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  1. Tonefree

    FS Catalinbread SFT Overdrive. V1

    Offering a clean SFT V1 in excellent shape with box. Operating 100% no issues. Feel free to shoot me any questions. thanks for looking. Pics in a few. CB SFT: $110.00 shipped and PayPaled
  2. Tonefree

    NEIL Fn YOUNG ,,,,,

    Thank You for being you. Been listening to you for over 40 years now and have to admit, You freakin Rip it Up!!! Confessions over, Carry On. Cheers, TF...
  3. Tonefree

    Sold Violet Vibe, Brand New in Box, $315.00

    Bought something else so last in first out. Brand New, Perfect. Net $315.00, I pay shipping, you cover PayPal fee. Pics in a few. Thanks for looking, Cheers, TF...
  4. Tonefree

    FS Petersen Diagonal 212 Oval port Tweed

    Offering an offset diagonal Tweed 212. Finger Joint 5\8” void free Baltic Birch construction. Black Marshall Basketweave cloth with white piping. Stainless steel hardware, recessed metal powder coated handles with black oxide screws. Metal jack cup with Switchcraft USA input jack & Heavy duty...
  5. Tonefree

    Sold Altec 417 8C Pair, Original cones.

    Offering a really clean pair of 417 C’s 8 ohm with original cones. Will pull speakers from cab in a bit to pictures cones. They are as clean a pair I’ve seen. Cab has a few blems in the shellac/lacquer so offering at a discount. unloaded Cabinet: $695.00 shipped and PayPal. Speakers Only, Sold...
  6. Tonefree

    Oh Fuzz Yeah!

    Ok, This is a shout out to Richard @duderanimous for the PNP Deluxe Fuzz. Just arrived today and I gotta say this thing is Musical... Have only spent about two hours on it but I couldn’t stop playing. Chords and single note definition is exceptional. Really solid bottom end too. Now I’m hungry...
  7. Tonefree

    Sold Phil Robinson Phuzz, Silicon Fuzz, New...

    Offering a few fine pedals. All are as new, mint with boxes With exception to the flanger which is excellent. One small blemish on the back. Feel free to ask any questions. All prices shipped and PayPal. General Pig: $old... Fuzz Fella: $old... Retro Sonic: $old... Phill Robinson: $old....
  8. Tonefree

    Sold $ Drops, Lovepedal Amp11 Amp808 Limited Signed, Lovepedal Lo Driver,

    Offering three great pedals. Amp 808 in Excellent to mint condition. Comes with box. Lovepedal Lo Driver, excellent low gain drive, amp on the verge of breakup tones at lower volumes. operating 100% no issues. Very good condition. Feel free to shoot me any questions. Thanks for looking. Prices...
  9. Tonefree

    What is this component? Vintage TS9

    I have this ‘82 TS9 and a fellow forum member noticed the transistor/resistor that isn’t stock. Any Ideas as to if this was a mod or a replacement, repair? Thanks for any help. @analogmike Cheers, Tonefree
  10. Tonefree

    Sold 1973 Gibson SG Standard w Custom Shop Case, $1,675.00 Shipped.

    Offering a pretty clean Gibson '73 SG. Original Tarbacks. Updated the electronics, new pots, NOS caps etc as pictured. Original harness is included. Tulip tuners are not included, original kidney grovers are. One screw stripped and missing from control plate. One screw on pickup ring is not...
  11. Tonefree

    Sold Ibanez TS9

    Ibanez TS9 operating 100% with no issues. No box. Pics in a few. TS9: $60.00 shipped and a PayPal
  12. Tonefree

    Sold Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour loaded Pickguard relic

    Offering a Loaded Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Relic Stratocaster Pickguard from 2008. Excellent “Relic” condition operating 100% no issues. Feel free to ask questions prior to purchase. Thanks for looking, Cheers, TF... Gilmour Guard, $675.00 shipped and PayPaled
  13. Tonefree

    WTB Ron Ellis 60T pickup...

