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    Floyd Fans: What is your favorite Gilmour?

    My favorite is “Sorrow.” It literally changed the way I played guitar. The live version from “Pulse” is phenomenal. He goes rips away. I can’t get enough of Pink Floyd. l’m looking forward the the October 15th Delicate Sound of Thunder movie in 4K. I hope it shows somewhere near me. Peace to...
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    Jorge Santana dies at 68

    Rest In Peace Jorge. I truly enjoyed the first Malo album and his playing. He was a very nice man.
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    NGD: 2012 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

    Good looking Strat. Those Fat 50s sound nice. Enjoy your new guitar.
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    That is a beautiful guitar my friend.
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    Video in defence of small amps

    Really cool. Stay safe everybody.
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    Shiva & Budda ~ direct recording clips

    Both tracks sounded great. Take care
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    What are your (3) favorite Neil Young songs from anytime in history?

    Only love can break your heart, Like a Hurricane, Down by the River.
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    What's the biggest show you ever had tickets for, and didn't attend?

    I don’t remember if I posted this. My friends and I had tickets to see Jimi Hendrix. We didn’t get to see him because he passed away. RIP.
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    Favorite drummers besides Bonham, Peart and Moon?

    Michael Shrieve Todd Suchermen Jeff Pocaro John Bonham
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    Best vintage Strat alternatives?

    I agree with Mr. Princetone. Fender AVRI Hot Rod Strat.
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    The legendary guitar you'd most like to play

    The Black One, I’d measure those pickups. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and your families. Travel safely in the bad weather.
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    I remember when...

    I remember when I asked for and got an autograph from the guitar player in a band named The MCCoys. He was really good.
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    NGD: Suhr Custom Classic Hardtail

    Beautiful guitar. The paint color is stunning. Play it in good health.
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    Share Your Clean Music Rooms / Studios!

    Howthewestwas1, that stereo cabinet is beautiful. Your room and guitars look great.
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    Anybody else see a bunch of chinese posts all over The Gear Page?

    Wait an hour and you will see some more.
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    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    Beautiful guitar.
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    Noisy Teese RMC 3 Wah

    Geoffrey Teese provided great customer service to me. Went way out of his way to solve my problem which was more me than his product.
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    Historically significant concerts in rock music

    The concert show which, sadly, ended with the death of Dimebag Darrel and the concert show in which Great White was performing and a fire broke out. The performances themselves were not entirely historic, but the resulting tragedies had long reaching impacts on peoples lives.
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    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Sounding Records?

    Steve Winwood, Back in the High Life Again Steely Dan, Aja U2, Joshua Tree Dire Straights, Brothers in Arms Michael Jackson, Off the Wall Pearl Jam, Ten Redux Train, Drops of jupiter
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    NGD - 2018 Historic '59 Murphy Painted

    That is a beautiful guitar.
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    Awesome Service from Fulltone....Plimsoul Story

    I have had great interactions with Mike Fuller. He even gave me advice on malware software. I really like my Fulltone gear.
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    Rory Gallagher was Bad Ass

    I have admired Rory for many years. He used to play at the Whiskey a Go Go quite a bit. I saw at many locations in southern Calif., and he was always great. Mr. Rossi163 said it best. He was in complete control of his guitar. He may be the best guitarist I have ever seen. Rest in Peace Rory.
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    A Momentary Lapse of Reason - Am I the only one that loves this record?

    I really enjoy the album. Still play it these days. To me, Sorrow, is a great song, the solo rips.
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    Concerts You Attended With Your Dad

    Pops and I went to see, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Pretenders, Robin Trower, numerous blues shows, Hollywood Bowl Playboy Festivals, and we became friends with Albert Collins. The last concert we attended, we went to see David Gilmour at the Hollywood Bowl. He would turn off all the...
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    David Allen Pickups gone?

    I have tried to buy some pickups, but there is no page to place credit card/paypal information. It shows 404 page missing. I wanted a set of the Voodoo 69s. I hope he returns to making pickups.

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