chinese guitars total worth

    Not that I really care what some of you high fallootin(?)cork sniffers think,ha!! I picked up a Fender modern player Jaguar,crafted(not made)in China.The neck is a good comfortable shape to play and the rosewood fingerboard and frets are decent enough,and a synthetic bone nut .The body is all...
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    Ampeg gvt15 head or combo,anybody playing these?

    Curious as to the feedback,thanks.
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    DELETE one of these dirt pedals off my board please

    I like them all a lot but one of these has to go: Ibanez TS9 30th anniversary with jrc4558 chip Zendrive Analogman astrotone fuzz Mi audio crunchbox Fulltone OCD (newest) Which would you bump that leaves me with the most versatility?Thanks
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    Ibanez TS9 or Fulltone OCD(new)for OD tones

    Need all opinions and thoughts,thanks
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    My new blues junior stinks!! Literally.What do I do?

    Bought the amp yesterday and the guy brings it to the counter in the box upside down.Bring it home and their is some kind of yellow oil on the instruction manual.Plug in the amp and after it warms up,the room smells like something is cooking and its not pleasant,same thing today,amp works fine...
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    1965 fender blackface tremolux,need 2x12 speakers

    so whats a great pair of 12 inch speakers that can do the cleans AND can easily handle overdrive and distortion pedals(zendrive,ocd,crunchbox,astrotone)mostly with a strat,thanks
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    Hermida website(Zendrive) pedal order wait time

    Anybody order a pedal from the hermida website lately,and what was your wait time?thanks
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    Drive,Fuzz,Distortion pedals.Pedal order recomendations please

    What order would you line these up on your pedalboard for single playing and stacking,thanks.Pedals are Hermida Zendrive1,Analogman Astrotone Fuzz,Fulltone OCD,MI Audio Crunchbox,Digitech Metal Master.And as a bonus question would you put the Boss ns2 noise supressor after these and before...
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    I have a 1x12 cab,need a tube amp head suggestions please

    I have a avatar open back cab with a wgs reaper 30 watt 16 OHM speaker.I am looking for a tube amp head up to 20 watts that I can sit on top of it.I am not into vox tones(I prefer marshall flavor)and need an amp that has really good overdriven up to distortion tones that are not fizzy and has...
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    Elixir 80/20 or Phosphor Bronze for best Taylor tone

    Which do you prefer and why.Which guitar?Thanks.S64
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    65 Fender Tremolux,running "jumpered"

    Is their any downside or harm to running the channels jumpered?I plug the guitar into input 1 on the normal channel and run a small patch cable from input 2 of the normal channel to input 1 of the vibrato channel,than I match up the volumes and EQ.The tone seems fuller and the drive stomboxes...
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    FUZZ!!! EWS Fuzzy Drive VS.Fulltone 70 BC

    Dont know much about fuzzs,which would you recomend for the following setup,strat through a fender amp.
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    New Fender American Standard Strat tone controls question

    Does this seem right: neck pickup=middle tone control only neck/middle pickup=BOTH tone controls middle pickup=bottom tone control only middle/bridge pickup=bottom tone control only bridge pickup=bottom tone control only
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    Best Dimarzio pickup locations in my Strat

    I see that people put these in their strats differently.Which way would you go and please explain why.Pickups are VV54 Pro,area 67,VV Heavy Blues II.Guitar is a new Fender American standard with maple neck going through a Fender amp with some OD and distortion pedals for cleans,blues and classic...
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    Strat pickups I describe,you suggest,please

    Starting to get annoyed by the hum.I have a new American Fender standard strat.I like the pickups a lot,really,but the buzz in the basement is too much sometimes.What can I get that is similar the same or better than these.I am leaning towards alnico 5's(3 single pickups)I need the "quack" in...
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    Jimi Hendrix Woodstock guitar color

    The strat he played at Woodstock,would you say its more of a arctic white or a olympic white or what?I know when you look at the pickguard it is whiter than the guitar.Thanks.
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    New Fender American standard strat tone controls question

    My tone controls both work at the same time on all pickups,is that normal?And the bottom tone control sticks in the "10" position.
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    I desribe my dream amp,You tell me what it is please

    Looking for a combo tube amp that goes with my Les Paul.Cleans.blues and classic rock.Description;1x10 speaker,15-30 watts,footswitchable channels and reverb,5 tubes or less(3+2),doesnt sound"boxy",30 pounds or less and under $1000.Soooooo is their such a amp?Thanks for all replies.S64

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