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  1. ArtDecade

    Not Vintage. But great.

    I own guitars 40 years older than those... If the 70s Fenders are vintage, my Gibsons must be ancient!
  2. ArtDecade

    When is it too soon to refret?

    My 1935 Gibson L-12 is still on its original frets and it gets played every day.
  3. ArtDecade

    EVH was an eventual dead-end for electric guitar technique.

    Eddie and Hendrix are the two most important rock guitar players of all time. Even if you don't know it, their licks, ideas, and tones are all over your music. You are a derivative of them.
  4. ArtDecade

    What kind of Rat is this?

    USA Rat 2. The slew rate on the opo7 is just as crap as the LM308. They sound the same within standard component drift.
  5. ArtDecade

    No EVH Tribute: Clapton,Beck,Townshend,Walsh,McCartney etc?

    Clapton sounds like someone working the slow end of the metronome before working up the speed to perform the piece at proper tempo. I'll take Eddie's "gymnastics" over a a Clapton snooze fest every day of the week.
  6. ArtDecade

    No EVH Tribute: Clapton,Beck,Townshend,Walsh,McCartney etc?

    Beato being mentioned as if he is a peer of Eric Johnson...? It's like comparing someone who writes an online blog to Edward Murrow. Beato will do anything for a click.
  7. ArtDecade

    Van Halen's tone. Do you love it, or hate it?

    Anyone that hates VH's tone doesn't like rock or metal.
  8. ArtDecade

    Anyone own or know anything about this guitar

    Are there three models of Adrian's signature? There is the Chinese made one, the Mexi, and a USA, yeah? I'm sure the bones (wood) of each would be roughly the same, but the electronics and fit and finish will vary.
  9. ArtDecade

    Billy Joel is terrible?

    It is okay to judge the artist, too. He screwed his band mates over for money. It's not like he ran Neverland Ranch.
  10. ArtDecade

    Billy Joel is terrible?

    Great songwriter. Screwed his band royally.
  11. ArtDecade

    Anyone else think they are done selling pedals on Reverb?

    To be fair, that's on you. Even if something is dead mint, I say it is in very good condition. I don't want to bother playing comic book collector with those guys.
  12. ArtDecade

    Anyone else think they are done selling pedals on Reverb?

    I'm glad y'all left Reverb. That means I was able to bump my prices up and still sell pedals.
  13. ArtDecade

    AC/DC - A Shot In The Dark

    Acca Dacca providing the vaccine that 2020 needs!
  14. ArtDecade

    Ian Anderson Guitars "Speedmaster" burst

    No. It has to do with amphetamine usage by European Royalty in the latter half of the 19th century.
  15. ArtDecade

    Did St. Louis ever have a defining sound?

    The signature sound of St Louis is the crack of the bat.
  16. ArtDecade

    EVH: Diver Down Tone?

    ^ That.
  17. ArtDecade

    Got my Telecaster shimmed, not happy with the result.

    Removing a shim is pretty easy, so...
  18. ArtDecade

    I find "the blues", really boring...

    Dude posted this thread 4 years ago. I don't think he was waiting for you to bump it with tales of dissonance and Porkpie Hats.
  19. ArtDecade

    Tuning down after use? After playing?

    Find a new guitar shop.
  20. ArtDecade

    Covid's dividing the band...

    She sounds like a gem. She should audition for Smash Mouth or Ted Nugent.
  21. ArtDecade

    Recommend me a good Tweed amp

    If you expect tube saturation, neither a Plexi or even a small Tweed Champ will be polite enough for bedroom volume.
  22. ArtDecade

    FS Mesa Boogie 50/50 power amp - $500 - Local CT/NY/NJ

    Well, if you change your mind about shipping, I'm in the other Tri-State area a little further south.
  23. ArtDecade

    Hunting '79-'82 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    Most Silverbusts end up with a nausea green tints to them. No idea why they have a cult following.

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