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  1. Fixxxer

    Road KING SWOOSHING Sounds

    Hey Gang - took a little break from playing, and now dusting off my gear. My road King sounds absolutely MEAN AND NASTY as it should. What I'm experiencing is as follows: Its dead silent on channels one and two. They are set to tweed and fat respectively. On Channel 3 (Modern) and Channel...
  2. Fixxxer

    James Tyler Guitar Options - Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking hard at the Tyler Studio Elites and Burning waters. I can see on the website they offer a lot of options, but what is the "stock" Tyler build? From what I can tell the difference from the burning water and the studio elite HD is the paint job. Also, any pickup...
  3. Fixxxer

    Tyler Guitar - Boost Option

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking at Tyler Guitars and really REALLY like the feel of the necks. I was messing around with one of the Studio Elites, and it came with a built in boost. For the Tyler owners out there that have this, do you use it and find it functional? For the Tyler owners...
  4. Fixxxer

    Les Paul Necks

    I am asking this because I am in need of guidance here, not to start a war on the construction of Les Pauls. I have a few les pauls where it appears the neck near the body of the guitar is somewhat twisted or actually has settled causing the action above the 12th fret to be higher on the lower...
  5. Fixxxer

    Good bye UPS

    I sold a bogner cabinet that I had to ship out east. I took it to the UPS store, and they told me, that I could not ship the cabinet in its road case, and that I had to ship it as 2 separate containers. I'm like OK. For them to pack the 2x12, they need to box it etc. The total bill to ship...
  6. Fixxxer

    Can someone explain ESP guitars to me

    I know the title may look strange, but I am serious. I played a few and they were OK, and very cool looking. :dude The aesthetics of the guitars were pretty solid. :dude :dude :dude The sales guy told me they are made in Korea (the lower end) and then japan (the higher end).:Spank The fret...
  7. Fixxxer

    The Iron Cross - James Hetfield

    Where can I get the Iron Cross, like the one pictured:
  8. Fixxxer

    Mills Acoustics

    Has anybody seen this? I own the 2x12 and their traditional Afterburner 4x12, this looks like a nice balance between the two. I wonder if it comes in a slant as well? Out of all the stuff I've owned, I typically don't go nuts and...
  9. Fixxxer

    Wiring help needed

    I spent the better part of last night and this AM wiring my friends les paul, Jimmy page 4 push pull. I have everything soldered well, BUT I can't seem to get rid of this hum. I redid everything again, and looked it over. I even re soldered stuff:NUTS It still makes noises, I am at a loss...
  10. Fixxxer

    Who makes a custom shop quality strat replacement body?

    Thanks!:RoCkIn :banana
  11. Fixxxer

    So.. My pedalboard

    I've been playing allot recently and just got fed up with the board, and put it in here: I am really down to basics... heck I may even change my signature now.....:AOK Here is my tone sucking pedal board but damn its oh so good.:AOK
  12. Fixxxer

    Has anyone gone from pedals to rack and regreted it?

    Thinking about doing it. Just seems life will be easier that way. Guitar -> OD --> Rack with TC G major, Dunlop Wah, and Tuner Anyone go that route and regretted it?:knitting
  13. Fixxxer

    Effects loops on MESA's

    Can anyone here speak first hand about their experiences with the MESA boogie effects loops? I am thinking about taking my delay and chorus off my board and placing them in the loop, as I always use them for my clean tones (unless I do thin lizzy). Anyway, on the fence here about getting a...
  14. Fixxxer

    Who makes a higher wattage GH12 H30?

    This is the speaker I am referencing is at this link: I prefer to stay celestion if I can....:BEER Thanks
  15. Fixxxer

    An economical version of the eventide eclipse

    Been thinking about getting a rack unit. I have a rack wah, and would get a tuner as well. All I want to be able to do is have a delay, flanger, chorus, and be able to use each effect independently, or with each other via a SIMPLE footswitch. If someone can recommend something that would be...
  16. Fixxxer

    what is everyone using for patch cables?

    I am going to lock in my board. It actually has not changed in 8 months...:dude I need some good patch cables, and torn between getting really good ones, or going withe the lava man kit. If I go all in, I'd go for the Vovox and wait another few months to get the cash. If I want to go the non...
  17. Fixxxer

    Finger Ease VS Fast Fret

    Which one do you guys use and why? Anybody compare the two?
  18. Fixxxer

    Anybody else dig the Gibson Burstbucker 2?

    Been playing it before I swap for good, and really like the tone of this pickup.. anybody else liking them?
  19. Fixxxer

    What hole does everyone plug into on a PLEXI?

    Just curious. I am using the upper left un jumpered, and like it. My friend reccomended position I on the right, jumpered, but I like it un jumpered in position one. What are you guys doing?
  20. Fixxxer

    Marshall JTM 45/100 VS. Plexi (What are the differences)

    All, I have been researching amps for the past week, and when we talk classic rock, one amp is always mentioned and its the JTM 45/100, however on stage its always the PLEXI and several refer to the plexi as the ultimate amp. What are the major differences in these 4 holers? Thanks in...
  21. Fixxxer

    Mesa Triaxis

    Hey guys, Can any owners speak to this thing? Specifically the good, bad, and ugly? I would like to try one, but they are hard to find and I am wondering if it would be a waste of time, or a revolution in tone:rolleyes:. Let me know, and sound clips would be appreciated. I tried the search...
  22. Fixxxer

    Keeley Wah with all mods [Anyone?]

    Does anyone have one of these?:confused: Whats the good:AOK, The bad:( and the ugly:moon :munch
  23. Fixxxer

    Gibson Experts? (Fugazi)

    I wanted to throw this out there. I own the boneyard, and its not like this. Did Gibson do a special run on standard lester configurations?:puh
  24. Fixxxer

    Not sure if this is a tech question but..

    If I have a 100 watt head, and pair it with a 90 watt cab, will anything bad happen? I will not drive the amp hard (past 11 o'clock), so I am thinking I should be OK, but thought I would reach out and see what the experts have to say! :BEER
  25. Fixxxer

    On a scale of 1 to 10

    What would you rate the impact of upgrading your patch and instrument cables had on your rig? Noticeable? Why did I wait this long? Money could have been better spent on snake oil or that limited edition "talent boost" Did anyone upgrade their speaker cable (From your amp to your cabinet); if...