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  1. mmunguia

    Sold Gator large pedalboard with ATA case and wheels - Local Los Angeles area - for now

    Up for sale is my gator Pedalbord with ATA case. Why pay double when you can get this one!!!! price : $125 Cash, local deal only for now. Pedals not included!!! The board used but in great shape. I moved to a larger board so have no use for this one. These are pro boards with wheels!!!!’ when...
  2. mmunguia

    Sold Pedal power AC voodoo Lab -$OLD PayPal es and shipped!

    Great condition. Was powering my skrydstrup racks that is have since sold. This powers AC pedals with 9 and 12 volt options $OLD! includes PayPal and shipping to the CONUSA! From VoodoLab: “The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power® AC is a pedalboard power supply designed to operate high current and AC...
  3. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon deco, in box! $0LDpp’d and shipped conusa

    You know what it is. Pedal + Box. It’s in great condition. I will ship The pedal in the deco box I love the analog tape preamp plus a great delay for vintage sounding slap back. $SOLD! ppd, and shipped. No trades. Pleas pm if any questions. See pictures it’s in great condition. Has Velcro.
  4. mmunguia

    Sold Weber mini mass attenuator 50 watt - $OLD ppd and shipped

    Up for sale is my Weber attenuator. Awesome condition, works and sounds great. I like the treble boost options, helps maintain the tone when you use a ton of attenuation $OLD ppd and shipped to The conUSA
  5. mmunguia

    Sold Avatar 2x12 bluesbreaker cab, UK celestion greenbacks - Local SoCal

    Up for sale (local pickup, not looking to ship). I’m in the Los Angeles area closed back bluesbreaker type cabinet with 2 celestion greenback UK made speakers. Was using it with my dirty Shirley but sold that a few months back. Now this needs to go. I’ll do $350 cash for the cab loaded for...
  6. mmunguia

    Sold Friedman Dirty Shirley Head- 40 watt - $1649 ppp’d & Shipped!

    Best Marshall style amp I have ever owned. If you like a Marshall, this thing blows it out of the water. Amazing clean and crunch tone. More gain on tap than a Marshall with very tight bottom end. Selling to pay for a recent purchase. The amp is in excellent shape with minor wear. (See pics)...
  7. mmunguia

    Sold Bluesman vintage 51 coupe telecaster /Nash type - $OLD shipped!

    up for sale is my beloved bluesman vintage. These things are awesome (I own 4 of his guitars and have to downsize). These are relic’d in a very realistic way (much like danocaster). It’s super light as well. Lollar pickups, chunky neck (but comfortable, definetly not baseball bat) I’ll ship...
  8. mmunguia

    Sold Fender Esquire Custom GT - ppd and shipped!!

    get this great guitar for cheap. It’s a nice playing, low action fender Esquire GT guitar. The build quality is really good on these guitars. Great Seymour Duncan pickup. Awesome distortion tone. Can nail weezer, Green Day type tone in my opinion. I’m selling this to get a Nash tele or parts...
  9. mmunguia

    Sold Gibson R4 1954 reissue Les Paul & Gretsch limited Rose Metallic white Falcon - WOW!

    ok guys. Selling a couple of beauties (only need to sell one) 1- Gibson R4, fralin noiseless p90 pickups. SOLD! I hate to sell this, but am funding a Euro- trip for the family. Selling this or my Rose falcon to pay for tix. Don’t let this go!!!! Gear page price - $OLD all in (paypaled and...
  10. mmunguia

    Sold Supro black holiday guitar - $OLD ppd & shipped

    here’s a great guitar, tha sounds and looks great!!!. Sounds great with overdrive/ distortion and fuzz. Definetly the black Keyes and white stripes sound. It also sounds great clean (to my surprise). I think it’s a combiation of a rickenbacker 360 and a gretsch (own both, so I think tone is...
  11. mmunguia

    Sold $Drop! Matchless lightning reverb 15 1x12 - $OLD ppd and shipped

    u know what it is. Sounds great. Not Ice picky like most I’ve tried. Need to sell to get cash. Price - $OLD! See pix for condition.
  12. mmunguia

    Sold Fender Johnny marr Jaguar - limited black - $OlD

    up for sale is my American Johnny marr Jaguar, all case candy. I’m the original owner. Excellent shape. See pix. Price - $1399 $50 shipping con USA. Great guitar. Need cash. If I sell my matchless lightning I’ll unlist this. Only need to sell one!
  13. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon flint - reverb /tremolo -$270 ppd $ shipped

    up for sale is my flint. It’s in great shape. Minor cosmetic wear (see pictures) Velcro at the bottom. Price $270 includes PayPal fees and shipping.
  14. mmunguia

    Sold Vox Ac30 Heritage Handwired 50th Anniversary 1/4 Stack - Minty! - Wow! - Free Shipping!!!

