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  1. LHanson

    Contemporary songs for "classic rock" cover band?

    My band is getting requests for "newer" songs in our setlist. We are all guys, 2 guitars, bass, and drums, and fairly decent at harmonizing. Looking to add 7 to 10 songs that are danceable and written (or at least popular) in the last ten to fifteen years. Fishing for suggestions.
  2. LHanson

    Other guitarist causes delays on stage. Help!

    Play with a nice little cover band. We do a lot of different kinds of music, and while we don't try to be tribute band authentic, we like to provide different sounds and textures. To that end, I use a Variax/HD500 rig, straight into the P.A., and the other guitar player uses his amp- an...
  3. LHanson

    How is a "Tribute Band" defined?

    Played a double last night. We are a variety cover band, and they were a "Pat Benatar Tribute" band. They played about an hour, and played about 20 minutes of Pat Benatar's catalog, and the rest was just 80's covers, including songs that the female singer didn't sing lead. There was little...
  4. LHanson

    Lo Z balanced to Hi Z unbalanced....crossover content

    My drummer acquired a sub for our small PA, and I pretty much insisted he also get a crossover. He came up with a DBX 223xs, which is a pretty common stereo 2 way / mono 3 way crossover. Only problem is that we use a Mackie 808s powered mixer, and the mixer out and power amp in jacks are 1/4...
  5. LHanson

    McKee (Hedges) type goodness, 16 year old player

    Ojx7w2jAdcc&feature=related One of the scouts in my son's troop. Great stuff.
  6. LHanson

    Variax 300 and X3- anybody rocking this combo?

    And do you have any tips or suggestions?
  7. LHanson

    Kid's been playing about 4 years, but give it a listen!

    Son of one of my friends: t1j64s-FsUQ&feature=player_embedded
  8. LHanson

    Volume jump.

    For the last couple of gigs, my 2x12 Mesa Heartbreaker has done this trick where it suddenly jumps up in volume to pretty much all the way (f%%kin LOUD). I'm planning on cleaning up the pots. Can anybody think of any other reason for this behavior?
  9. LHanson

    Behringer FBQ2496 Feedback Destroyer- Inital setup.

    I had a gift card from the FIL and thought one of these might be nice for our on-stage monitor setup, as opposed to me having to jump at the EQ on the mixer when things get out of hand. It also functions as a parametric EQ, and the internet is full of audiophiles using these as EQ on their...
  10. LHanson

    Amps with different impedance outputs...

    What do you do if you have multiple cabs? Example: I have a Mesa Boogie .50 cal.+ head with 2x4 ohm outputs and one 8 ohm output. If I had 2 4 ohm cabs and one 8 ohm cab, could I plug them in and rock out?
  11. LHanson

    Hot Plate light- On or Off?

    The manual makes no mention of it. What do you guys do? I'm just using mine to bring the output down a little, 4 or 8 db.
  12. LHanson

    Insistent request makers- How do you handle them?

    Last night, we had this one bleached blonde fake chest (attractive, if you like that sort of thing) type that kept interrupting the flow of the set to make requests. While it was fun to look down her shirt, it was annoying to the rest of the patron of the establishment to wait for her. Skip, the...
  13. LHanson

    Neo speakers?

    I'm considering swapping the Celestion in my V32 for a lighter, better sounding speaker. Anybody have any luck with neo speakers?
  14. LHanson

    Best Lester in the world?

    I was watching this... <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  15. LHanson

    BF bandmaster- Jumpered?

    I know lots of you have BF amps. Does anybody use a jumper to link the two channels? To what advantage? How do you set the controls? For the record, I have a BF Bandmaster. I'm still trying to get the right cab-speaker combo underneath it.
  16. LHanson

    Hall & Oates: Guilty Pleasure?

    No guilt here. Solid songwriting and musicianship! Discuss.....
  17. LHanson

    V32 Strikes Again!

    I'll admit it; I'm trying really hard to be an amp snob. I own a BF Bandmaster, a Mesa .50 cal +, and a Mesa Heartbreaker. I also own a COUGHcrateCOUGH V32 combo. So I get a call from the band- they want to do an open mic "audition" Wednesday night. So, when the day rolls around, I grab...
  18. LHanson

    What happens in your band if the singer isn't singing a song?

    I'm curious, if you have a band with a singer who doesn't play an instrument, and you are playing a song that the singer doesn't sing, does your singer leave the stage? If not, what does your singer do?
  19. LHanson

    Classic rock female singer suggestions

    It appears we have hired a female singer for our classic rock band. Our usual setlist is pretty '70s weighted, with some other stuff thrown in. Lots of Zep, ZZTop, Hendrix, Cream, etc. She sings in a big, big alto. First song she sang for us was Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", and she...
  20. LHanson

    BF Bandmaster- 8 ohm cabinet?

    I could switch out the speakers in a 2x12 cabinet to make it 4 ohms, but then I would have to switch it back to use it for my other main amp, a v32. Will it hurt the amp to run it with an 8 ohm load?
  21. LHanson

    I think I need to learn how to build cabinets.

    I recently inherited (RIP Toddzilla, I miss ya, Bro) a Mesa Heartbreaker 2x12 combo. Should be called Backbreaker instead. I would love to pull the amp section and put it into a head cab. I also have very little disposable income, and some tools. Can somebody direct me to a place that can give...
  22. LHanson

    Wanting to make a cover for my V32 out of tweed.

    Has anybody done anything like this? I need a slipcover for the V32, just to protect it from friction burns and rainy load-ins. I thought it would be cool to make the cover from Fender-y tweed material. The wife can do the sewing. Anybody have any experience, suggestions, etc?
  23. LHanson

    I had forgotten that Jimi could play the blues... ....But, play it, he could! Enjoy.
  24. LHanson

    The genius that was Terry Kath Starts badly, but gets better after a minute. Watch Terry: he never looks at the guitar. He's finding all the tasty pivotal notes by feel.
  25. LHanson

    Who says Rock can't swing? (Golden Earring) I saw these guys open for Rush back in the late '80s or early '90s. All outstanding musicians, and have had the same band lineup since '70 or so.