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  1. homeunit

    Noisy Echosystem?

    Have any one any issues with a large hum with these units? This is my second new one and it’s doing the same thing. I’ve tried front, back, middle of chain. On its own, different cables and guitars. As soon as I engage it it hums like a mf. Any advice?
  2. homeunit

    New Neck - Wood Suggestions

    My #1 is a Warmoth Strat, Mahogany Body, Maple neck with Pau Ferro board. The problem is it's a wizard style neck and its killing my hand so I'm going to replace it with a different Warmoth neck. As it is, the guitar has Dimarzio DLX Plus pickups in it, and it sounds like a Paul. This is a good...
  3. homeunit

    Help me build a Parts Tele.

    What do you guys suggest? I’m a rock player, but want to be able to get those country tones if possible, if not, rock it is. Wood Supplier, warmoth, allparts? I don’t know who’s the best. - body wood, alder? - neck wood, maple w/ebony/rosewood board or roasted neck maple. - fretts, stainless...
  4. homeunit

    Pickup suggestions. S/S/S Strat

    Hi guys and gals, I recently acquired a parts strat, (maple neck & alder body) and I am thinking of upgrading the pickups. currently it has - dimarzio Virtual solo in the bridge. It’s way too thin and bright for me. - dimarzio Area 58 in the middle. Pretty average sounding, not great, not...
  5. homeunit

    NPD - Thorpy Camoflange

    Holy smokes guys, it’s flange heaven. It’s like he took all the best things from all the best flangers, put that in the box, then added a bunch of Thorpy in between all the great sounds. Very impressed so far. I bought it mainly as EM clone with all its issues fixed, but it’s a bunch more...
  6. homeunit

    I am buying a compressor, and I need help.

    I’ve been in compressor hell for a long time. I’ve researched, watched, read, asked and I finally think I’ve narrowed it down. I plan to join a classic cover gig soon, and I also write heavier type stuff. What I’m after is a comp that will work well with a strat and pedals into my clean...
  7. homeunit

    NPD - JHS AT+

    I picked this pedal up recently and finally gave it a good rip today into the clean channel of my TC-100. I’m really surprised at how good it sounds. Light, medium and high stuff it just sounds good. The boost is great on its own and of course it stacks brilliantly with the gain side. It’s...
  8. homeunit

    Delay for Gilmour and Timmons?

    I'm looking for the dual delay tone, 1/4 note and dotted 8th together. Do we have any suggestions? - dig? - timeline? - Nemasis? - preferable y something easy to use.
  9. homeunit

    Pete Thorn - Steve Vai's Jose Modded Marshall! Amps In The Zone #3

    Didn't see this yet. Pete did good again.
  10. homeunit

    Drive and Boost options for a Mesa Triple Crown 100

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some option and opinions for drive pedals and boost pedals for the TC 100. I run 2 strats, 1 is s/s/s and the other is a mahogany body with 2 hot rodded P90's in it. I attempt to play a variety of tones and styles from bluesy fusiony kind of stuff all the way up to...
  11. homeunit

    Empress phaser question.

    I’m about ready to pick one of these up off Reverb. I searched all over the net but couldn’t find the answer to my question. what is the difference between the white lettered phaser and the black letter phaser besides the color?
  12. homeunit

    Is there anything better than a phase 90???

    I’ve been out of the game ten years and am now putting together a new board. I always had a phase 90 and a m117 or Evh flanger on my board. Are there any other alternatives out there these days that I should be looking at? I was always happy with an old or Evh phase 90, but these days it seems...
  13. homeunit

    Embarrassed to ask but....

    .....I’ve been playing far too long and have enjoyed good strat tone not to know this, but I don’t, What makes a strat honk or cluck like this? and this? I have an opportunity to acquire a parts strat built with warmoth maple neck and alder body. It has dimarzio pickups in it, which I’m...
  14. homeunit

    Nemesis or El Capistan?

    I just impulse bought an el capistan delay, and am now wondering if I buggered myself. I was going to go for a Nemesis because it seems to cover all the basses. I’ve been researching for a while and I know the cap is a great unit, but did I jump the gun? I’ve been playing the cap for a couple...
  15. homeunit

    Tube Advice Please.

    I just bought a used Mesa Boogie TC-100 and I love it. I’m not sure of what the dirty birdie might have been up to before me, so I want to start with a fresh set of tubes. Suggestions? Are these worth it over the stock ones they sell? Same...
  16. homeunit

    Advice on portable/handheld recorders for electric guitar.

    Looking for something I can put in front of my cab to record riffs as well as a band practice. Audio quality is my number 1 criteria, but not something so expensive. If I want better I can mic up drums etc. Thanks guys
  17. homeunit

    Strat Recommendations

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good strat. I've been playing humbucking guitars my whole life and love them. I am tired of coil splitting and swapping pickups to get a good strat tone. Thing is I know nothing about their models, and which ones are good or not. Here's what I'm after. - a players...
  18. homeunit

    NAD - Mesa TC-100

    Well after getting a clean bill of health from the amp doctor, she's here. It's quite like the 50 but huger, girthier, punchier, louder, and broader sounding than the 50watt. I've been comparing all morning and I'm happy with 100. Even when I cut it down to 50, it's still more everything than...
  19. homeunit

    OCD or JHS @

    Hi guys, I’m playing rock some heavier stuff and cover band thing. I’m just building a new rig and would like some advice on drive pedals. I play a Mesa TC 100 with buckers and p90 loaded mahongany bodied guitars. I plan on trying to run an exotic ep3 for a little boost. for the drive I’m...
  20. homeunit

    Mesa Boogie Reliability - TC 100

    Hey guys, I’m in the process of buying a used TC 100. I’m getting from a big chain store here in Canada. When I played it, I fell in love with all the tones it has. I told the store to get it serviced because it had a scratchy mid pot, and that I would buy it. It’s now out for service and...
  21. homeunit

    Help! Looking for some good effects.

    Hey guys, been away from playing for a bunch of years. I am now rebuilding a rig for myself. I’m joining a cover band, and also a heavier original project. So far I have my amp sorted, a Mesa tc 100 with a Mesa 2x12. I started looking at effects pedals and holy moly things have changed. I’m...
  22. homeunit

    Recommend 2x12 cab for Boogie TC 100

    Going to do the deal tomorrow on my tc100. I put a couple hours behind it last night. Tried the upstanding Mesa cab. Not for me, no balls or low mids. Tried to oversized 2x12 with v30s, (which I typically hate) and with the tc100 it was killer. Non of the harshness I attribute to v30s. I played...
  23. homeunit

    Quick question

    I've have a chance to get a tc100 in trade for my helix + $500.00. I can swing it, but I'll be left with only a 112 headrush cab. Can I use the headrush cab with the tc100? I assume itll sound like shyte but I'm not flush atm. I just dont know if I can use a powered cab.
  24. homeunit

    Tube Amp advice - long post

    He guys, I’m looking for a new tube amp. I used to play semi pro back in the day, had to choose between touring and wife and kids, I chose family. So I sold my amps and have been focusing on the family for the last ten years. About a year ago I felt ready to come back to playing seriously. I...
  25. homeunit

    Value of Bogner XTC 101b?

    Hi Guys, My gigging days are behind me and I want to downsize to something I can run at home. I'm thinking of selling my 101b and was wondering what the value of it is? It has the metal grate, class A/B switch, lived it's life in a road case, and was gigged less than 10 times. Footswitch...

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