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    Amp tech in Pittsburgh?

    If you can drive an hour and a half south you can find guitar CPR in Fairmont, WV. None better.

    The Best Solid State Guitar Amps Ever Made?

    I recently picked one of these up for $75! Replaced the reverb tank and it’s good to go. I really like it. There are some good demos of this model on YouTube.

    Sold 2009 Smokeburst McCarty nitro w/ 5708"s

    I also have one of these. They are fantastic!

    Old school Solid States

    I recently picked up a red stripe Peavey Bandit. Very cool SS. I had a Trademark 60 for a while and it was also very nice.

    Roadworn Strat Owners - did you keep the pickups or upgrade them?

    I put a 60’s RW together last year. I swapped out the Tex Amex for PV 59’s. Love them and have no plans to ever change them.

    Sold Paul Reed Smith PRS Smokeburst McCarty nitro finish

    I have one of these and they are fantastic!

    Tubescreamer alternative

    Timmy or a Wampler Euphoria are both very good. I am sure there are many other great choices - so many great pedals now days.

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    Got the new reverb in. Works great. A touch of verb really adds some depth to the tone. I am digging this amp - fantastic for the price for sure!

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I took the reverb tank out today and did some investigation. The little output transformer has a broken wire. It’s too tiny to even soldier back on. I just can’t live without a little reverb. New MOD tank on the way! Even with a new tank I am still just a little over $100 in this one!
  10. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

  11. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I pulled the reverb tank out and looked it over the wires looked good. I will use a meter and give it a good check out this weekend.
  12. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    5CA772C7-0379-4454-BD6F-D8FABA3271FF by LJOHNS posted Jun 18, 2020 at 10:44 AM
  13. LJOHNS

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I picked up a Red Stripe Peavey Bandit (USA) yesterday for $75! Very clean and it sounds great! The reverb is not working so I need to look into that. I watched some YT videos on this amp and went looking for one. I am very impressed with it. I takes drive pedals very well. You can get some...
  14. LJOHNS

    I want a modeler that doesn’t require tweaking to sound good.

    Find a used eleven rack. I have had one for years. Easy to use and sounds great. I don’t use a lot of effects - just the basics. I use it for home practice with headphones. Live I use good tube amps with good pedals.
  15. LJOHNS

    Question about Blackfaced Silverface Deluxe Reverb

    I have a 79’ that has been blackfaced. It’s just a few resistor and cap changes. My volume boost was also removed. It is very loud! Can’t play above 2 at home and I have to roll my guitar volume back some also. I may sell mine and get something with a master volume. Thinking about a Mesa...
  16. LJOHNS

    Will there be a guitar shortage?

    No shortage. The market is already flooded with new and used. I hope the price on some of the older classics start to come down as the boomers start dumping them...
  17. LJOHNS

    Are younger players turning away from the Les Paul?

    I did not read all 36 pages here but I think they are just too expensive for younger folks. Quality of import models is way up compared to just a few years ago and they are way cheaper.
  18. LJOHNS

    Are the best strats the more expensive ones???

    No. They are all subjective to each individual. I wouldn’t trade my parts caster for a high dollar custom shop. Cost me under $1k with a professional set up.
  19. LJOHNS

    Custom USA built electric guitars around $2K ... is there a market ?

    Maybe so. That why I have a couple parts casters. I pick the color, neck, pickups, etc.... I can do that for under a grand myself. I don’t know if a new builder could get that off the ground or not. I personally wouldn’t buy one.
  20. LJOHNS

    Custom USA built electric guitars around $2K ... is there a market ?

    I think the market is already saturated. With the quality of some of the imports going up and the used market flooded with guitars I don’t see how anyone could make a living at it. Now if it is just a hobby for a builder and you want to break even then I say go for it.
  21. LJOHNS

    Are current Mexican Fenders as good as US Fenders from 5 years go?

    I put a MIM 60s road worn together recently. Used a MIM Robert Cray neck. Dropped in a set of pure vintage 59s and I am in love with it. I had a professional dress and set up done. I have probably played over 100 different Strats off the racks over the years, even custom shops. I wouldn’t...
  22. LJOHNS

    Same guitar for jazz and rockabilly? (Neck hum, bridge filtertron?)

    Reverend makes some combos like that
  23. LJOHNS

    Thoughts on financing guitars?

    It’s a personal decision but I would never finance a guitar. The only thing I will finance is a house (mine will be paid off in a couple years) or a portion of a car. The car gets paid off as quickly as possible.
  24. LJOHNS

    Robben Ford’s new PRS McCarty * Vintage Cherry*

    Love the McCarty!

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