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    aztec gold paint?

    Did some online searching..where can you buy this stuff? I'll assume its not gonna be in a can like the reranch how does one apply it? maybe ask an auto body place and pay em,give them the paint? could i just spray this stuff? Not looking for a perfect coat as its an old stripped...
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    egnater rebel 20 headroom? what fender equivalent? and any mods?

    Was wondering? Does it fall in the princeton or deluxe category? Not interested in its overdrive just its clean tone as i use pedals for drive.I'll add in I'm playing with mostly singer songwriters/ blues rock stuff...but the 16 pounds for the head really fits my 2 bad discs in my back... Also...
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    any update on the new Voodoo lab "GIGITY"

    sniffing round and just have seen the premier guitar video ?? any updates out there..really like the pedal, cool concept..
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    (NOVA DELAY CONTENT) can someone clarify something ?

    So if I only save two different delay sounds i can toggle between them? Seems like after all my searches etc it looks this way? Would be great for live use,as scrolling through 9 is not
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    simple two button delay (tap tempo)

    I'm a simple guy,just need a delay that is under $200 that has two buttons one being the tap tempo.I know about the Boss stuff and having an external tap button. 1. I'm thinking (despite not being a fan) about the joe Satch. new delay pedal? Seems simple..decent enough?? Read a thread about...
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    I know it's been covered..can't find thread (evidence lyric soldering ?)

    Just got some Evidence lyric and two idiot problems..both my fault. 1. where the heck is the thread (i could've swore was here awhile back) Where these 2 conductor type of cables where shown how to be soldered. 2. Lost the two neutrik ends I was gonna use in a recent move...they are just...
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    my guitar stolen, long time ago..what model is this strat?

    Sorry no picture..but it was big headstock strat..NO bullet truss rod.maple neck..sunburst body(not that it matters much) had it in the 90's . what year reissue was it? 1969? cant find much info online..its been years and i would love to find one today as I feel its time after all these years...
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    Anybody want to buy a Dumble???|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 I know they go for big bucks..but to see I sleep with...
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    what effect is this (banjo sound ryan adams live link)

    at 1:55 the guitar player starts the banjo line on his strat? sounds great..doubt its a guitar synth..but maybe? anybody on the possible effect? a POG maybe??
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    How to add "sparkle" to a dark amp ?

    Hey guys, I've got a fairly dark somewhat mid rangey amp.It sports a 15inch and 1 tone knob. Am EQ pedal is an obvious choice but it seems to need something up top as far as tone..more sparkle and maybe a higher K than a standard EQ has.I know BYOC has one that you can change the freq...
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    68 Bandmaster...I am deaf today..what do they sound like??

    Stuck with no sound card with my work computer and thinkin bout buying a 68 bandmaster head.Seem similar to a super in layout?? what do they sound like? I assume lots of headroom? standard balckface amp? (well its a silver face) but you catch my drift..Thanks guys!
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    BEST, Clean headroom blackface tone, combo..small size ??

    Want the cleanest smallest blackface amp? 1 channel,reverb would be a plus..just basic fender clean around 20 watts? just looking for clean,highest headroom possible tone. no drive..what do you guys think?
  13. M all the threads...basic spring verb pedal?

    *update 1/29/09 * So used my GC gift card + some cash, got the holy grail. It in fact does have a slight hiss when turned on. Didn't hear it at GC but it was hard to hear over the mesa boogies blaring..The noise didn't bug me at all at the gig though. Decent enough verb to liven up an amp a...
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    brown note D'lite 22/33 hows the clean channel ??

    searched and found a bunch on its OD..obviously i know. but what about the clean tone? ill assume nice blackface type tones? if the cleans are nice im in.. anybody got some clips as well?
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    CLEANest,one channel amp kit? low wattage/high headroom

    love the clean blackface tones..looking to build a kit for a amp (for club use) that is just clean? not looking for a loud amp.just low watt but high headroom. was thinking the D'lite OD 22/33 cause the drive it has seems like a great bonus.but most importantly (to me) how is the clean tone...
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    1971 super reverb...a moral dilemma..

    looking for something to replace my 71 super reverb..the problem is i cannot lug it around anymore as the band of 12 years is over and im on to most likely smaller projects...its gotta go and its killing a deluxe reverb its..well "little brother"? looking for that clean,fender high...
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    low gainers thread

    anyone care to share there likings for the low gain pedals? its an area i dont know many pedals for but claim it as my main sound?? ill name a few to get some of the obvious ones out of the way. LTD timmy (tim) red snapper RC booster
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    replacing my RC booster to solo boost my LTD??? whatchya think??

    been enjoying the RC booster for some time now, but im looking to boost my light (bluesy rhythm tone barber LTD) for solos...the RC seems to add some "tone" and EQ in a good way but a bit to colored for my taste now? not looking for totally dead clean DB boost necessarily a little mojo is cool...
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    barber LTD or red snapper ??

    so in true GPer fashion in not satisfied...well ill back up im completely happy with my black LTD (for almost three years) but... how does the red snapper compare?? seems like they are in the same camp and would love to try one? anybody own both and care to talk on the two? had both kept the...
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    cap location for les paul wiring (im finding several different placements?)

    does it matter where it is located? id assume so but how do i know what one to go with? thanks everyone have a good weekend:BEER ive planned on this one with the "wire flip" for independent control. the cap is on the end lug? ive seen some with it on the center lug?? is there a tonal difference?
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    where is your E in your chain? is it ok to push your signal??

    i use only drives and a delay...always shuffling around the OD's order...i was think of putting the RHE first and set the gain low to just add its awesome flavor and touch to whatever drive or boost after it??? i remember reading somewhere here about a few who didint like the way it "drove the...
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    $1300 cap,small,headroom,1 channel clean ?????????????

    trying to help a buddy out with some research on this one..this is usually the best place..hes currently using a super reverb..loves the cleans but WAY to big for him and doesnt quite need the volume.. hes in CT and is selling it with a ATA roadcase for $1000 (its mint 2006). and wants to buy...
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    any BYOC booster pedal kits (no or low gain)??

    ive seen a dozen schematics etc. but no kits? just looking for a basic one knob boost,at the most something more like a RC? im not looking for gain.. oh and ive seen the tri boost at BYOC...
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    anyone make a exact mexican strat body replacement?

    just looking for a swap out? would take 10minutes if it was made to the mexico specs (are they the same as usa body and holes?) allparts? anyone done it before?
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    the voicing of the eternity.....

    not sure its for me?? love,love it as a pedal to solo with. and the RC after its the best...but for chords i find it doesnt cut through? and is a little gritty(not sure if gritty the right word but..)?just not voiced how i like my chord stuff to be..maybe its not great for low gain...

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