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    P.A.F question

    ' Developed over many years of careful repair, dissection and study of original PAF pickups'. This is taken from a boutique manufacturer's advertising blurb but I've seen it used by many other pickup manufacturers. How many original PAFs were made ? Are there any still in existence or have they...
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    Early Jimi review:

    In 1967 Jimi appeared at Sussex University which is in my hometown of Brighton in the U.K. If you look this up on the FB page 'Brighton Past' there are some photos which apparently were taken by Alvin Lee.
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    PRS pickups question

    If you put core model pickups in an S2 Singlecut would there be a noticeable difference in tone between the core and the S2 ?
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    15w Tube Amps

    I have the Bassbreaker 15 combo which has three pre-amp tubes and two power tubes. I've been looking at the Laney Super Cub - same output stage but only two pre-amp tubes. What, if anything, does the number of pre-amp tubes tell you about an amp ?
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    Spark Boost arrived.

    I've had the pedal for a few days now and I'm really pleased with it. I got it to use mainly with my Bassbreaker combo. I'd been using a GE7 and an OD3 (gain at zero) and getting good results but I wanted to try a dedicated clean boost. I haven't been able to try it with the Bassbreaker yet but...
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    Billion Dollar Babies

    The first Alice album I bought was School's Out when I was 14. I then got Love it to Death and Killer. I loved the original band. By the time they got to Billion Dollar Babies the session guys had more or less taken over the guitar roles but I love the playing and tones on this album. I believe...
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    Roland Micro Cube

    I bought one of these when they first appeared. The first thing I ever bought on the net without trying or hearing it first. It was the first practise amp that I liked. I owned a Fender Frontman that used to induce severe ear fatigue after a few minutes. I loved the 'Classic Stack' option and...
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    NPD tomorrow - TC Electronic Spark

    Been delayed a few times due to the virus but it's on it's way. The bigger one, not the mini. I bought a Bassbreaker 15 combo and only managed one gig with it before lockdown. As it's a single channel amp I wanted something that I could step on for a little extra gain and volume. At the gig I...
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    At what point does music become Jazz ?

    Does it need to have complex, altered chords ? Can you play Jazz over one chord or a simple riff ? If so, how far do you have to move from basic pentatonics and modes before you've entered Jazz territory ?
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    Honesty in advertising

    From Facebook: Free to collector - LEWES: This, otherwise unidentifiable, Acetone organ was gifted to me by a dear friend who I am now very tempted to block permanently from my life as a result. A tale as old as time when it comes to organs I suppose... There are very few endearing qualities...
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    Bargain Tele

    Ad from Facebook. ' Buttercream, a few chips but it doesn’t effect the playing'.
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    Machine heads

    Does anyone use this term any more ?
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    Katana 50 Mk 1 question.

    Sorry for starting another thread but the other Katana threads are so extensive I wouldn't know where to begin. I got my Katana 50 when they first appeared. I couldn't get a sound I liked and it sat in a corner until a few months back when I decided to have another go. I'm getting quite...
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    TC Electronic Spark Booster

    I've got one of these on order (not the mini version) but the retailer is out of stock at the moment. There is a current thread in which TC Electronic are getting a bashing on quality and durability. Are these things garbage ?
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    LaDoten Guitars

    Met this guy on Facebook. Great looking guitars. Anyone know them ?
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    Boss OD3 customer review translated from French

    'It is a very good overdrive pedal. In the range of home boss overdrive dense, thick and roughened is this one. The sound is warm and responds perfectly to the guitar. Overdrive amp lamp sum. She enjoys body and low states. The color is sharp and rattling or oily wish. Oriented enough that the...
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    Looper question

    I have very little experience of loopers but I have the TC Ditto. The problem I have is that if I record a riff or chord sequence and play over it the recording is mostly obliterated by anything I play over the top even if the volume levels are the same. Am I doing something wrong ? Surely...
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    TC Electronic pedals switches

    I'm aware that in the past these pedals had a reputation for poor quality switches. Anyone bought one recently ? Have they got any better ?
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    PRS Singlecut or Les Paul ?

    This question is aimed at those of you that like both brands. The 2020 Les Paul Pauls have come down in price and the PRS S2 range have gone up. I can now buy a Les Paul Standard 50's for £200 more than a PRS S2 594 Singlecut. I've never owned a Les Paul but I think they're just about the...
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    Anyone fancy forming a Spotnicks tribute band ?

    The audience are going wild......
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    T-Rex Moller 2

    I've been looking at clean boosts and had more or less decided I'd go for an MXR Micro amp. I've seen the Moller advertised for less than the cost of the MXR. It offers a TS type circuit with a seperate clean boost. How does the clean boost side compare to the MXR ? Or other clean boosts ...
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    Clean boosts

    I'm using a Bassbreaker 15 combo on the medium gain setting at the point of early break up. I've been using a Boss GE7 graphic, volume slider only, to kick in a tad more gain and volume. The only downside is that it's easy to kick the sliders into different positions when I don't want them to...
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    Outside note or bum note ?

    How do I tell the difference ?
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    Question for Yamaha THR100 users

    I have this amp with the matching 2 x 12 cab and I love it. However, at 62 years young, I can't face heaving the cab around any more. Is anyone running their's with a 1 x 12 ? If so, what are you using and how does it sound ? The Yamaha 1 x 12 is no longer available and I remember a couple of...
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    Rajani amps.

    New builder. Sounds great to me. What do you think ?

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