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  1. dlguitar64

    Musicianship expectations for guitar vs orchestral instruments

    When I did it, I got the bass player to hit the low notes in one piece so I wouldn't have to tune to C or something.
  2. dlguitar64

    Getting fired up, then mellow with Scofield and Metheny

    Pat and Sco (and Frisell) are identifiable after 1 note, which as all the greats will tell you is the highest achievement possible as a jazz musician, something the clones (If I just hold my pick like George...) just don't get. They would rather be a lick library than ADD licks to the library.
  3. dlguitar64

    David Sanborn

    I saw that tour! Charlie Haden was behind a plexiglass shield. (I think Al Foster was on drums but don't think Frisell was there)
  4. dlguitar64

    Never owned a Les Paul

    This year I have owned 2 Eastman LP types, 1 p90 1 HB and currently own a 2020 LP Standard. However, I recently picked up a 2019 ES335 which gives me everything I would want from an LP except maybe super-heavy sounds, but that is of little importance to me, so I will probably be moving the LP...
  5. dlguitar64

    Does radio overplay make certain classic rock songs to be less enjoyable to you?

    The last time I listened to the radio for music, Nirvana was just hitting.
  6. dlguitar64

    Don McLean, American Pie.

    I think you are misinterpreting that part! (Though Mick is undoubtedly one of the great Douchebags of all time.)
  7. dlguitar64

    Acid Jazz Play Along!!!

    Here is my take ES335 Strymon Iridium Vox setting
  8. dlguitar64

    Guitar Unpopular Opinions Megathread

    The 80s was the absolute low point for rock guitar and it only recovered for a short time when EVH-type playing became obsolete before the whole era ended with the death of Kurt Cobain.
  9. dlguitar64

    YouTube Guitar, Pedal & Amp Demos - They really aren't that useful

    I guess you are talking about reviews of heads because every combo demo I see there is a mic clearly visible.
  10. dlguitar64

    Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot jams to Satriani

    My favorite "heavy" guitarist ever!
  11. dlguitar64

    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    I always considered The Dead Jerry's side project when he wasn't playing banjo with "Old And In The Way".
  12. dlguitar64

    Great lead singers who also played lead guitar?

    Ricky Skaggs Vince Gill Marty Stuart Tony Rice Doc Watson Brad Paisley Keith Urban
  13. dlguitar64

    asking prices for vintage es-330s

    I recently picked up a 2018 Memphis version. Really nice guitar!
  14. dlguitar64

    "Old Home Place" Dillards (Darlins' from Andy Griffith) Cover

    Bluegrass Standard by The Dillards with a famous '70s version by JD Crowe and The New South featuring Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs, and Jerry Douglas. McPeake Ole Betsy Banjo ('37 Gibson RB75 replica) Martin D18 Sinker 'Hog Eastman 615 Mandolin Band-In-A-Box Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin, and Upright Bass...
  15. dlguitar64

    So how do you string your Les Paul (to keep those strings locked in place and in tune)?

    I am a firm believer that anything other than sticking it through the hole and 3-4 clean wraps under is a waste of time.
  16. dlguitar64

    T-Style Guitars with Humbuckers & P90s

    Here is a Nash T57 with a Lollar Charlie Christian in the neck.
  17. dlguitar64

    Real Amps Crowd vs Amp Modeler Crowd

    I have 3 great tube amps, a Katana I use for teaching, and a Strymon Iridium I can use with my pedalboard for silent/direct applications.
  18. dlguitar64

    Fender FSR with nitro finish feels "grabby"

    Fender is notorious for this. I have experienced it on several Teles and Strats over the years. Somehow, other companies are able to cure it properly.
  19. dlguitar64

    Strings on my Les Paul

    I went the other way. I always say I am going to 10s on my Gibsons, but after a couple of sets, I put some 11s back on and it just feels and sounds right.
  20. dlguitar64

    Your favorite strat or S style guitar?

    The K-Line Springfield. I have owned 2 and there is an extra woodiness to the sound that I have not experienced in the several other S-styles (Fender to Grosh) that I have had.
  21. dlguitar64

    “Stella By Starlight” improv challenge/play along...

    Really nice (especially the bridges).