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  1. Carol-AnnAmps

    Sold **Original** 1959 Les Paul Special Double Cutaway - $3750

    I am the owner of Carol-Ann custom amplifiers, but this is a personal guitar I have for sale. I bought this guitar in 1988 and decided now is the time to move it to a new home. This original '59 Gibson USA Les Paul Special DC guitar. has a 24.75" scale. 1 11/16" nut width. S/N 9 34058. It...
  2. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann Triptik 2 Rock Amp Released

    Triptik 2 has arrived !! The Absolute Ultimate Rock Amplifier that uses a gain staging arrangement never seen before in a rock amp !! You've been told super high gain comes with high noise levels.......This amp will dispel that myth once and for all !!! LP Model can run EL34/6L6/KT77 for 50W or...
  3. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann Amps shipped, Tucana 3r x 2 , SD60 x1

    Tucana 3r shipped to Austin Guitar House Tucana 3r shipped to Humbucker Music SD60 Limited Shipped to Make'n Music All the above have the new NOS 12AU7 effects loop.
  4. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann - Model Upgrades Expanded

    I have added a few more model upgrade options to the lineup for owners who feel they are ready to experience a different model or upgrade their current amp. As part of these upgrades, the BiasMon upgrade has been added for all non cathode biased models. For notes and information , please look at...
  5. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann Texas 25

    OVERVIEW This Amplifier was a request from Oz at Austin Guitar House after the success of the TX-50 and JB100 red models. What he wanted was an amplifier that captured the tones of the TX50 and JB100, but set up for smaller club and home settings. So those tones can be enjoyed by a much wider...
  6. Carol-AnnAmps

    Historic Makeovers / Aging vs Original Naturally Aged

    I have an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway I was thinking of selling. It's aged naturally over more than 50 years, the cherry has faded to naturally mahogany, the finish is crazed and cracked, it has had some worn out parts replaced and had the single best neck repair and...
  7. Carol-AnnAmps

    Black Cat Guitars in Salem, MA

    My 1959 Gibson LP DC suffered its second serious neck break recently. I contacted some luthiers to see if anyone would take the job on. Everyone got rather squeamish when I sent the pic. However a local guitar repair guy called Chris from Black Cat Guitars in Salem , MA was willing to take on...
  8. Carol-AnnAmps

    'Lost' Packages with UPS/Fedex - anyone else suffering this problem more than usual?

    This year seems to be worse than ever for packages not turning up at their destination and never appearing on the face of the planet again. I have had 3 separate losses of packages containing guitar amplifiers since December. Two were brand new ands one was a customers. The claim service with...
  9. Carol-AnnAmps

    Stolen new Carol-Ann Triptik

    Theft of a Triptik. Guys, it looks like a customers Triptik was stolen awaiting pickup from our facility on Weds at approx. 11.30am. It was picked up by a guy in a new Jeep with a Masachusetts plate. My wife saw it being picked up and just thought it was a UPS worker and said there was nothing...
  10. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann New 'Satin' Model Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SATIN model , SINGLE CHANNEL HAND BUILT 50/100W TUBE GUITAR AMPLIFIERS (featuring BiasMonTM, microcontroller based Bias Monitoring System) Pelham, NH, 15 Sep 2014 – Offering a 'pedal platform' with built in tube spring reverb all-tube design with...
  11. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann Tucana 3 US Batch Sent to Dealers

    3 Channel, KT88 75W Hand Built Model Details: I've just finished up the first full production batch of Tucana 3 amps for US Dealers. Some of these Dealers have been waiting months for these amps. Not sure how many are pre-sold, but the best thing to do is...
  12. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann Tucana 3 Official Press Release

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW TUCANA® 3 , THREE CHANNEL HAND BUILT 75W TUBE GUITAR AMPLIFIER (featuring BiasMonTM, microcontroller based Bias Monitoring System and 5 Button Foot Controller) Pelham, NH, 09 July 2013 – Offering an all-tube design with features and tones aimed...
  13. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann Tucana 3 - New Model

    The new Tucana 3 model will start shipping in the next few weeks. The Tucana models have always been the Swiss Army knife of the Carol-Ann range and also the first model to always feature any new features or innovations . The very first one I actually designed for myself and never intended on...
  14. Carol-AnnAmps

    Exported Goods Warranty Return Shipping Scam?

    Lets say you sell your product to a Dealer abroad, the Dealer pays the duties based on the commercial Invoice. Those goods now live in the retail world of that country. The Dealers sells the goods to an end customer in that Country. Now lets say one of the items has to come back for a warranty...
  15. Carol-AnnAmps

    Ruby 6L6's non technical issue

    Anybody know why for the past few months Ruby branded Chinese 6L6s smell like a combination of wet dog and feet until they have burned in for a few hours. I'm not sure if other Chinese 6L6's have recently been like this (TAD ???). Maybe it's a coating on the outside of the glass or something...
  16. Carol-AnnAmps

    GAS - The Philosophy....

    Being a hoarder and someone who could never afford or want to change his rig a lot, I don't truly understand the motivation behind GAS. I've played over 3000 shows and continue to play several times a week every week. Before my business I used the same '67 Plexi and the same Mesa Boogie Preamp...
  17. Carol-AnnAmps

    Carol-Ann OD-2 Rock Clips

    THese clips were recorded by my good friend Gary Hoey and show some of the other sides to the OD-2....the anti-Dumble side so to speak. Amp: OD-2 6L6 100W Cab: CA 2x12 EVM-12L Bare clips recorded with an SM57 in to a GT Tube Mic Preamp and in to Pro-Tools. No post production done at all...
  18. Carol-AnnAmps

    Gregor Hilden with Carol-Ann OD2-100 Combo

    Here's a nice emotive clip of Gregor playing a Haar Tele through a Carol-Ann OD2-100W Combo. The reverb is a Boss RV-5 in the effects loop.
  19. Carol-AnnAmps

    Very Special Signature Amps

    I'm very happy to announce a very limited run of 10 JB-100 Joe Bonamassa signature amps that will be released one at a time over the next 18 months. So whats so special about that...? Well each one of them will be sent to Joe for his blessing on the tone and actually played live by him for...

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