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  1. daveS

    Ernie Ball Music Man Mariposa..?

    Curious about the Mariposa model. Who has one? Who has tried one? Any thoughts or opinions on this guitar? Thanks in advance!
  2. daveS

    Tom Scholz

    The one and great
  3. daveS

    Suhr Corso technical question..??

    I just picked up a Suhr Corso from a seller on Reverb. This amp is a great little low watt fire breather with some excellent tones at both ends of the crunch and clean spectrum. I am a Suhr fan and this one delivers. I have never tried one of these before so my apologies that I am kind of in...
  4. daveS

    Small amp cabinet for home/studio use..?

    Looking for a small 1x12 practice cabinet with good low end extension..something like a Bogner Cuber or Mesa Boogie Thiele compact in terms of the size, or smaller. Any opinions, suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  5. daveS

    pickguard screws ...???

    Looking to replace some nickel/chrome style pickup screws with flat black ones. Also, looking to switch to flat heads instead of oval heads. Philips pattern....same countersink angle. Anyone know where I can find flat black flat head Philips style screws for an "S" style pickguard?
  6. daveS

    Fender Japan (MIJ) Stratocasters

    Been pulling out all the guitars on the weekends. As someone who was raised on Strats, I've had a ton of them over the years come, go and stay...USA, MIM, CIJ, Custom Shop. One thing I realized over the years is just how great the mid 80s Fender MIJ guitars are. These two favorites of mine are...
  7. daveS

    Fender Fullerton Factory circa 1950s

    Looks like an experimental guitar at about 1:10 into the video.
  8. daveS

    Jazzmaster- Which pickups?

    I've never had a Jazzmaster but always wanted to try one. So, over the last several years I very slowly stockpiled specific parts needed to build one (body, neck, wiring harness, trem, bridge, etc). The one major thing I have not gotten yet are pickups. It seems like there are a ton of great...
  9. daveS

    1971 Gibson ES335

    Gibson made a really great ES in ‘71...just sayin
  10. daveS

    Steve Vai

    So cool and a phenomenal musician
  11. daveS

    Looking for a LEFT HANDED Gretsch part..??

    I've been looking for a left handed Gretsch Chet Atkins trem arm assembly. Hard to find but I know they exist. Looking for one like this but non-gold plated...but I would take a gold one if there is one somewhere...
  12. daveS

    Don Felder is awesome

    Just check out his iconic solo...
  13. daveS

    Tyler HM 18 speaker reccomendations

    Any reccomendation for an alternative speaker (from the stock one) for the Tyler HM 18? The stock one is a bit bass heavy and dark soI'm looking for something with more top end sparkle that can bring out the higher frequencies of this Voxy EL84 amp. Thanks in advance!
  14. daveS

    Fender Super Champ (Rivera era) head cabinet makers...?

    Looking for a head cabinet for my '83 Fender Super Champ (Rivera) that will house the amp + the Reverb tank...I'm guessing the cab needs a bit of extra height. Anyone have any advice on cabinet suppliers for this size? Thanks in advance!
  15. daveS

    Tyler Jt-14/pt-14...?

    Question for those familiar with the Tyler JT/PT-14 amp... Are these a straight up classic Princeton Reverb design or are they a slightly different design? Thanks in advance!
  16. daveS

    Ngd: Lsl Bad Bone 290

    Just picked up one of these :aok Anybody tried one?
  17. daveS

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    Got a blowout deal at Sam Ash on this 2018 Traditional in tobacco burst perimeter. I've never been a huge TB fan but this one is fantastic! It’s been years since I had a LP. This guitar really plays incredibly. It’s not light but it’s reasonant. It looks even better in person. Props to Gibson...
  18. daveS

    Suhr them here

    Here are a few of my favorites. Post yours!
  19. daveS

    Eric Johnson circa 1985

    One of the greats!
  20. daveS


  21. daveS


    So great.....
  22. daveS

    Thorn your pix!

    I broke out my Thorn Deluxe yesterday. Such a badass guitar and great to riff on this one again. Who's else has one? 08CA4B67-8658-43B8-9DCE-4D35DC46E063 by daveS posted Jan 5, 2018 at 5:26 PM A771FFF5-B725-4A5B-BD2B-B5EDFD9979B1 by daveS posted Jan 5, 2018 at 5:26 PM
  23. daveS

    MJT body & Warmoth neck

    Anyone have any experience and/or luck with putting a Warmoth neck onto an MJT S style body? Just wondering how well the neck pocket and holes in the body matched up with the size of the neck heel and the screw holes. Thanks!
  24. daveS

    Josh Smith

    Fan of Josh's playing here. I just bought Josh Smith's "Still" release and downloaded it ( Great stuff...grab it! An incredibly smooth and hip Jazz release with fantastic composition and musicianship all over it. A definite departure from his...
  25. daveS

    Mike Stern So good!

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