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    verbzilla setting

    a question for verbzillas users: what's the reverb type yoy like the most and why? for me is the cave, I like that 'far away' sound
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    pro tools + duo 2 core Mac question

    Has anyone tried pro tools LE with a duo 2 core Mac ?
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    clean octave, just name a pedal

    I need an octave up and an octave down just name a pedal
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    the edge's shimmering effect

    I've read another thread about this shimmering effect of the edge, how can I get that myself? anyone knows?
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    GE-7 sniper mod, email??

    I want to get a snioer mod on my Ge-7 but I can't contact Kevin Anyone has his email or contact info?
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    tonefactor huckleberry fuzz

    What's the take on this pedal, it seem ambitious enough combining two circuits, big muff and fuzz face.
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    budd-wah question

    is the budd-wah any good for high gain od/dist type thing? a la GNR, metallica, etc.? if not, can you suggest a good wah for this, only requirements, true by pass and less than $180
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    low gain OD

    which pedal for low gain OD ?
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    Thick stereo chorus

    Is there a thick stereo chorus pedal that I haven't heard about?
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    best fuzz with humbuckers?

    best fuzz with humbuckers?
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    greenbaks vs v30's

    In a 212 cab, which one would use and why?? what genre you play. Ohh, and you use some effects?
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    tube preamp for direct guitar???

    I want to record direct in my home studio (read: apartment), is there a good tube preamp for guitar/bass?? Here's what I'm thinking, guitar => pedalboard => tube preamp => pod => recorder(PC) Will this work??
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    Ibanez DML delay

    does anyone here own one of these? is the delay on this pedal digital sounding or analog sounding? does it self-oscillate? is it tone sucking?
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    modded sd-1 vs Bad Monkey

    I know that in a stock comparison the Bad Monkey would be a better choice, but what about a modded SD-1 vs stock BM?? I'm thinking of getting a SD-1 AnalogMan modded with push/pull pot for both, asymmetrical and symmetrical clipping.
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    Question for gibson players

    Hi, I'm really digging the Gibson tone, but, since I've been playing strats for a longtime and used them with 009 gauge strings, I was wondering, to get that classic punch and tone from my new SG, would I be better off with 010's???
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    Best EQ pedal

    Why are the band frequencies different on a Boss style EQ pedal compared to MXR ten bands EQ pedal? Boss style frequencies: 100Hz – 200 – 400 – 800 – 1.6Khz – 3.4 – 6.4 MXR frequencies: 31.25Hz – 62.5 – 125 – 250 – 500 – 1KHz – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 Is the greater frequency range more desirable...
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    Boost or EQ?

    Why buy a boost pedal if you can boost the signal with an EQ pedal??
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    First tube amp ever for me

    Hi, This Christmas I’m buying myself my first tube amp, I’ve been considering a few options and cut the list to three amps, marshall bluesbreaker being my first option right now, fender deluxe reverb and traynor 50 blue, the other two. I play indie rock, between mellow stuff and hard...
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    I've tried it a few times, but not with pedals, does any one here knows how the bluesbreaker reacts to pedals? is it pedal friendly?
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    New Amp!!!!!!

    Recently I’ve decided to upgrade my rig, I’ve been playing guitar for some time now and have the money for it, so the first thing I did was buy myself a new guitar, I went out and tried different types and bought the one that I liked best, a Gibson SG. Ok, the next step? The amp, I’m looking...