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    Rival Sons Are Not Led Zeppelin?

    Finally, a rocker under 50 that can sing.
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    + + + What are your 3 FAVORITE ALBUMS of all time? + + +

    We're Only in it For the Money - Mothers of Invention Led Zeppelin II Close to the Edge - Yes Honourable Mentions: Sargeant Pepper - Beatles Aqualung - Jethro Tull Machine Head - Deep Purple
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    The epic Frank Zappa guitar solos ...

    Watermelon on Easter Hay is Dweezil's favourite solo of his dad. nUja5B8ei2U
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    Child In Time.....

    The Lord intro still gives me chills.
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    Best Prog Album of All time

    Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica
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    Let's show the kids some great music from the old days

    "Vehicle" was one of the hippest tunes back in the day. Horn bands - BS&T, Lighthouse, Chicago and Tower of Power seemed like rock and R & B supercharged to the next level. I burst out laughing when the camera pans the crowd. All of us hippies now fat, grey and bald!
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    1971. Yes for Yesfans

    Over 40 years ago and these guys were already creating and playing some of the most sophisticated music in rock and roll history. And Kiss beats them into the Hall of Fame (insert guffaw here)?
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    Which sixties singer has held up the best

    Roger Hodgson (64 in March) can still hit every note.
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    Country Legend Ray Price

    King of the country "shuffle"!
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    Boy George in 2013... almost didnt recognize

    Culture Club was apparently a band with one strong musician (guitar player?), a talented and flamboyant singer playing to a time when young listeners always obsessed with culture over musicianship. Pretty much describes every generation doesn't it? The truly talented musicians transcend these...
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    Best B.B. King vocals

    The crowd reaction @ The Regal" "I gave you seven children..." One of the most incredible live moments ever, send chills down my spine!
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    Albums That Tanked/Crashed/Burned That You Still Like

    Wishbone Ash IV Eagles Desperado I must admit a real soft spot for Rory Blocks "Intoxication So Bitter Sweet" (1977). A disco era release before her mad acoustic guitar skillz - showcasing some wicked R and B vocals. I think she has completely disowned it.
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    Pancho and Lefty

    For my money, the Hoyt Axton version.
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    Forget about the fastest guitarist in the world - check out what these gals can do!

    It takes superhuman strength to lift almost all your bodyweight up when lifting that apple.
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    A Perfect Album!

    All the Young Dudes - Mott the Hoople
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    I discovered this awesome new bluesish band, check HER out!

    I believe sexual expression is an essential part of rock and roll. Why should we feel guilty?
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    Kansas Bassist new album.. awesome!!!

    Take that you young whippersnappers!
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    Over the top vocals?

    I think it depends on the musical style and the chops of the singers. BB King in his prime (Live at the Regal) and anything by Howlin Wolf are examples of very effective emotive "punches" vocally. And lets not forget the granddaddy of them all - Screamin Jay Hawkins!
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    talk talk - laughing stock

    Check out on YouTube the live performance from Montreux - incredible!
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    Which vocalists banter the best?

    7 pages and only one mention of Peter Wolf. It does not get any better than the banter on J Geils Full House. "Take out your false teeth Mama, I wanna suck on your gums!"
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    Mott the Hoople Might tour the States in 2014

    The tone on Mick Ralphs' "Sweet Jane" solo forever haunts me...:crazy
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    Music artists that were once hated or disliked

    Without a doubt, KISS. This band was absolutely a joke musically and despised by every "head" that grew up with the honest virtuosity of the likes of Led Zep, Deep Purple, Tull, Yes, etc. I am amazed by their popularity now.:huh
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    Emmylou Harris's guitarist in this clip

    Robert Plant's "Band of Joy"
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    Robert Palmer

    Snappy dresser, always dressed in designer suits. Married to the same woman for his whole career. "One Last Look" blew me away and still does. Little Feat's "Spanish Moon"!!!

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