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    Connecting MP3 player to Nux Cerberus

    With the headphonessocket this might be a very usefull practicing tool. But there's no aux in. Is it some how possible to connect an MP3 player to the Cerberus? Vinni
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    Buffer T-rex Tunemaster on par with Xotic EP

    Hi all, First post in four years or so. Quit playing but it's itching again. Building a small rig with just a Boss Katana 100, GA-FC and.... Well....I need a tuner. And from the days I remember how good the EP sounded. So now I see this T-rex Tunemaster...with buffer I can adjust. But is that...
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    Lookking for a 22V pedalpower solution

    Hi all, Looking for a good pedalpower solution like the Pedalpower II or Cioks with 22V outlet. Does this exist? It's for a Blackstar HT-Dist. Thanks, Vinni
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    Remote looper that won't kill delay trails when turned off

    Hi I've tried to remotely turn my Memory Lane Jr on and off. But even with the help of Aimish it didn't work out. So I thought "I'll put the MLJR in a 1-looper box with remote control" These do exist but they all kill the delaytrails when you turn off the loop. So I'm llooking for a very...
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    What Himmelstrutz pedals are best for me?

    Hi all, I'm not too happy with my current OD-pedal. It's a Blackstar HT Dual modded by Tonehunter. So I'm looking into these Himmelstrutz pedals. The gear I will use these pedals with : Ceriatone JTM45 modded with MM Iron and real SOZO NOS mustard caps. The amp is set to completely clean...
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    What effect on Stone Temple Pilots Plush

    Hi guys, I like to know what effect(s) is used on the guitar sound. Thanks, Vinni
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    Reliced Marshall headbox

    Uhm....well....yeah..... I have this Ceriatone JTM45 clone. Modded the hell out of it. I can't afford the real thing and this is the next best thing. But I like to have a reliced headbox for it so it matches my reliced Custom Shop Strat. Now we're on the subject.... Anyone sells a...
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    Midi on/off for Damage Control Timeline

    Hi all, Is it possible to turn my DC Timeline on/off by Midi programchange? I'm aware of using using a preset with the mix turned down. But that's not the same. Thanks, Vinni
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    Xotic EP Pre V1.....mod for less boost?

    Hi all, I have a V1. I know that the V2 can run on unity gain. But as I said....I have a V1. So is it possible to mod it so there is less boost? That can't be rocketscience! Thanks, Vinni
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    Remote on/off El Capistan....can it be done?

    I mean..... Replace the on/off switch with an inputjack and use a remote on/off switch. If Thanks. Vinni
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    Hiwatt Tube Tremolo....Any good?

    Hi, Not much info on the internet about this pedal. Any info/experience? Vinni
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    Are the T-rex Tonebug Phaer and Chorus&Flanger analog ?

    Hi all, Are these analog pedals or digital? thanks, Vinni
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    Jazzmasters : Warmoth vs Fender

    To those who have both.... I like to buy a jazzmaster. It seems the Fender Custom Shop only do one-offs. So I'm looking at a Warmoth Jazzmaster. Do you think there is much difference in tone, construction and quality between Warmoth and Fender? Thanks, Vinni
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    Better knobs for Blackstar HT-Dual

    Please some advise on better knobs. You cannot see them on stage. Vinni
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    Celluloid Maxgrip

    Please Mr. D., I like the Maxgrip picks......for the grip.... I like celluloid picks.....for the sound..... Could you please make me a celluloid maxgrip? Thanks, Vinni
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    NOS Philips KT66....Any good?

    Hi, I can buy these tubes. Are these any good? Thanks, Vinni
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    Psvane tubes for tubeamps?

    Hi all.... Are these tubes suitable for tubeamps? I see those tubes primary on audio forums. If you use them please be so kind to tell us all what you think about these tubes. Vinni
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    VMSD with remote on/off

    Is it possible to add a jacksocket and remotely turn the pedal on/off? Thanks, Vinni
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    how to solder Summercable Grindy Cop the Beast

    Hi, To me this is the best sounding cable available. But it id so hard to solder. This is because of the coated strains. I've read on the internet that some guys use acid to clear the coat. But I'm not sure this is the right way to do it. And if it is... How do I use the acid, and what acid do...
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    Peterson Sweetened tunings on turbo tuner?

    Hi, For years now I've used the Peterson Strobostomp i & II and the classic. I was wondering.... Is it possible to program the peterson sweetened tunings for electric guitar into the Turbo tuner? Vinni
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    Do the new TC pedals have a simple on/off switch?

    Hi, I like to know whether the new TC pedals like the Flashback and HoF do have a simple on/off switch. Why? Well....I would like to remove those switches and install a jacksocket so that I can turn them on and off with a simple jackcable and my nobels MS-4 midiswitcher. Thanks! Vinni
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    Trem arm cause high pitched sound on CS strat...HELP!

    Hi, I have a '60 CS strat reliced. I have this annoying high pichted sound on the high E-string. So I tried a few things to get rid of that sound....It seems a kind of doubling the harmonics.... Normally I have my trem arm loosely inserted. After I tightened the arm the annoying high pitched...
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    Sysex dump Damage control Timeline?

    Hi, I have two rigs but just one original Timeline. Is it possible to dump the sysex to the computer so I can use the Timeline with different presets for each rig? Thanks! Vinni
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    Vox tb-35c1

    Hi, Anyone played this amp? What do you think of it? Thanks, Vinni
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    What drive/dist/OD/boost pedals with Portcity Pearl

    Hi all, Soon I'll receive a Portcity Pearl. Until now I have used channelswitchers and relied completely on the amp for (hi)gain sounds. But now I like to try a good clean platform with pedals. I already have a Portcity OS2X12 wavecab with scumbacks. The guitar I mainly intend to use...