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  1. zorak

    FS Pair of Bad Cat Vintage 30's UK $200

    I have a mint pair that came out of a 2x12 cab. They have at least 100+ hours on them so broken in well enough at this point. $200 Shipping/Paypal
  2. zorak

    Sold Mint Bogner Oxford Fuzz with Neve Transformer $110 obo

    Shipped and PayPal with original box and manual. Perfect condition.
  3. zorak

    WTB BK Butler Tube Driver w Bias

    Who's got one for sale?!!!
  4. zorak

    Sold ESP Traditional Strat MIJ w Upgrades!!!

    Maker: ESP Model: Traditional (precursor to Vintage Plus) Year: 1992 Color: Lake Placid Blue Fretboard: Indian Rosewood Radius: 12" Body: Alder Fret: Jescar Medium Jumbo Nut: Bone Nut Width: 1 5/8" Tuners: Gotoh Locking Bridge: Gotoh 510 Electronics: EMG RA5 Active Alnico 5 style Pickguard...
  5. zorak

    FS SOLD!Sylvania 6CA7 - Tested Very Strong

    This came from a matched pair, but the other one has excessive leaks when tested. Thought someone could use the good one. $40 Shipped/PayPal I can share the photos by email or text.
  6. zorak

    Sold Rocktron Intellifex LTD $80!!!

    One of the coolest 1U rack units of the 90's, it has wonderful chorus, delay and reverb tones, along with some very cool harmonizing and detuning effects. Get your Holdsworth on!!! In excellent shape without any issues. Final price - $80 Shipped/PayPal
  7. zorak

    Incoming: Intellifex Ltd.

    So, I pulled the trigger after hearing analogkid85's sound clips. They were straightforward, no pixie dust, just bypassed licks and engaged same licks. All sounded pretty glorious to me. I'm getting it mainly for the chorusing and Holdsworth-type ambient sounds. But I know it'll do a lot more...
  8. zorak

    Sold Elixir Strings .009 - .042

    7 Brand New sets, with boxes and never been used. $30 Shipped/Paypal Pretty good deal, eh?
  9. zorak

    Sold Tom Anderson H2+ Humbucker $60

    I've got an H2+, Tom's most popular pickup from Day 1. Perfect medium output sound, thick mids, tight bottom and rounded highs. More output than a PAF but less than a high output/high gain sound. Good condition, no issues. One of the best boutique pickups you can buy. $60 Shipped/Paypal
  10. zorak

    Sold TC Electronic M300 Dual Engine Multi-Effects $70

    Cheap but very useful unit. Has Reverb on one side and Delay, Chorus, Flanging Phasing, Compression on the other side. In near mint condition with original box. Less than a crummy pedal! $70 Shipped...
  11. zorak

    Sold Roland SDE-2500 Delay/Modulation 15-bit of Tasty Digital Goodness! $85 obo

    This is very cool unit, more rare than the SDE-1000 and not nearly as expensive as the 3000. Up to 750 ms and killer sounding modulation. Right up there with Korg units and the like. $85 obo.
  12. zorak

    Sold Omnifex Half Rack Digital Delay $35

    Hey guys, I have a very cool half-rack space Digital Delay from Omnifex, MIJ-made. It has a delay time of 1024 Ms, awesome Modulation and has an 80's tone/vibe. Similar to the Boss PS-2 without pitch shifting.Comes with power supply. Works great, no issues...
  13. zorak

    Sold Boss CH-1 Stereo Chorus with Depth Mod $50 OBO

    These, typically, have such subtle chorus, it almost sounds like flanging. But there is a toggle switch on the back that gives the pedal more depth and throb. Very cool. No issues, works fine. Nice to have 2 sounds in one box for the price...
  14. zorak

    Sold Pair of Sylvania Fat Boy 6CA7's - Best 6CA7 Ever Made!

    In excellent shape with very low hours. No issues whatsoever, as they test nearly new. Huge, punchy sound, very round and smooth. You know the story: EVH used them, bought a ton, and the prices are up, inventory is scarce. Very good price for this pair for TGP members: $80 Shipped...
  15. zorak

    Sold Providence Chrono Delay $199 for TGP

    This is the best price out there for a Chrono Delay. In near mint condition with original box. Best Digital Delay for the money, no question. $199 Shipped for TGP. Just PM me.
  16. zorak

    Boss RCE-10 Chorus Ensemble Micro Rack Series

    Anyone ever used on of these? I have a half-track space available and I'm short a chorus unit these days. It's "digital" but I've heard it's a little warmer than, say, the DC-3 pedal. Anyway, opinions would be appreciated!!!
  17. zorak

    Sold Phillips ECG EL-34/6CA7 Matched Pair with Original Boxes

    These tubes are getting harder and harder to find, especially in excellent condition with original boxes. This is a price that I've seen for 1 single without box, much less matched pair with boxes. Very low hours, amazing bottom end, fat mids and good crunch. I will give a discount for TGP if...
  18. zorak

    Sold Tom Anderson SD 1R Middle Single Reverse Wound $40 OBO!

    No longer made, the SD pickups are some of the most coveted that Tom has created. You can split them or have them in noise cancelling mode. Sound awesome either way. $40 Shipped. Never see a deal like this for one of best boutique pup makers...
  19. zorak

    Sold TC Electronic Vintage Delay (T Rex Replica) $80 obo

    Great pedal with a ton of features including Tap Tempo, filter control, Triplet control. Totally nails analog delay, slapback or tape Delay. Looks rough but works flawlessly. $80 obo
  20. zorak

    Sold Dunlop Univibe Controller Expression Pedal in Mint Condition $30 Dunlop Univibe Expression pedal, comes with stereo cable. Mint condition with the plastic on the bottom. Killer deal, $30. Free Shipping!!!!
  21. zorak

    Sold Non Logo Seymour Duncan Alnico II Strat Neck Pickup Cheap!!!

    First, we have a Custom that sounds very good, btw. Hot PAF without mid spikes or brittle top-end. Not very common to find these, especially without the logo. Comes with screws and springs. $40 Shipped/Paypal SOLD!!! Lastly, we have an Alnico II neck. Clearly one of the best Strat pups SD has...
  22. zorak

    Sold Peavey Floyd Rose from USA Wolfgang $45 Shipped/Paypal

    I parted out a Wolfgang awhile back and have the FR leftover. It's in good shape and works just fine. Brass block, size 42. Everything is there: Trem unit, springs, claw, bar and upgraded locking studs. Upgrading or need a Trem for a project? This is your ticket! $45 Shipped/PayPal
  23. zorak

    Sold Boss Auto Wah AW-2 $45

    Very cool pedal that actually has some modulation features that others don't have. You can get funky with it or very subtle, too. Seriously underrated. In very good condition with just a scrape on one corner. $45 Shipped USPS Priority Mail
  24. zorak

    Sold Carl Martin Classic Opto Compressor, V2, $60!!! I'll give TGP buyers $60 Shipped/PayPal Gift on this one. Excellent ++ condition. It's a steal and there isn't a compressor at this price thats better. Come on a get squishy!!!!
  25. zorak

    Sold Dimarzio Air Norton in Double Creme $40

    Can be used as both neck or bridge, although a lot of guys use it as a neck with Tone Zone or Norton. I think it sounds killer in the bridge of any guitar. Not high gain, somewhere between 12-13K. One of their best pups because it's actually versatile. $40 Shipped

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