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    How to stop amp 'bleeding' over into another with A/B/C setup?

    I recently put together an eric Johnson like setup. But it's got a bad bleed over from one amp into another one. The setup is an a/b/c switcher from loop master between a marshall studio vintage, 18 watt clone, & a pair of fenders. Channel A is the 18 watt combo going into a fryette power...
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    new lynch mob

    George certainly stays busy. Sounds pretty good.
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    Q&A with Eric Johnson video

    Saw this recently posted to youtube & thought some of the other EJ fans would enjoy it. Hopefully, eric will start doing more of this.
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    Steve Vai turns 57 today

    He can get too wacky for some. But no questioning his talent, ability, & creativity. Been a favorite of mine since I heard eat'em & smile. One of the best.
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    Dwight Yoakam covers Purple Rain

    Of the versions that have been performed since the death of Prince, Dwight's take is my favorite. As always, he does a great job.
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    "In the Studio" interview w/ EJ

    With the 25th Anniversary of Ah Via Musicom coming up, EJ did an interview with Redbeard on In the Studio. Most of it is music. But there are some interview spots that some EJ fans might want to check out. Can't believe that record turns 25 this week...
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    eric johnson turns 60 today

    an outstanding musician & person. love his work. hope he continues to give us great tunes for years to come. bQpIuE6SNjE Yiq-P86PDMg
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    metallica orion fest- doing full ride the lightning album

    didn't see this posted yet. pretty darn good setlist. ride the lightning performed backwards and the only time they've ever done escape live. hopefully. if they haven't already, maybe they'll do the complete kill'em all record next. 67Dhsn9knMU&feature
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    EJ in New Orleans last night (w/video)

    The last stop on this tour. As usual, he sounded fantastic and delivered a stellar performance. There wasn't an opening act, so EJ gave us about two hours worth of music. He had Chris Maresh playing bass & Wayne Salzmann on drums. Salzmann is a drum instructor at the University of Texas. The...
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    video of ej playing cliffs without drums or bass

    thought some might enjoy it. 2BijTkVGAQU
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    Lynch Mob review from New Orleans show w/ gear report.

    in the Parish Room at the House of Blues in New Orleans. Despite a few unfortunate circumstances, it was a good show. Apparently, Oni Logan just left the band. This was the third show of the tour and the second for the new singer. I can't recall his name. I do think his first name was Chazz. He...
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    john mayer live @ red rocks tonight on ustream
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    EJ turned 56 today

    The man never seems to age. One of the best guitarist of all time. PD6MaiMEglo
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    For the Eric Johnson fans

    Eric, Chris Maresh, & Bill Maddox performed a few songs in studio at an Austin radio station Monday afternoon. The session also included an interview with EJ. The guys played Enzo Shuffle, Rain, Last House on the Block, & Wind Cries Mary.
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    EJ at NAMM vid

    Didn't see it posted yet