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    CTS 250k split shaft in a Highway One

    Will a CTS 250k split shaft pot fit into a Highway One ('02, pre upgrade if it matters) pickguard without drilling?
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    Another question regarding my strat...

    I posted a thread about a week ago addressing the problem as to why there was no sound being amplified from my guitar! Well I resoldered a couple suspicious looking connections, and I got them to work again, but ONLY positions 2,3, and 4. My bridge only and neck only still do not work. However...
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    Need Help!!!!! NO output!

    So I was playing my strat today and it was fine, but I opened up my pickguard to tighten a screw that I had meant to tighten for some time. I had just now gotten around to it. But after I put it back on, there was nothing amplified, tried different cables, and my friend's guitar worked, but not...
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    Blues project...

    Hey guys, I have a blues project to do, and I figured it would be cool if I could get input from many different people. I've answered the questions to the best of my ability, but would like to see what you guys have to say. It would really help if you guys could give me some input! You don't...
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    Anyone going to the Sean Costello Memorial Concert?

    It's this Sunday in Atlanta. I wish I could go, but Atlanta is a pretty long way from here. Anybody going?
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    What is the difference between all these Jazz Picks?

    The Dunlop Ultex Jazz III, Dunlop Nylon Jazz III, Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Jazz, and the Dunlop Eric Johnson Jazz III, what's the difference between all of them?
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    Urgent pickup replacement help needed...

    This is my first time installing pickups. The Good: Volume works Tone works The Bad: When I tap the pickups in each position with a screwdriver.... In position 1, middle and bridge In position 2, all three make a noise In position 3, neck and middle In position 4, neck and middle In position...
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    Gonna change my strat pups for the first time tonight...

    So I want to move the rear tone pot to control the bridge pickup while I am in there changing the pickups. So would all I have to do is solder the wire from where the green arrow starts to where the green arrow ends? Any other tips?
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    Please recommend some Strat pups

    I know, there has been a million post on this before, but specifically I want some late 50's/early-mid 60's sounding pups that are punchy, growly, articulate, can handle a good amount of overdrive, not too pronounced on the mids, and pretty versatile. Hopefully it can go from this...
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    Mesa Nomad 55 Channel 3 not working?

    When I turn on the Channel 3 on the Mesa Nomad I use, nothing is amplified in either modes (well maybe a very quiet, barely audible signal, I never really listened). Does anybody know why? Channel 1 and 2 work great, but sometimes I need some more gain and anything past 12 o'clock on the gain...
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    Line 6 Pod X3L vs Pod XTL

    Is there a tonal difference between the X3 Live and the Pod XT Live or just more effects/features?
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    Just for fun: The average day of a strat

    Morning, sunshine! Gotta brush my teeth! Time to hit the showers! Breakfast time HEY! KNOCK FIRST NEXT TIME! Homework... Playing with the dog a bit A little Super Smash never did any harm :D Playing with the dog some more Listening to some tunes, my man SRV :JAM Playing the...
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    What's the difference between the Blues Deluxe and the HRD?

    These are both 6l6 powered amps, with similar features (minus the "more drive" channel in the HRD), from the same manufacturer. What is the tonal difference between these two amps?
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    Which strings?

    My main two playing styles are as follows: blues (SRV style to Eric Clapton style), and rhythm guitar (power chords). I need strings that will satisfy these two playing styles, while retaining long life and ease-of-bending. Which of the following do you think will fit my playing styles best? I...
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    What guitar was Buddy Guy using last night?

    Did anybody see what guitar Buddy Guy was using last night on the Late Show with David Letterman? Didn't particularly like how it looked or sounded, but sure looked interesting. I don't really know how to explain it, if anybody saw it/knows what it was, let me know!
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    Lace Sensor Emeralds... thoughts?

    How do the Lace Sensor Emeralds compare to... say the Texas Specials or Tex-Mex pickups?
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    Just got my first strat!

    Thanks to your reply's in the thread "Is 5 years too old for a Highway One?", I just picked up an '02 Fender Highway One (transparent teal finish), upgraded with a shielded pickguard/pickup cavities, Kinman Woodstock AVn pickups, Graphtech Graphite Saddles, and a Graphtech Graphite nut. This is...
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    Anyone try G2D?

    Anyone try them? Their sound clips sound pretty nice and they seem like quality boutique pedals. Can anybody tell me about how they actually sound?
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    Hey, new here

    Hey guys, I'm from Montgomery Twp, next to Princeton, Central NJ, in Somerset County, use a Schecter Omen 6 (with a stop tailpiece, this guitar was from before they made the string-thru body), use it through a Marshall 10CD and a Guitar Research T60R. I am currently selling a Boss ME-50 to pay...