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  1. mlkIII

    WTB Nice strat neck 400 or less

    Title says it all. Open to makers. I have a 72 Fender MusicMaster Bass amp I could trade in this deal. Most cash I could spend is 400 all in but could add the amp for something really cool. Message me with anything you have that is of interest. Thanks!
  2. mlkIII

    Some VH tributes

    EVH shaped the way I play the guitar. These are not perfect, nobody can play like Ed but I hope these just give some justice to the King. The Mean Streets cover is from a gig a couple of years ago. The first two are ones I did this week just relearning some old VH1 tunes before lessons this week
  3. mlkIII

    FSOT Suhr Standard Black Cherry Metallic price drop 2400

    This is a custom ordered older Suhr Standard with a roasted maple neck. Also has a blower switch which is really cool and almost like a built in boost. Has 2 ML pickups and a SSV in the bridge. I love this guitar but I just want to see what’s out there for trade. I would really like a Suhr Alt T...
  4. mlkIII

    FS 1972 Fender MusicMaster Bass amp with mods 400 shipped

    Sorry, updated with a price.
  5. mlkIII

    What's the cheapest pedal you currently own, use, and love?

    old 80s washburn stereo chorus. I paid like 60 bucks for it and it sounds killer. Can do thick 80s chorus sounds as well as a solid fake leslie. I just needed a smaller chorus that was capable of running in stereo. It is much better than I ever imagined it would be. Probably will need to rehouse...
  6. mlkIII

    FS 1972 Fender MusicMaster Bass amp with mods 400 shipped

    The extent of the mods I am not 100% on but original owner said that the mods “were to give the tone knob a more guitar friendly eq and basically more high end”. It came as is and sounds great. I love the Tone Tubby San Rafael and it gives the amp more headroom. It eats pedals up. I am just...
  7. mlkIII

    Equinox - Coltrane....first original gig since Covid!

    will be chopping the livestream vid up and uploading entire songs to my YouTube later on today. This is the classic Trane tune Equinox and one of my favorite standards ever. This was such a great show and so much fun to play. The production crew really knocked it out of the park. Let me know...
  8. mlkIII

    FSOT Chase Tone Fuzz Fella

    Excellent condition. Would love to trade for a trem with tap function. Can add cash if needed. 120 shipped or best offer. Thanks!
  9. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    The Badger 30 has great sag to it as well. It’s one of my favorite features about the amp and I agree with you that it’s one of the best amps for pick responsiveness. I can still get really clean tones from my bridge bucker if I pick lightly. I would like to try a Rufus out but I have a fuzz I...
  10. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    its Black cherry metallic. Would love a root beer metallic standard or Alt T next! That’s a great color as well. Almost bought a root beer metallic modern 6 months or so ago but I am not a huge 24 fret fan. @Husky thanks man!! That made my day.
  11. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    this is a clip I did this morning just noodling before I have to go be productive today lol. I really love this guitar and tone. Same setup as the original clip. Thanks @Husky for making such killer stuff!! I have a Mini Riot on the way to me
  12. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    would love to get an 18 at some point but I think the 35 would suit me better bc I would want the el84s to be a chime machine and the 30 to give me the breakup and add drive pedals on top.
  13. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    lol your screen name rules! Thanks!
  14. mlkIII

    "Strattiest" tone out of a Suhr

    Never had that problem. i have had V60, V70, and my favorite pickups the ML set. All great strat pickups.
  15. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    thanks! It’s a winner for sure
  16. mlkIII

    NGD: Suhr Standard

    Just got this guitar in a trade and it showed up today. I have owned 3 other Suhrs but I’ve always wanted a custom Standard. ML pickups in the neck and middle and a SSV in the bridge. Sounds, plays, and feels insanely good. Roasted maple neck is super smooth and easy to play. I am a terrible...
  17. mlkIII

    Suhr Standard + Suhr Badger 30 = overplaying

    Just got this Suhr Standard off of Reverb in a trade and I am really in love with it. Medium C roasted maple neck and the finish is really killer (black cherry metallic I believe is the color). Running through my Badger 30 set to the edge of breakup on my bridge bucker. Using my J Rockett Tim...
  18. mlkIII

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Dean Deleo and Ty Tabor are my 2 favorites as far as tone goes in the 90s. Check out these covers my STP tribute band did with all of our downtime due to COVID:
  19. mlkIII

    Tour Box Threads

    really cool!!
  20. mlkIII

    Sold 1958 Gibson Les Paul Special

    This is a dream guitar for me. Absolutely killer man. GLWS.
  21. mlkIII

    "Hottentot" (Sco) cover from 2001

    sounds killer man. Love covering this one but usually opt for Chank and Green Tea off of A Go Go when I gig.
  22. mlkIII

    FS Vahlbruch Kaluna Drive PRICE DROP 250

    250 shipped. Box paperwork and everything. It’s mint and has no Velcro or anything applied. Check out Shawn Tubbs demo on it below. Really great at low gain or higher gain settings and has worked well with all pickup types. Message me with any questions, concerns, or offers. Please no trades...
  23. mlkIII

    FS 1997 Fender Telecaster '52 Re-issue (AVRI) - Copper color

    @KONTAKTMOI still no interest in trades?
  24. mlkIII

    Stone Temple Pilots tribute - Lady Picture Show

    Thanks!! It’s probably my favorite solo of Dean’s but he’s got a lot of great ones. Just a great song all around

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