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  1. tostyj

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    BC Rich cause that’s what Megadeth and Slayer were using when I first started playing.
  2. tostyj

    Anyone wish metal/rock was popular in the United States like it used to be in the 80's early 90's?

    I take it you had just ordered Chinese food before this post.
  3. tostyj

    My girlfriend likes to draw/paint on Guitars.

    Wow she is talented! Nice work!
  4. tostyj

    Jack White on SNL...

    Yikes, the classic "I make more $$ than you" pic. Looks like the drummer forgot to bring pants and borrowed some from the bass player, so the bass player must pretty cool at least.
  5. tostyj

    Rockett Drives

    Unfortunately yes. I didn't call though, I emailed. I have nothing against Rockett and I still use my WTF, just didn't have great luck with them. I had problems with both my Animal and Blue Note.
  6. tostyj

    Rockett Drives

    I used to own an Animal and I still own a KOT. They sound nothing alike. The Animal is a great sounding pedal, but it tends to get lost in a band mix. It's also a bit noisy. I've also had a lot of problems with Rockett pedals breaking on me and have never been able to get a response from their...
  7. tostyj

    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    Oh man that reminds me of a story: I had a friend that worked at Guitar Center back in the day. He convinced me to compete in "Guitarmegeddon". I was of the mindset, and still am, that guitar competitions are stupid, but he said I would win free gear so I said what the hell. All the competitors...
  8. tostyj

    FS Two Rock Opal / Cabs

    OOOh man! I wish I had the cash. Legendary amp. GLWS
  9. tostyj

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    First album I ever bought was VH 1984 when I was a kid. Second concert I ever went to was Monsters of Rock at Foxboro Stadium with my Dad. Thanks for the music. RIP EVH.
  10. tostyj

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Agreed, it’s an awesome od and low/medium gain tones are what I use it for. I stack it with a fuzz for lead tones.
  11. tostyj

    Logic Drummer

    Ya man, I don't like Logic drummer...I use Addictive Drums 2.
  12. tostyj

    Who's your favorite YouTube and Social Media Guitar Influencer?

    Gary Holt and Kim Kardashian
  13. tostyj

    Venue: "Please re-book... with a different drummer."

    So confused how an MC w a bunch of cop members could (or would allow itself to) be sanctioned by HA.
  14. tostyj

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    I've got the Blackjack, M25, and MTCH. Def my fav IRs. The MTCH kills with the AC40 Deluxe I picked up recently. Keep up the great work Justin!
  15. tostyj

    Paul Trombetta pedals

    Well first off: Thanks so much for listening and the input!! I really appreciate it. I'm not familiar with DeSade 2...I'll have to look that up. Ya I hear ya. Honestly, I can't always tell that that is what's happening in a live context, because what I hear in the monitors and on stage and what...
  16. tostyj

    Sigh. Broke my guitar last night. UPDATE: Structural repair seems great.

    Haha. I actually look at it as a blessing, not a curse. It kept me from ever selling the guitar, because it wasn't worth as much $. And even tho it's not my #1 anymore, it was for a long time and there are a lot of memories and music that I made with that git, so I'm actually glad it happened...
  17. tostyj

    NAD! Again! Ceriatone 1987

    That sounds amazing! What a deal!
  18. tostyj

    Sigh. Broke my guitar last night. UPDATE: Structural repair seems great.

    Haha yup. The first time our bass player accidentally ran over it w our tour van. Second time it fell over in a practice room. 3rd time the case just fell over and it snapped inside the case from the impact. It was always in the same spot by the nut/headstock. It’s a ‘92 Classic so it has the...
  19. tostyj

    Sigh. Broke my guitar last night. UPDATE: Structural repair seems great.

    I feel your pain....been there 3 times with my same Les Paul. But it’s still kickin’!!
  20. tostyj

    Egos and Alcoholism aside, would Metallica have been a better band with Mustaine?

    “Technically“ better? Yes. But like people have said, then we never would have had Megadeth. Plus, RTL and Master are just too classic and too awesome to change, even if Hammett’s vibrato drives me nuts.
  21. tostyj

    NGD: Ronin Mirari with Wacky Color Scheme

    Congrats! Wow they really nailed the colors from the card!
  22. tostyj

    Concerts you wish you’d went to when you had the chance.

    ‘89 Fire Meets Fury tour. Jeff Beck and SRV. Two of my favorite guitarists back then as a kid and still to this day. I had planned to go and for some reason I didn’t. REALLY regret not going to that.

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