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  1. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine - $140 shipped

    Little Miss Sunshine in great shape! Includes box. Trades (add/take cash as needed) Boss DM-2w Boss VB-2w Boss CE-2w Boss RV-6 Reverbs generally Diamond Chorus, Vibrato, Quantum Leap try me
  2. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr. - $145 shipped

    Memory Lane Jr in great shape! Trades: plus cash as needed: Boss DM-2 Boss RV-6 Boss VB-2w Boss CE-2w Boss RC-3
  3. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Strymon Flint -$249 shipped

    Here’s a Strymon Flint in nice shape - just the faintest little nick on the left side of the case, but barely noticeable. Pedal only, no box, papers, PSU. Trades (add cash as needed) Boss DM-2w Boss VB-2w Boss CE-2w Boss RV-6 Boss PH-1r Boss RC-3
  4. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V2 - $139 shipped!

    Here’s an EQD Dispatch Master in great shape with box and paperwork. Trade wise, I’m looking for a looper, a Smallsound/Bigsound Mini, or a Chorus/Vibrato pedal. Thanks!
  5. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold SolidGoldFX Surf Rider III - $149 shipped

    Looking to sell ($149 shipped) or trade my Surf Rider III. Trade-wise, I'm looking for a hall or plate reverb, a looper, a tremolo, vibrato, or possibly a delay (would need to be different than/compliment my Memory Lane...
  6. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Addictive Drums 2 + Multiple AdPacks and Midi - $89

    Decided to part ways with Addictive Drums 2, and so here's a chance to get some pretty great software for much less than retail. $89 takes it all. You'll get the following: Addictive Drums 2 Retroplex AdPak Reel Machines AdPak (terrific electronic sounds) Indie AdPak Vintage Dry AdPak 60's...
  7. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Guild F-2512e 12 String Acoustic - $269 Killer 12 string acoustic here at a very good price. Trade wise, I’d consider trading it towards a Strat, Jazzmaster, or Jaguar. Or, possibly, a EHX DMM plus or minus cash as appropriate. Thanks!
  8. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Diamond Counterpoint Delay -$99! Awesome delay, sounds just like the Memory Lane Jr. with a few extra modes, like tape, available as well!
  9. Great Shot Pilot

    The Mr. Black Mini Reverb Is a Very Good Guitar Effects Pedal

    So I just got the Mr. Black Mini Reverb that I bought from CME for $84 on a Black Friday sale and...holy crap, y’all. I have owned a lot of reverbs (way too many reverbs to be precise), including all of the big box (and small box) superstars around here. But I have never, ever, been happier...
  10. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay - $139 shipped $139 Trade-wise, I am looking for a good overdrive, fuzz, looper, or digital-voiced delay (i.e., DD-7, DD-3, etc.) plus or minus cash from me. Feel free to offer any other pedals, as I am fairly open.
  11. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Yamaha MG10XU Analog Mixer - Free Shipping! $118 $118, with free shipping! Great mixer!
  12. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold EZ Mix Bundle - $79! Software and tons of expansions!

    For sale are the following: EZ Mix 2 Software Packs: Ambient, Amps, Bass Toolbox, Core Expansion, Bass Toolbox, Indie Guitars, Lead Vocals, Lo Fi, Mastering, Mastering 2, Rooms and Verbs, The Mix Separately, this would set you back over $700. I'll let it all go for $79 OBO. Thanks!
  13. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Crazy Deal on EZDrummer Bundle - $259 for a TON of stuff - PRICE DROP

    Here's a huge collection of EZDrummer stuff at a great discount: EZ Drummer 2 Software EZX's - Alt Rock, Americana, Dream Pop (really awesome), Electronic, Indie Folk, Nashville, Rock Solid, Rock!, The Classic, UK Pop, Vintage Rock Midi Packs - Alt Rock Grooves, American Rock, Basic Rock...
  14. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Larrivee D-03 (2006) - $629 shipped Would trade for a Fender Champ/Vibro Champ/Bronco in good shape, or maybe a Pro Junior plus some cash from you.
  15. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Fender Road Worn Tele -$699 shipped Trade wise, I’m probably looking for a Jazzmaster or Jaguar, and will add or take cash as needed. But feel free to make any offer, as I’m trying to keep an open mind. Would also...
  16. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Vox AC10C1VS with NOS Tubes -$349 $349 Trade-wise, I’d consider a Fender Champ/Bronco, or something similar that is Fender-voiced. Will add cash as appropriate.
  17. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Subdecay Analog Pitch Vibrato ($72) Subdecay Siren Analog Vibrato - $72
  18. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar -$1129 shipped! $1129 shipped for TGP. Trade wise, I’m looking for a Strat, Tele, or vintage Mustang. Fender or boutique! I’m cool with worn/player-grade instruments and honestly prefer them, so don’t hesitate to offer one.
  19. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Fender American Vintage 64 Telecaster - $1,345 shipped Trade wise, I'd be interested in a Martin 000-18, an Epiphone Elitist Casino, a Johnny Marr Jaguar, a vintage Fender Mustang, or possibly an AVRI/AV Jazzmaster.
  20. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold $1429! USA Epiphone John Lennon 1965 Casino Trade wise, looking for a nice acoustic-electric; Martin, Larrivee, Taylor, or Gibson.
  21. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold White Diamond Memory Lane Jr. - $144 shipped! In custom white with cool knobs!
  22. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold MJT/Fender Strat, Surf Green ($599) PRICE DROP! Trade-wise, I’m looking for something with P90’s or HB’s, like a Epiphone Casino, Gibson SG, Gibson LP Junior or Special, etc. A HB equipped Tele might work, too. I'd also consider an acoustic-electric...
  23. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Diamond Fireburst V2 Fuzz/Distortion - $109 Trade wise, I'd consider compressors (probably optical), a digital delay (i.e., a traditional digital delay a la the DD-5) or a darker-voiced analog or even oil can style delay, or perhaps a low-mid gain...
  24. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Boss RV-6 - $99 shipped

    Great shape, with box. Thanks!
  25. Great Shot Pilot

    Sold Digitech Obscura - $60

    Really nice, versatile delay. Dead mint and includes box. Would trade for a phaser or perhaps a Zoom MS70CDR.