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  1. zion

    Sold Origin Revivaltrem

    For Sale: - Origin Effects Revivaltrem - Excellent condition studio use only - Includes original box w/candy $350 conus/PayPal FF or add 2.9% ($10.15)
  2. zion

    Sold Fractal Audio Humbuster Cables

    For Sale: Pair of used 15’ Fractal Audio Humbuster cables. $30 PP/Conus for both.
  3. zion

    Sold Fractal Audio FX8 Mark 2

    For Sale: Used Fractal Audio FX8 Mark 2 in good condition. Includes original box. $675 pp/conus
  4. zion

    Sold Drybell Unit67

    Used Drybell Unit67. Includes OG box. Velcro/cat-free environment. $250 conus/paypal’d.
  5. zion

    Sold Classic Amplification Vibe-Baby

    Used Classic Amplification Vibe-Baby. $230 paypal’d/conus.
  6. zion

    Sold Shin-Ei Vibe-Bro & Suhr Koko Boost

    Shin-Ei Vibe-Bro, used, in beautiful red. Includes everything Shin-Ei sends with it. Sold $625 shipped paypal’d conus. Suhr Koko Boost, used, includes box. SOLD! $135 shipped paypal’d conus.
  7. zion

    Sold Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC

    Used Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC - Includes power cord and 6 cables - Velcro/smoke/cat-free environment use only $75 shipped/paypal'd conus.
  8. zion

    Sold J. Rockett Rockaway

    $150 Conus.
  9. zion

    Sold Way Huge Supa Puss

    For Sale or Trade: Way Huge Supa Puss w/original box. $135 shipped/conus. Looking For: Rimrock Mythical OD, Germanium Booster
  10. zion

    Sold Caroline Kilobyte & Meteore

    For Sale: Used Caroline Kilobyte Delay (SOLD!) Meteore Reverb - Velcro/smoke/cat free and includes original box. Trade interest includes: EVHindenberg Wah, Rimrock Mythical OD $140 Paypal'd/Shipped Conus.
  11. zion

    Recommendations Needed: Home Theatre $1000 Budget

    The Bose system has bitten the dust for the final time. I need recommendations for a receiver/surround sound system for Tv/radio enjoyment. Also, shops that deal in your recommendations and are competent would be appreciated.
  12. zion

    Sold Diamond Compressor SL

    Diamond Compressor SL - One owner, smoke free, velcro free, cat free. $150 Shipped Conus
  13. zion

    Sold Mesa Boogie Mark IV B $1050

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV B Fully Loaded. Includes the following: - FU-3 Footswitch - Reverb Footswitch - Cover - Manual/Original Bill of Sale (2007)/Catalog - Casters - Custom color $1050 Pickup in Sevierville, TN. Fantastic example of a legendary amp. Being played daily. Trade interests includes a...
  14. zion

    Sold Real McCoy Custom RMC3FL Wah

    For Sale: Teese built RMC3FL Wah. Good condition and includes box. $165 Paypal'd/Conus Trade Interests: Origin Sliderig, SupaQuack & Wilson Rippah 12 wahs.
  15. zion

    Sold Evidence Audio Guitar Cables - Melody & Lyric

    For Sale: (2) 10' Evidence Audio Melody Cables. Straight and Right Angle on both. (1) 15' Evidence Audio Lyric HG. Straight and Right Angle. $130 for all 3 Shipped Conus/Paypal'd.
  16. zion

    Sold Vertex Axis Wah

    For Sale: Vertex Axis Wah - 9v & battery power, adjustable pot for vintage and modern tones. $90 PP/Shipped Continental U.S. Turbo Tuner trades considered.
  17. zion

    6-String Banjo Pickup Experience

    I'm looking to amplify my banjo and would like to hear some gig experienced players thoughts on pickups...
  18. zion

    Porter Blender Buckers

    Anyone tried the Porter Blender humbuckers? Seems like a unique take on wire.
  19. zion

    Adios Kyser! Hello Elliott!

    For my birthday, the wife gave me an Elliott capo. I've been using a Kyser for many Birthdays. Actually it's been using me. The Elliott is superb. What a joy to use!
  20. zion

    Osage Orange Necks

    Anyone know if Osage Orange necks can be played raw or do they require a finish?
  21. zion

    Lefty Gadow

    Here's a body shot of my soon to be completed Lefty Gadow Hollowbody:
  22. zion

    Humbucker Outputs?

    So I'm gearing up for a custom bucker-filled guitar. My question is outputs...My pickup builder gives the following specs: Transparent…………..( Neck /7.1KΩ, Bridge / 7.7 KΩApprox.) Sweet………………...( Neck /7.4KΩ, Bridge / 8.0 KΩApprox.) Alive………….……...( Neck...
  23. zion


    My new Kirn Barnbuster...
  24. zion

    Wanted - Lefty Hollow-Body Luthier

    Help! I'm looking for a non-factory, hollow-body humbucker guitar, left-handed. Any luthiers interested or can anyone recommend a builder?
  25. zion


    I like 'em!

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