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  1. JukeBoxRat

    NGD - Epiphone Les Paul Studio Smokehouse Burst

    Truthfully, this little beauty arrived last week, but I wanted to spend some time with it before posting. Can I just say that Epiphone has really been killing it the past few years? This is my 3rd Epi Les Paul (4th if you count the el cheapo SL, which is more of a Melody Maker to me) and I...
  2. JukeBoxRat

    NGD: The Ibanez Strikes Back

    My first guitar was a red Ibanez EX-120, which I traded for my first Strat back in 1995. I couldn't resist this natural Ibanez EX-160. Plays just like my 120, though HSS instead of HH. My old guitar had better tuners, too, but that'll be easy enough to rectify. Anyone else have a soft spot...
  3. JukeBoxRat

    FS on Reverb: Black Cat Mini Trem

    I'm selling a Black Cat Mini Trem on Reverb for $130.00 shipped. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Follow the link here for pics and description. Thanks!
  4. JukeBoxRat

    FS on Reverb: Seymour Duncan Little 59 Neck/Mid for Strat black

    Neck/middle pickup in great shape. Tried it in a Tele build and didn't care for it. Lasted about a week before I pulled it, so it's in nearly new shape. $50 shipped. Buy here: Thanks!
  5. JukeBoxRat

    For Sale on Reverb: Jack DeVille Deuce Coupe, EHX Muff Nano OD The Deuce Coupe is $100 and the Muff Nano is $30. Price includes shipping. Both pedals are in great shape and have their boxes. I'm not really...
  6. JukeBoxRat

    Seismic Audio

    I came across this company on Amazon the other day and ordered a 3' patch cable to use on my pedal board from them today. The price was really good, so I couldn't pass it up. They sell patch cables in all kinds of lengths and in various packages. I was wondering if anyone here had ever used...

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