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    Are Mike Burn's the best gear demos out there?

    Here's very strong evidence that Mr Burn Rules!
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    Another wraparound for those who care
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    Saint Vincent!

    The one and only Annie Clark!
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    Joanne Shaw Taylor

    I've just found out about her. Great chops, great vocals. Like her.
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    Tube epiphany - that V1 tube is where it's at

    This might be old news to most people here, but I've just tried out some tubes in my amp, and of all the permutations the one tube that seems to make the most difference is the first pre-amp tube, the one receiving the signal of the guitar. In my case I tried out a few different tubes, but there...
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    Yet another question on attenuators

    Once again I'll ask TGP. A friend just gave me his old Marshall Powerbrake. It's fully functional and it's OK for what I need - to knock out a few db's when I go out to play, and it gives me a passable tone for practice. Now, the question. It has a 8 - 16 ohms switch. Will it hurt my amp if I...
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    Weber Mass 200. Has anyone here tried it?

    Hi everyone, Anybody here has ever tried the Weber Mass 200 attenuator? If you have, how did you like it (or not)?
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    Anybody knows about 3rd Power Hybrid Master?

    Hello Everyone, Judging from the YouTube clips I've seen, 3rd Power's Hybrid Master technology is really impressive. Does anybody here know what kind of technology he's using? Is it the same as London Power's power scaling?
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    Stupid noobie question about amps with multiple power tubes?

    Hello TGP Can anybody explain to me, in simple layman terms, how can Komet amps operate with multiple power tubes? Special transformers? Would it be a feasible mod to an existing amp - say, an old 800? Also, does anybody here have first-hand experience with this kind of amp? Thanks
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    Orange PPC 412 HP 8 - What say you TGP?

    I've just closed an insanely good deal on an Orange Cab - the one in the title, with Celestion G12K100 Speakers. I've never owned such speakers. Anybody here with first-hand experience with this cab / speakers? Cheers
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    In praise of musical gear demos!

    Hi all, I like gear demos like anybody else here at TGP, but lately I've been kind of fed up with all the crappy players who inflict us with their less than stellar chops. So, to feel a bit better about my little addiction, I decided to ask TGP to post what you guys think are musical gear demos...
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    New Eminence Speaker

    I'm in no way affiliated with Eminence, but I think this might be a very interesting speaker. From their description: "Rated at 300 watts, the 8 ohm Double-T 12 features a tight low end, a midrange bite that can cut through a mix, and detailed high end without being too bright. Travis worked...
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    Are Les Pauls too heavy? Not for this 14-year-old GIRL

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    Has anyone here had any kind of playing experience with these amps? Everything I've seen so far sounds great on YouTube, but any live experience with them?
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    You don't know Jack!
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    The JHP may have been the best rock band ever!

    You may disagree, but they were certainly on fire here
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    4x12 question: Reeves or hightone?

    Dear TGP, I know my next cab will be a Hiwatt-style 4x12, and I've narrowed it down to these two companies - HighTone and Reeves. So, if you have any playing experience with any one of these two fine 4x12 cabs, could you please share it here? I'm well aware that this is very much like asking...
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    This Simo guy can play!
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    I done it! Modded my LP

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    BeatBuddy Pedal - anyone tried one yet?

    Not affiliated in any way, but I think it's a neat idea
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    Check out this Les Paul 68 conversion!

    Hi! This is one for the Les Paul lovers... Enjoy it. I did.
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    George Benson - El Mar

    Hi everyone, I've been obsessing about this old Benson song - El Mar. Has anyone here ever transcribed it? I've googled it but got no hits. Help!