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  1. Blue-moon

    FS Sarno Black Box tube buffer

    $287 shipped, CONUS Only No trades Barely used. Comes with bag and power cable. They don't come with boxes. These don't come up for sale very often.
  2. Blue-moon

    Sold Vemuram Myriad Fuzz

    $337, shipped CONUS. Mint with box, etc. No velcro on pedal. No trades
  3. Blue-moon

    Future of Hermida Audio

    So since Lovepedal seems to have gone belly up, will someone pick up the Hermida Audio pedal line? Not sure if that was a partnership or if Lovepedal acquired Hermida. Hoping it was just a distribution partnership and that will will see someone else start offering zendrives.
  4. Blue-moon

    Sold Spaceman Polaris (white)

    $255 paypal'd and shipped No trades Mint condition with box, manual, etc. No velcro on pedal
  5. Blue-moon

    Jetter Pedal X

    Pretty interesting pedal. Sounds really good to me. It almost has a fuzz/muff quality to it. According the description on the Jetter site: “There is no clipping stage in this pedal. No diodes, LEDs, FETs, etc. It involved finding a complimentary number of individual gain stages (five) combined...
  6. Blue-moon

    Sold Ibanez Vemuram TSV808

    $500 shipped and paypal'd, CONUS only Mint condition (used a few times) with everything it came with.
  7. Blue-moon

    vemuram rubber feet/bumpers

    Does anyone know what type of rubber feet Vemuram uses on its pedals. It the feet have this cool textured surface to them and are fairly low profile. Any clues? I did email them but figured I would ask here.
  8. Blue-moon

    Sold Timmy v3

    $220 shipped and PayPal’s No trades A few weeks old. Comes with box, manual and the famous paper towel. Used it a few times, so I am not sure I am comfortable calling it mint. But it is in fantastic shape.
  9. Blue-moon

    RevivalTrem as their main drive?

    Anyone using it mainly as their main, stand-alone drive with the Trem off?
  10. Blue-moon

    Sold Ibanez Vemuram TSV808

    $500 shipped and paypal'd CONUS only Excellent condition. One mark on the side of the pedal (pictured). A small mark on the box (pictured). And I removed the rubber feet from the base plate. Comes with box, screwdriver, manual and sticker. Serial is #860 I love this pedal. Sounds great. I...
  11. Blue-moon

    Sold Spaceman Sputnik III Standard

    $289 shipped and paypal'd. CONUS only Basically brand new. Tested to make sure it works. As you can see, these are pretty raw finishes with all kinds of blemishes on them (including a scratch on the base plate--see photo).
  12. Blue-moon

    Sold Skreddy Giant Meat Pie

    $225 paypal'd and shipped Mint condition with box. Barely used. BC version from 2nd batch
  13. Blue-moon

    Sold D*A*M Graveyard Tramp

    $645 shipped and paypal's No trades This is a hybrid fuzz--germanium and silicon transistors (BC179 and Mullard OC82D respectively). Only18 made. It is in excellent condition with box and everything it originally came with. An interesting feature of this fuzz is that fuzz knob works backwards...
  14. Blue-moon

    Sold Revival Drive Custom + footswitch

    $525 for pedal $79 for footswitch $570 for both I may wait to sell footswitch until pedal is gone. prices are paypal’d and shipped No trades Excellent condition with boxes etc for both the pedal and footswitch, as well as TRS cable for footswitch. Cosmetically, the pedal is great...
  15. Blue-moon

    How are Ron Kirn guitars?

    Looking at one of this teles. Just wanted to get opinions on his build quality. I am debating between a used custom shop tele, a Wildwood thin skin, and a Ron Kirn.
  16. Blue-moon

    Wildwood Thin Skins versus Custom Shop guitars

    How do the Wildwood thin skins compare to the custom shop guitars. I have a thin skin Strat I really like and I am looking for a tele. Torn between buying a thin skin tele or a used custom shop tele.
  17. Blue-moon

    Strat Pickup Advice (Fralin Real 54s versus Custom Fat 50s)

    Have a strat with Custom Fat 50s in them. They are the stock pickups. For some reason, I just can't get along with the middle and neck pickups. Too muddy for my liking. I've adjusted the pickup height and even added a treble bleed. So I am itching to try something new. I am leaning toward the...
  18. Blue-moon

    Sold Cornish ST-2 Grey Box

    $425 shipped and paypal'd, CONUS Only Excellent to mint condition with box and manual.
  19. Blue-moon

    Jam Pedals Fuzz Phrase

    Anyone tried this pedal? If so, any feedback would be much appreciated.
  20. Blue-moon

    Spaceman Cosmic Call

    Say what? Ring Modulator? Figured I would share in case you didn't see it and this is your thing. f you could communicate with alien life, what would you say? How would you say it? What methods would you use...
  21. Blue-moon

    Sold PedalTrain Metro 24

    $79 shipped and paypal'd Excellent condition. Used only at home. The bag has never been used and was stored in the original shipping box. I upgraded the board to Velcro brand industrial strength type. I have the original unused velcro that came with board. The soft velcro side that is on there...
  22. Blue-moon

    Sold Cornish SS-3 (grey box)

    All prices are paypal'd and shipped. No trades. CONUS only SS-3 $445 Excellent to mint condition with box and manual. Grey box. Seals intact.
  23. Blue-moon

    Sold Origin RevivalTrem

    On hold $375 shipped and paypal'd Basically brand new. I did remove feet as I was going to put on my board. I love the OD side but I have a Revival Drive that does everything I need. The Term is amazing but I don't think I will use it that often. I am on the fence on this one. So if it doesn't...
  24. Blue-moon

    Sold Timmy V3

    $175 shipped, CONUS only Comes with everything it shipped with. It was a Paul C blem. Can't find too much wrong with it. Maybe inconsistent paint coverage on the baseplate.
  25. Blue-moon

    Sold Saturn VI black ($189)

    $189 shipped and PayPal’s, CONUS only Spaceman Saturn VI, black. Excellent to mint condition with box and all the goodies. No trades

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