    Looking for a 60T for my tele. Let me know what you have and what you want... Cheers, TF...
  14. Tonefree

    Sold Bare Knuckle Mothers Milk Strat Set, Perfect...

    Offering a nice set of Mothers Milk single coils, with box, no covers. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks for Looking, Cheers, TF... M.Milk, $210.00 shipped and PayPaled
  15. Tonefree

    Sold Fender Pure Vintage ‘59s New $100.00

    Offering a new set of Fender Pure ‘59s Stratocaster Pickups. Feel free to shoot me any questions, Cheers, TF... ‘59s. $100.00 shipped and PayPaled
  16. Tonefree

    Sold Fender Black-n-White Tweed G&G Case

    Offering a super clean Fender G&G Black & White Tweed case. Perfect shape no issues. Pics in a few. Thanks for looking, Cheers, TF... $160.00 plus shipping PayPaled.
  17. Tonefree

    Sold Jim Rolph ‘59 Single Coils

    Offering a fine set of Jim Rolph ‘59 Stratocaster pickups. Excellent shape, leads are fine for Strat installation. I’ll get some pics up this afternoon. Aged pole pieces. Feel free to shoot me any questions. JM Rolph ‘59s: $old.. shipped and PayPaled. Thanks for looking, Cheers, TF...
  18. Tonefree

    Sold EH Holy Grail Reverb, Big Box

    Excellent big box Holy Grail with box. Little residue on the back from velcro, otherwise in excellent shape. Operating 100% no issues. Original power supply is included. No trades. Feel free to shoot me any questions, Thanks for Looking, Cheers, TF... EH Holy Grail, $100.00 Shipped and PayPal
  19. Tonefree

    Sold Don Mare White O Tones

    Offering a set of Mare White O Tones. Sweet sounding low output single coils. White-0-tones specs= N 5.7- M 5.8- B 5.9 Formvar, these are sweet for the Hendrix, SRV tones and so much more. Full length, un cut leads. Pics in a few. $225.00 shipped and PayPaled. $325.00 for the loaded guard ready...
  20. Tonefree

    Sold Mark Foley Big Iron Low Wind Strat Pickups

    Offering a near new set of Mark Foley Big Iron Low Wind pickups with the Stevie staggered option. Great set of low output pickups. Full length uncut leads, No covers. These are $260.00 plus shipping new. $200.00 shipped and PayPal. Pics in a few. Thanks for Looking, Cheers, TF...
  21. Tonefree

    Sold PCE Aluminum Falcon AF-1 #191

    Offering an early Aluminum Falcon AF1 in Excellent condition operating 100% No Issues. These early ones seem to be the closest to the original circuit. Feel free to ask questions prior to purchase. Thanks for looking, $210.00 shipped and PayPal. Cheers, TF...
  22. Tonefree

    Sold Deviltone Jezebel Silicon Fuzz

    Offering a pretty rare Deviltone Jezebel Silicon Fuzz, Haven’t seen one for sale in years. Extremely high quality build from forum member Eric D. Sweet sustain and full on vintage fuzzy goodness, Great Glassy cleans with volume roll off. Pedal is in Great shape for being ten years old...
  23. Tonefree

    Can a Guitar be “Mint” with a beat up case?

    What says you? Not a broken case, but cosmetic wear and tear. Scuffs, tears etc. Asking for a friend....
  24. Tonefree

    Sold Decibelics Big Klone Gold... Mint with box.

    Offering a mint condition Decibelics Big Klone in mint condition. High quality build from Spain. Pics in a few. Here’s reverb for now. Thanks for looking, Cheers, TF... Big Klone, $300.00 shipped and...
  25. Tonefree

    Sold 1977 Electric Mistress, Excellent Condition.

    Offering a 1977 Electric Mistress in Excellent condition. One cover screw is a little loose and looks like one rubber bottom pad has been replaced. Lush, Incredible Flange not yet replicated. Feel free to shoot me any questions. Pics up in a few. Thanks for looking, Cheers, TF... Mistress...

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