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    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    I picked up a Red Stripe Peavey Bandit (USA) yesterday for $75! Very clean and it sounds great! The reverb is not working so I need to look into that. I watched some YT videos on this amp and went looking for one. I am very impressed with it. I takes drive pedals very well. You can get some...

    Sold Bad Cat Cub Iii 15r Head - Mint Reduced!

    For Sale - no trades - US only - REDUCED TO $1150! I had this listed for local pickup only but now willing to sell/ship the head. This is the point to point hand wired version with transferable lifetime warranty. I used this at church for a couple years. Low hours and mint condition. Will...

    Sold Epiphone Johnny A Custom - mint - reduced!

    For sale - no trades - US only Now dropped to $800 shipped! Epiphone Johnny A custom - mint condition. These are very well made at a fraction of the cost of the Gibson version. There are a couple long threads on TGP about these. Lot of guitar for the $. Also listed on Reverb but I would...

    Sold Reverend Warhawk RT - alpine green - mint cond.

    SOLD Mint condition Reverend Warhawk RT in Alpine Green. These are really great guitars. If you have never tried a Reverend you should - I came away impressed and I am very particular. The Revtron pickups are great. I found I could get most any tone I wanted from country, blues, rock, to...

    Sold Xotic RC - SH limited ed. copper

    For sale - no trades - $140 Paypal shipped - US only PRICE DROP TO $140 Xotic RC booster - Scott Henderson Limited Ed. in copper very good condition - no issues - no velcro - with box. IMG_0791 - Copy by LJOHNS posted Jul 20, 2017 at 7:20 PM IMG_0790 - Copy by LJOHNS posted Jul 20, 2017 at...

    Sold DR. Z - M12 head

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT West of the Mississippi add $20 for additional shipping costs Minty Dr.Z M12 head in "black & tan". I am the original owner. Used only at church for the past couple years. Lots of info on these amps on the forum. Great pedal platform as advertised. Will ship in the...

    NGD: Reverend Warhawk RT

    First NGD in about a year for me. Been checking out Reverends for a while and found a great deal on a minty Warhark in Alpine Green. Build quality seems very good, as good as any other US guitars I have. Nice and light, good hardware, pickups sound great! For the money these are pretty...

    Luca Stricagnoli

    You have to check this guy out on Youtube! Amazing guitar work - maybe the best I have ever seen! Finger style acoustic!

    Dr. Z M12 with a Bad Cat speaker?

    Anyone running an M12 into a Badcat cab? How do you like that set up? I am going to try it this weekend.
  10. LJOHNS

    Sold Jetter Red Square

    For sale - no trades $185 Paypal TYD US only Jetter Red Square in perfect condition. Has one piece of velcro on back. Original box and instruction sheet. Great tone here! They aren't making this one anymore! Check out the details here...
  11. LJOHNS

    Sold 1992 MIJ Fender '62RI Strat

    For Sale $675 shipped TYD - Paypal 1992 made in Japan 62' RI Stratocaster. I am the second owner of this guitar and I bought it in 1995. Never gigged, smoke free/pet free home use only. I would rate the condition of this Strat around 8.5 to 9.0 out of 10. Excellent shape for a 24 year old...
  12. LJOHNS

    Badcat Cub IIIR

    I have a 15 watt cub III R head incoming and was wondering how others like it? It will be paired up with a 1x12 cab with a Gold. Been playing a M12 for the past two years and am ready for some new tones. What OD pedals does it like best? How is the loop? Thanks!
  13. LJOHNS

    My new board? opinions please

    What do you all think of this layout? Starts off with a volume pedal, tuner, and compressor. Then light OD, med OD, optional third OD (AC plus or Mythical), analog delay, digital delay, trem/verb, and Wet verb for some ambient stuff. I play mostly P&W but also blues, rock, country. Dr. Z...
  14. LJOHNS

    Best BF Priceton Kit?

    I want to build my own hand wired BF Princeton kit. Who makes the best one? I am looking at Allen and Mojotone now. Also should I go with a 12" or 10" cab? Let me know your experiences. Thanks!
  15. LJOHNS

    Aviom an EIM troulbes

    Well... I am trying to adopt to a new way of playing live with an Aviom system and IEM with my 11 rack for church. This will be the third week with the Aviom. I have been spoiled with my Dr. Z Rx Junior and some sweet pedals for the last year. The 11 rack sound great through the mains and...
  16. LJOHNS

    11 rack live - mic input?

    I would like to occasionally use the 11R mic input for an acoustic guitar. Can I set up a midi switch to change the input to "mic"? Can I add any effects to a mic input? Anyone done something like this?
  17. LJOHNS

    triple or quad IEM for guitar

    My worship team is going to the Aviom system with IEM this fall and I want to get a set of custom IEM. Are triple drivers good for a lead guitar player of should I spring for the quads? I am looking at 1964 ears. Thanks!
  18. LJOHNS

    PRS Experience 2012

    Has anyone been before? What was it like? Worth the trip?
  19. LJOHNS

    Dr Z Rx Jr on the way!

    Picked up my first Z of the emporium here and should have it next week. Fill me in on your Rx Jr experience! I need to order a cab and speaker (I got the head unit). I am thinking an Avatar or Lopoline 1x12 with a Gold?
  20. LJOHNS

    Hot Rod Deluxe Tele "partscaster" done!

    I finished my first "partscaster" and I am very pleased with my end results! Had a fret dress and set up done professionally. Props to Charlie Powers at Guitar CPR in Fairmont, WV for another great set up job! You never really know how it is going to sound until complete but I made a winner...
  21. LJOHNS

    reverb and delay in one pedal (analog)?

    Looking for a good analog delay and reverb pedal to put on a small board. Got to wondering - does anyone make a reverb and delay in one pedal?
  22. LJOHNS

    compressor - what am I missing?

    I have never used a comp pedal. What am I missing? how much does it help your tone/dynamics? I play in a P&W band and church - modern contemporary stuff.
  23. LJOHNS

    3 pickup Tele wiring problem

    I just replaced the switch and pots on my MIJ 3 pickup Tele and position 2 (bridge and middle) sounds out of phase - very weak and twangy. I didn't think single coils could be out of phase like that - should I swap the ground/hot wire on the bridge pickup? Positions 1 and 3 sound just fine alone.
  24. LJOHNS

    SCXD not cutting through the mix?

    Anyone ever listen to a recording of your live performance and realize your guitar is not cutting through the mix? I just listened to our Easter Service praise band performance and I can't hear me at all! I play a Strat through a SCXD and use the line out to the board with the amp set pretty...
  25. LJOHNS

    No effects loop?

    I am just starting to get into using pedals and was wondering what you all do with amp that have no loop. I have read that it is best to put OD pedals in front and delays, reverbs, ect... in the loop. There are a lot of amps I would love to try (like Dr. Z) but they have no loop. How do they...

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