    UPDATE - I’ll ship to ConUSA for $100, FREE (the cab will be professionally packed, and I’ll eat the cost of packing and excess shipping. Total packing and shipping will run me $200+) Up for sale is this minty vox ac30 50th anniversary 1/4 stack (Head + 2x12 cabinet). If you guys are looking at...
  15. mmunguia

    Sold Fano SP6 Standard - $OLD Pp'd & Shipped to CONUSA

    Up for sale is my Fano SP6 Guitar. This thing is a beauty, very low action, and sustain for days. think of it as a mix between a Tele and Les paul Special jr. best of both worlds. Selling to fund an amp purchase locally. Here's a couple pictures, the guitar is in great shape, with slight...
  16. mmunguia

    Sold 2017 52 telecaster reissue - true vintage 1952 tele! - WOW - $OLD PP'd and Shipped

    I've had this guitar for a couple of months and has only been played a couple of times all to gather. it is in great condition (near mint). These newer american true vintage reissues are more vintage correct (the old ones are not as nice, I've owned one). This one just sounds awesome!!!. Check...
  17. mmunguia

    Sold Matchless lightning / nighthawk 1x12 padded cover = $70 shipped/ppd'

    Up for sale is the padded cover I had for my matchless lightning. its like new, lots of heavy padding similar to studio slips covers. it will protect your prized possessions. I no longer own the amp, so selling the cover. This is for the standard 1x12 matchless combo (not the small box version...
  18. mmunguia

    Sold Matchless lightning Reverb 15 (1x12) - Awesome /padded cover! $1599 OBO PP'd and shipped!

    Up for sale is my matchless lightning amp, its in very clean condition (except for a tolex rip on the back/top of amp), can't be seen from the front at all, but please see pictures. I’m throwing in a matchless padded cover in for free (cost me abou $100 from matchless). Its a great amp, my...
  19. mmunguia

    Sold Gibson J200 Super Jumbo Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar (with Case)

    Hello Gear Pagers! Bought new 3 years ago (almost to the day). Played for < 10 hours in my home studio, temperature controlled, and always with a humidifier. You won't find one in this shape, well taken care of. Looks like new (except for light pick marks - See picture closeups, very hard to...
  20. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon Pedal Sale - Deco, Bluesky & Flint! ($DROP!)

    I have the following pedals for sale, they are in great shape (see pictures). If you are looking at this you know what they are, from the tape echo slap back, grit . flange type sounds of the deco, to the vintage reverb / tremolo of the flint, and summer effect of the bluesy. Need cash, so...
  21. mmunguia

    Sold Gretsch G6134TDC Limited Edition Broadway Jade Penguin !!!!

    Up for sale is a limited edition gretsch penguin, they sound awesome. google it, and you'll see some awesome demos, from clean, crunch to distortion! Awesome looking and playing instrument. These are about $3,300 new, and I bought it new, this is not a factory second, I got it new!! comes with...
  22. mmunguia

    Sold Vox Alnico Blue - Celestion Blue - 12 inch 8OHM Speaker! - $OLD PPd and Shipped!

    Up for sale is my vox blue speaker. Came out of a vox 2x12 cabinet I parted out. Was going to reuse them in a new build, since I really like the way they sound using a marshall head (that I ended up selling). Anyway, I have one left, get replacement/upgrade for your vox amp. Price: $OLD PP'd...
  23. mmunguia

    Sold 52 Telecaster (1952) American Vintage / True Vintage Reissue - Bought in 2017 (2016 model) - Minty!!

    Up for sale is my prized possession. My 52 tele (telecaster). This is a USA made guitar, part of the True Vintage line (American Vintage Reissue, but more vintage correct than older models). More pictures here...
  24. mmunguia

    Sold Gretsch White Falcon G6139T-CBDC 2015 Center Block, Double Cut, Bigsby! - $SOLD PPd- WOW!

    Here's a link to my reverb listing. I'll do a better deal here on the gear page = $0LD PPD for insured shipping to the CONUSA! I Paid 3k for the guitar new, and its in awesome condition! Check my feedback!!! (more pics on reverb)...
  25. mmunguia

    Sold Strymon El Capistan+Favorite, Strymon FLint - Original Boxes & Power Supply $275 Ppd' shipeped

    Strymon el capistan - $OLD! includes paypal and shipping to CONUSA, in original box and power supply. V2 (noiseless switch). I'll do $305 and include the favorite switch if you want it! Strymon Flint - $OLD! includes paypal and shipping to CONUSA, in original box and power supply Take 3% off...